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Reaping A Mighty Harvest

Reaping A Mighty Harvest
Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-12-04 23:40:51

ADV Broadcast Of December 4, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Today’s broadcast will be a speech I had given a while back to the Boston Local Unit of the National Alliance.

As Chairman of our organization, I am pleased to be here today to witness the beginning of great things to come for our people in the New England area. Since colonial times, Boston has been a hotbed of idealism. On December 16, 1773, the Sons of Liberty boarded British ships in Boston harbor and dumped overboard all the tea they could get their hands on. They did this – not because their White sons and daughters were being brainwashed into mixing their blood with that of non-Whites, and not because Massachusetts was being swamped with non-White immigrants who disrupted the economic and social fabric of the colony – but because they didn’t want to pay the tax on tea.

And, really, it wasn’t even the tax itself that was the issue; it was that the British government had imposed that tax on the colonies without the colonies being represented in Parliament. Presumably, if the American colonies had been represented in the British legislature, they might have accepted a modest tax on tea and other goods. But the colonists weren’t represented, and so the White men and women of honor stood up and did something about it.

It’s hard to imagine today that a main cause of the American Revolution was taxation. And if our ancestors were justified in revamping their society and setting up a separate country because of taxes, how much more justified are we today in working to secure a White homeland? What is taxation compared to the fact that the only race that has any true concept of what freedom means is on the verge of extinction?

Of course, the answer is that taxation is nothing compared to the life of a people. And you in the New England area have recognized and accepted that fact and, you are collectively standing up and doing something about it.

But the Boston Tea Party of 1773 was essentially a protest. It sent a message to the British government that the colonists were upset, but it didn’t have any teeth behind it. Had King George III taken a different course in the aftermath of the Boston Tea Party, the American Revolution might have been avoided. Had he allowed Parliamentary representation for the thirteen colonies and repealed the taxes he had imposed on them, we Americans today might be sipping afternoon tea, eating scones and plum pudding, and flying the Union Jack. But he didn’t do any of that, and so the stage was set for more conflict.

At first, few colonists wanted to break away from England. Never is the status quo easy to reject, never is it easy to put aside the present way of things to search instead for a different way of things – a future we can sketch in rough outline, but whose details are hazy at best and, in many cases, totally uncertain. And never is it easy to make the conscious choice that, in order to bring into being a better future, we must fight against the present and those who support it – those who are determined to sustain it at any cost.

This is why revolutionary political causes are promoted most avidly by young people. Many older people cannot see enough of the big picture to break free from their habitual ideas, even when those ideas can be shown not to apply to the present. Such people look upon new political causes – and those who struggle on their behalf – as being critical not only of the old system, but also of those who, for many years, supported that system and who handed it down to the next generation. They look upon all those who reject the current way of things as a bunch of ingrates, a pack of whiners who “don’t know how good they have it.”

Certainly, that’s how the British government viewed the rebel Americans after April 19, 1775, when the revolutionary spirit of Boston-area Whites flared up against the British west of the city. Those men and women at Lexington and Concord, and all those who sacrificed over the following years, knew that – if they were going to change things – they were going to have to struggle. They knew that many of their neighbors would cling to the old system and remain faithful to England. They knew that the choice they had made would bring heartache, loss, and hardships. But they chose to fight because White men and women of honor can’t stand to be told to live their lives in a certain way. White men and women must be in control of their destinies; White men and women must be free.

That’s what we in the National Alliance are trying to accomplish here in Boston and around the world. The White race is no longer in firm control of its own destiny; the White race is not free. Most of our people have been deluded into believing that freedom is totally about the individual. They believe that an individual should be able to do whatever he wants, and they believe this because our enemies, who control most of the vital channels of information, have told them so in a thousand different ways every day of their lives.

But when it comes to a group of people, a race, wanting to be free, to do what it wants to do – what it must do to survive – our mainstream kinsmen immediately call up everything else our enemies have taught them: freedom and a sense of destiny for a group is definitely not OK.

That is why the formation of Local Units like the one we now have in Boston is crucial to the success of the Alliance’s mission. Not only are we pooling our strength so that we can get more done in a local area, but we also are emphasizing the all-important idea that we are – firstly and most importantly -- a group, and that the freedom for which we are fighting is the freedom of another group – namely, the White race.

It isn’t that we oppose individual freedom; it’s just that those freedoms are worthless if our race lacks the freedom to choose its own destiny. Of course, the individual freedoms, such as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, are necessary for us to spread our message to others, but – at root – the national Alliance doesn’t exist to protect those freedoms. The National Alliance exists to protect the gene pool of the White race and , later on, to ensure that that gene pool gets better and better with each passing generation. Once we’ve secured our White homeland, formed a racially conscious government, and put in place a social structure dedicated to safeguarding and elevating our people, then we can worry about restoring and protecting many of the individual freedoms that have been taken from us as individuals over the last century.

