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Stop The Hate : Separate

Stop The Hate : Separate
Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-11-20 23:14:42

ADV Broadcast Of November 20, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Every week on this program, we talk in depth about all of the ways in which the current System isn't working. The non-White illegal immigration crisis, high crime rates, chaos in the public schools, the decline of American industrial might... all of these are indicators that America has taken a wrong turn.

And what's worse than all of these failures is that we seem to be unable to right the ship, to get back on the Path. Indeed, many Americans are so convinced that our problems are insoluble that they have given up and have decided not to worry about them. Instead of working to implement possible solutions, millions of Americans have resigned themselves to getting the most out of life while they have it and HOPING that the world doesn't turn upside down during their lifetimes. That is, most Americans are strictly "status-quo" people, whether they admit it or not, and whether they like the label or not.

Much of this passivity that we see in the American population -- as a whole -- derives from two main factors, one internal and one external. The first of these is the internal one, and it is that most people are simply NOT innovators. People are born with an essential conservatism. They can't help but prefer that things continue going on in the same way they have been going. After all, once you've figured out how to live in a society by a given set of rules, it's a lot of trouble to change your way of thinking and your patterns of behavior. That's why people tend to view with suspicion any society whose values and guiding principles are different from those of the prevailing society.

This suspicion of "differentness" is illustrated by the popular American perception of the Islamic culture, with its regimented schedule for prayers, its required pilgrimages to Mecca and other holy places, and its sunup-to-sundown fasting during the month of Ramadan. These misgivings about Islam are, of course, deliberately cultivated by the Jewish-dominated American media, which also does its utmost to portray the White Racialist Cause in the same sort of light -- that is, as an oddity that demands changes that will negatively overturn everyone's lives forever. Of course, we White racialists DO demand changes that will fundamentally alter the foundations of White civilization, but we believe those changes will be positive ones and that White people will eventually embrace those changes with enthusiasm.

Anyway, as I've said on this program before, this instinctual propensity to resist change was one of the key obstacles that the Jews and their allies had to overcome in tearing apart the feeling of White community that prevailed in this country for the first 150 years of its existence. That obstacle was no small one, but now that it's been cleared away and things are going in the direction they want them to, all that the Jews have to do is to keep the ball rolling. The mindset of the masses now is that racial diversity is something positive, or at least something that everyone "knows" one is supposed to feel good about. The onus is now on us, the active White racialists, to take on the multiracial mindset of the passive and largely-unmoving population in our efforts to push through our ideals and our goals.

In taking on the passive mindset of the White masses, though, the National Alliance isn't actually catering to those masses. Of course, we are attempting to reach every White person in the world with our message of inspiration and hope, but we are most interested in stoking the fires in the minds and hearts of the energetic White minority, the movers and shakers of the White population. If we teach the masses, too, that's great, but our strategy toward them right now is somewhat like an artillery barrage that precedes an infantry attack: we're mainly just trying to "soften them up" in preparation for the radical changes that will take place throughout society later. Those radical changes, obviously, will be powered and spearheaded by the White minority that I mentioned earlier, and it is primarily this minority that we in the National Alliance are trying to influence at this time.

Besides the resistance to change that is innate in the vast majority of the population, the other main factor that contributes to the passivity of the population, the external factor, is the example of activism (or non-activism, as it were) provided by the government that ostensibly leads the country. By its very nature, a democratic form of government is incapable of making hard decisions. In a legislative hall in which every viewpoint is given the opportunity to take the floor on every issue, almost never will a really tough decision be made. A decision that will require substantial sacrifice is almost never given the time of day. It is always easier to put off a ticking time bomb -- to pretend it doesn't exist and to hope it will magically go away -- than it is to grit one's teeth and defuse the bomb, despite the risks inherent in doing so.

And if a tough decision ever IS made by an elected body in a mass democracy, it almost always occurs after weeks -- perhaps even months -- of debate, and there are always many dissenters from the final decision. A quick decision is a rarity, and although a majority might agree that the long-debated resolution is best in the long run, everyone has either major or minor objections to the plan, and the voicing of those objections then leads to a fragmented and unfocused carrying-out of the decision. As soon as complications occur, the impetus behind the original decision fizzles out and no lasting change is evident.

And so those of us who pay attention to political goings-on watch with frustration as our government refuses to address problem after problem. The illegal immigration issue, which would be a relatively easy "fix" -- compared to, say, stamping out terrorism -- gets ignored. On every issue, there is talk and more talk and still more talk... but nothing ever gets done.

In this era in which positive change is needed for our people to survive, a mass democracy is a system of government based on talk, not action. In this era of instant communications and mass media, mass democracy is a system of government in which the power resides, not in the people nor even in the people's elected officials, but rather in those who have seized control of the channels of information and who bend that information to suit their own purposes. And in this era of multiculturalism and racial tension, mass democracy is a system of government that feeds mutually-hostile viewpoints, leading to the half-hearted putting forward of half-measures and half-solutions.

