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Securing Our Gene Pool Means Saving Our Children

Securing Our Gene Pool Means Saving Our Children

ADV Broadcast Of December 18, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

In a constant effort to push the society destroying phenomenon of multiracialism on everyone but their own kind, the Jewish-controlled media once again missed the boat on the murder case involving millionaire heiress Lydia Nord, primarily in its being rooted in the fast-growing miscegenation movement.

Lydia Nord, a White woman from Lorain County, Oho, comes from a family in which her late father built a velvet coffin of monetary wealth as a result of the fruits of the European work ethic built into him through his ancestry.

Apparently, the late Eric Barker Nord, the woman’s father, was one of these philanthropists who loved to donate some of his bounty to charitable organizations. It is always good to help those who need a bridge to a better life in which they can become self-sustaining, but when the motivation is clearly “White guilt,” then one has to question if such a “noble” act is worthy of any kind of praise and really has utility in the grand scheme of things. Over the years, the Nord family has donated tens of millions of dollars to charities.

Lydia Nord was jailed for her connection to the murder of a local Black man in the Cleveland Flats District, after a confrontation at a rap concert. She was one of two arrested as suspects. The other was her Black boyfriend, one Clifton Robinson. The victim was stabbed and had his throat slashed.

Before anyone cautions to note that just because she had a black boyfriend, it doesn’t mean that such a relationship was the cause of one or the other or both being the alleged murderer in this case, think again. They might or might not be guilty. However, there is a pattern here and it goes against the normal grain of this proliferation of miscegenation in American society that is rapidly heading toward making “mongrel” the dominant race.

Lydia Nord’s late sister, Michele Thornton, also had a penchant for getting cozy with Black men. Thornton not only turned her back on White men, but turned her back on White America in general when she moved with her Black pompadour to Black-dominated Jamaica. All that got her was her and her 8-year-old daughter getting stabbed to death, a double murder the Jamaica authorities never convicted anyone of, making the circus-like atmosphere surrounding the O.J. Simpson trial in the mid-1990s look like child’s play.

Any parent listening to this who thinks there is nothing harmful in his white child wanting to get a Rastafarian hairstyle or listen to the latest reggae or rap on his I-pod, think again. In fact, don’t just think – intervene. There is something that can be detrimental to a White child’s growth, or lack thereof, in something that looks so “harmless.” as there does not seem to be any harm in providing more and more welfare for those who want to do nothing but destroy and thanklessly demand more.

Buying into the rap culture or the ghetto culture or the urban culture constantly pumped at American children by the Jewish-dominated media is merely a gateway to more devastating elements, not only on a personal level such as the murder of a family member or the involvement in the alleged murder of others, but also on a whole societal level because it perpetuates and spreads the attitude like a virus. If this were not so, how is it that the hip-hop culture has come to be so popular in predominantly White suburbs?

Of course, it is so because it spreads like wildfire. Two or three White kids with trendy parents with “White guilt” allow their children to listen to such so-called “music” and they in turn brainwash two other White children and so on; before you know it, the whole school or neighborhood is following what Nietzsche had predicted over 100 years ago – the “trans-valuation of values.” What has been good is now all of a sudden bad and what was bad for so long is now good. What is white is black and what is black is white, etc.

There was a time when White women felt shame about race mixing. Back in the 1970s, if a young college-aged girl would be at a dance club with a group of white friends, male and female, and a black man would ask her to dance, she would not only say “no,” but also be embarrassed and even scared. She wouldn’t dare tell her father what happened.

Now, White women, like Lydia Nord and her late sister feel no shame about hanging on Black men. In fact, it is chic or fashionable to do so. What caused the transformation? The Jew media’s constant attack on White males, and the university’s professors, psychologists, and lawyers pushing for White women to leave their White men or not even get together with them to begin with, causing White men to just walk away from the situations.

Thus, by the 1980s we had scores of young White girls living with their mothers only and collectively having resentment toward White men. White men are for the most part more reserved when it comes to approaching women, partly because they are naturally wired to suppress their immediate gratification for long term interests, and partly because they have been trained through European values to treat women with dignity.