But, for all of our emphasis on “the group,” we also fully acknowledge the responsibilities of the individual. Now that a Local Unit exists here in Boston, no member of that Unit should think that he can slack off and let everyone else in the Unit do the work to bring the Alliance’s message to the White people of New England. On the contrary, the formation of a Local Unit should spur him into contributing more than he did before. Just think of what can be done now that Boston-area Alliance members have committed to working together! The possibilities are limitless.

Years ago, when Dr. Pierce commissioned me to form and lead the Cleveland Local Unit, he gave me a few pieces of advice. “Keep it going,” he said, “Just keep it going. The enthusiasm will wax and wane; sometimes things will be going strong, and other times it will seem like nobody wants to do anything. But don’t give up. Keep the flames burning, and it will become larger and stronger. Eventually, you’ll be able to tackle projects that you can’t dream of now.”

That’s the advice that I have to give you today. At the time the Cleveland Local Unit was formed, there were no other Local Units… anywhere. Our Unit was the only one in the whole country; I had no experience in running a Local Unit and no one whose example I could follow. So I just kept Dr. Pierce’s advice in mind; keep it together; keep it moving; don’t let the setbacks take the wind out of your sails; try new things and learn from your experience as to what works and what needs to be changed. So I did my best, had some successes and some… “learning experiences,” shall we say? But I knew in my heart that I was doing the right thing; I took my lead from Dr. Pierce and his example that – when it comes to the life and death of one’s people – a true White man will always choose to try something at which he might fail than to stand aside and do nothing out of fear of being ridiculed.

Now that we’ve formed our Boston Local Unit, we need to keep it going no matter what. We’ve got a toehold in New England, and we need to expand it, first into a foothold and then into much more. We’ll slip occasionally, but we’ve got to get right back up and go at it again. If we do that, it won’t be very long before this Local Unit will be doing all kinds of outreach activities, including holding its own European cultural festivals. And the Boston Unit has the advantage that it can learn from the experience of other Units. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel; they can follow patterns that other Units have found to work, and they can also devise their own patterns – new patterns – that might help other Units.

Let’s not deceive ourselves: keeping a Local Unit together and keeping it productive is not easy. It’s not going to require time and sacrifice, and not just from the Unit Coordinator. His job is to oversee and direct the Unit’s activities, but what we need is an abundance of energy and input from every member of the Unit, an enthusiasm like a wave that will carry the Alliance’s message to new beaches and new islands.

Paul Revere wasn’t a warrior; he wasn’t a great general who led thousands of his countrymen into battle against an oppressor from across the ocean. He was a silversmith, an ordinary, well-informed citizen – an individual – who chose to get involved in the patriotic cause of the American colonies, not because it was going to make him more money as silversmith, but because he believed in that cause. To the best of my knowledge, Paul Revere never fired a weapon in battle, but he did do something that helped make possible the formation of a new country; he helped organize a group of men who, when the time was right, warned the other colonists about British aggression. His efforts contributed to the American success during the fighting at Lexington and Concord on that first day of the American Revolution.

Like Paul Revere and his comrades, we in the Alliance need to organize and inform. The war we’re waging now is a war of ideas, a war for the hearts and minds of our people. The way to wage that war is to do what the Alliance has been doing around the country and what we are beginning to do here in Boston: band together and work as one.

Just as the American patriots of the 18th Century discovered, not everyone will be willing to join our struggle for a new and better world for our race. Many will remain loyal to the old regime; some will join us and later turn traitor. Some – namely, those who believe only in themselves and their wealth – will support neither us nor our enemies; instead, they will tread water and observe as the struggle pans out, waiting to see which side will eventually offer them the greatest gain.

But these setbacks won’t deter us. Like the so-called “witches” in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, the persecutions we face from our enemies today are based on falsehood, misunderstanding, and – most of all – fear. The good news is that the White minority that our message is directed toward doesn’t put much fath in the name-calling that we are subjected to by alarmist newspapers and head-shaking newsmen. Many of those we are trying to reach, like the many sane New Englanders who had doubts about the claims of the witch hunters, already have strong misgivings about the present way of things, but they are too timid to voice those misgivings and they don’t know where to turn. If we push ahead with the Alliance’s message in a clear, convincing and professional manner – with a smile on our faces , a direct look in the eyes, and a firm handshake – that message will resonate with more and more of those honest a nd well-meaning Whites. In time, and by persisting despite the obstacles, our efforts will reap a mighty harvest, just like the farmers of Lexington and Concord eventually reaped a grand harvest, a new White independent nation: the United States of America.

I wish the best to the Boston Local Unit of the National Alliance. Work together to build the Alliance community here in New England. There is a great and glorious future that lies ahead of us, if we just make the choice to create that future.

Thank you.

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