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Dream Act Defeated: Let’s Start the Deportations!!

Dream Act Defeated: Let’s Start the Deportations!!
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Dream Act Defeated: Let’s Start the Deportations!!

by James Buchanan

Democrats fell well short of the 60 votes necessary to pass an illegal alien Amnesty euphemistically called “the Dream Act” which would have been a nightmare for ordinary Americans. I guess it’s not enough that illegal aliens are quickly bankrupting California, costing that state $13.1 billion per year according to FAIR. It’s not enough that we have record high unemployment in many states, and it’s not enough that Mexican drug criminals killed another Border Patrol agent in Arizona just a couple days before this vote.

The Democrats want to flood the US with needy Third World people so that they can create a permanent majority for their party, and the Republicans are normally too gutless to stop them. The only thing that saved us from this latest Amnesty attempt were the howls of protests from ordinary Americans and the recent electoral victories by the Tea Party. While all the Democrat Senators are secretly in support of an Amnesty Bill, they still need White votes to get reelected, and they would rather put their own personal interests ahead of the interests of the Democrat Party.
One recent news article notes “Senate Republicans today shot down the DREAM Act, an immigration measure that would have helped undocumented students who came to the US before age 16 to become legal residents after five years by completing higher education or military service. The final tally of today’s procedural vote was 55-41, but the measure needed 60 votes to advance. Senate Republicans argued that the bill amounted to amnesty, that it would impede the enforcement of immigration laws and that it failed to address the larger problem of border security. ‘Here we are in the final days of a lame-duck, some say dead-duck Congress, considering a bill that would create a major problem to the effective enforcement of immigration laws. People are not happy with us,’ Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said this morning on the Senate floor.”

The John and Ken Show has pointed out that one-third of the illegal aliens in the US, 6.66 million, could have gotten Amnesty through the Dream Act. The law was written loosely enough so that illegals who utilized Internet Diploma mills, could have scammed their way into getting citizenship. Then the chain-migration would start in which the “Dream Act” beneficiaries could bring in their family members, not to mention the inevitable flood of even more illegal aliens, which always results every time the US government grants an Amnesty.

This defeat of the Dream Act is a HUGE victory for the White people of America. Most likely we’ve put off the threat of an Amnesty by at least six years, and there’s a good chance once SB1070 goes into law and other states follow Arizona’s example, we might be able to finally start deporting a serious number of illegal aliens from the US.

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  1. It is not racist, bigoted or xenophobic to demand that the US' borders be secured & to support immigration law . It is racist, bigoted & xenophobic by illegal aliens, their facilitators & advocates to demand that we allow them free reign with impunity in the US, simply b/c of who they are. The US is the most diverse nation on earth & welcomes more LEGAL immigrants than the rest of the world combined does every yr


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