Black men, on the other hand, do not prolong gratification. They are extremely aggressive toward women, particularly White ones. White women misconstrue this as affection and attention, “the type of attention my White father never gave me,” and thus turn their backs on all White men.

It might be added that these Black men talk to these White women in very a nasty manner, which the women accept as “normal.” However, if a White man would talk in such a way (even though in most cases they wouldn’t) it would be cause for the women to get out the meat cleaver.

The Nord case is unique in that the two sisters, Lydia and Michele, grew up in a two-parent home. Apparently Mr. Nord remained married to their mother until he passed. This is an example of even when in a “healthy “ situation, White girls and boys are in danger of such undesirable life events simply because of the power of the controlled media that instills this type of White guilt into people like Mr. Nord.

Our enemies want miscegenation for everyone but themselves. They have a superiority complex, a self-proclaimed “Chosen People.” There are Jewish only online and agency dating services. Jewish parents constantly pound into their children not to date or marry outside their own kind. When I pick up a copy of the Cleveland Jewish News, I’m quite enamored with their warnings decrying the dangers of interfaith marriage, and how important it is for Jews to marry fellow Jews.

Of course, we are certainly in agreement with that. We definitely do not want Jews to enter our gene pool. It sickens me to see cases like beautiful White model Christie Brinkley marrying the bizarre-looking Jewish musician Billy Joel and having an even more bizarre-looking mixed-race daughter, who shows absolutely no resemblance to her mom.

It’s also important to point out that almost no family is immune to the race-destroying forces that lurk. I recently attended the eighteenth birthday party of the son of a long-time acquaintance. While I was downstairs playing Fusball with some relatives, I had the horrific experience of listening to thirty consecutive minutes of Gangsta rap “music,” which was being played by the birthday boy’s high school classmates, all of whom were White. I went upstairs and told his father what they were listening to. He just shrugged his shoulders and proclaimed, “That’s all they know.” It almost sounded like a surrender.

Now, should we blame the catastrophic amount of miscegenation taking place today among young Whites solely on them? I don’t, although in the end they make the ultimate bad decision. Do we blame the Jewish media bosses? Well, they obviously have their hands on the trigger, but they’re just employing – either fully consciously or partly consciously – a survival mechanism for their own people by getting the goyim to mix their blood. No. I place a lot of the blame on White parents who have allowed an alien people to steer their own children toward racial extinction.

And as the Lydia Nord case demonstrates, it doesn’t matter how successful they are or how much wealth a family has gathered, if they cannot protect their own genetic code, then they have failed in life, because their lineage will come to an end.

My prediction is that Lydia Nord will probably cut a deal with prosecutors, testify against her Black boyfriend, and get a reduced prison sentence. But the tragedy doesn’t end here.

For every Lydia Nord and Michele Thornton that we hear about, there are thousands of others that get unnoticed. It’s happening everywhere; in every community; rural, urban, or suburban.

Being involved in the German-American community, I’ve witnessed firsthand the sons and daughters and grandchildren of WWII German SS and Wehrmacht soldiers, as well as those of former Hitler Youth members, engaging in miscegenation. Daughters and granddaughters are sent off to universities, where they “hook up” with Black athletes or non-White immigrants and eventually marry them. Or, they’re brainwashed into thinking that a career is more important than raising a family and extending their lineage, and thus have no children. It’s disheartening to see so many middle-aged Whites – even White racialists – with no children.

I would like to see Whites-only online and agency dating services. There should be no reason why such entities do not yet exist if there are Jew-only dating mechanisms. Perhaps someone listening out there can start one. Change can come only through acting. Now is the time to join or support the National Alliance so that the return to natural relationships, families, and White living space could be mobilized.

White racialists have been preaching it for generations: there is a hidden agenda to destroy our race. Whether it is fully conscious on the part of our enemies or only partly conscious makes no difference. What we must do is have the courage to admit to ourselves that there is an agenda afoot, and we must then be brave enough to seek out the answers that are available – however painful they might be – and then take whatever action is necessary; namely, work in concert to form a new White nation.

Acknowledge the agenda and DO something about it.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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