So it's no wonder that life in what used to be a thriving and vigorous White civilization in the Western Hemisphere is bordering on meaningless for those who still profess to adhere to the creeds that founded it. These things don't bother us White racialists, however, because we see that the entire System and its ideals are founded on false premises, the first of which is that no individual is better suited than any other to be a productive citizen of the nation.

We racialists believe this premise to be completely at odds with historical reality. Plugging just ANYONE into a society doesn't necessarily improve the society -- or the individual, for that matter. Quite to the contrary, history has shown that a close compatibility between the many members of a given society has the biggest and most lasting positive effect on both the society and the closely-related individuals that make it up.

What that means, of course, is that racially homogeneous states have been among the most stable and durable societies down through the ages. When a nation that formerly was homogeneous begins to introduce into its body politic individuals of alien races, the society tends to destabilize and, eventually, crumble.

This trend of racial homogeneity leading to a stable and productive society is not limited to the White nations of the Earth. Japan and China, two Asian nations boasting long histories of stability and culture, are excellent examples. Even today, the African country of Botswana -- which is peopled exclusively with the Black tribe called the Tswanas -- has the most stable economy and lowest crime rate of any Black-ruled African nation.

But for the White West, it has been more and more racial diversity, especially since the end of the Second World War. And we're seeing the disintegrative effects of racial diversity all through the Western world, right now, right before our very eyes, in real time, even as the media controlled by our enemies tries to cloud the picture and make us see things through rose-colored glasses.

We might not notice the effects of the darkening population as much here in the United States because we have always had a number of non-Whites living here, too. We tamed the land and largely kept ourselves apart from the Indians. Later, we foolishly brought African slaves to our shores and, ever since, although the non-White presence has become more pronounced with each passing year, many White Americans still remain blind to the peril we face. This blindness doesn't afflict as many of our White cousins in Europe, many of whom remember clearly the day when to see a non-White face was a rare occurrence.

One hundred years ago, the crime rate all over Europe was, by today's standards, unbelievably low. Even fifty years ago, Britain had such a low crime rate that British policemen had no need to carry firearms. That's not the case in the multiracial polyglot of conflict that Britain has become today. With all of the non-White illegals and violent criminals, it has become the norm for Bobbies to carry guns.

I'll bet you've never even heard of a Swiss criminal. Several decades ago, Switzerland didn't have any, but today they do...although they aren't Swiss, at least not racially. They are non-White immigrants or the offspring of immigrants, and they don't particularly care to play by the rules that have long made Switzerland the most peaceful and law-abiding nation in Europe.

Now, perhaps you think it isn't fair for me to blame rising crime rates throughout the White world on the rising numbers of non-Whites that have invaded White living space. There can be no denying that as the number of non-Whites has increased, so has the crime rate, but some of you may question if one of those phenomena CAUSED the other. Did the additional non-Whites CAUSE the crime rate to increase, or is the correlation a coincidence?

Well, my opinion on that issue is that -- on the average -- non-Whites don't have the same respect for private property that Whites are brought up to have and, in addition, non-Whites don't have the same sense of personal accountability that Whites have. For these reasons, they are more likely to commit crimes. And I believe, too, that a large number of non-Whites get a certain thrill of satisfaction from thumbing their noses at the White man's culture and the White man's rules. Consequently, there is a certain machismo in being a non-White criminal in a White society. So I'm not surprised that the crime rate is rising along with the non-White population.

But, for the sake of argument, let's assume that high numbers of non-Whites and high crime rates are NOT related. They ARE occurring together, of course, but let's assume they aren't related. If that's the case, then there must be some other explanation for the correlation. Perhaps there is tension between Whites and non-Whites, and that tension is somehow leading to more instability throughout society, which drives the crime rate up.

That's a fairly plausible explanation, and certainly one that sounds a lot more Politically Correct than my earlier one, which seems to suggest that there is something inherently criminal about being a non-White. In truth, I don't think there is something inherently criminal in being non-White, but I do believe that there is something genetically programmed in non-Whites that -- when they find themselves in a White society -- leads them to exhibit what we Whites call "criminal activity." In essence, the basic rules that govern their behavior and ours don't quite match up.

Well, whatever the correct explanation, there is definitely a problem that is related to Whites and non-Whites living in such close proximity. Why not change that right now? Why not separate the races? Let's stop pointing fingers and assigning blame and just separate. In my mind, the solution is so simple, and it never ceases to amaze me that people who are smart enough to know better call the National Alliance's program of racial separation a program of "hate." Clearly, our program -- which promotes the separation of the races so that each race can follow its own bent -- is not one of "hate," although the plan of the current System -- which is to mix all of the races and thereby obliterate them -- makes a very strong case for the "hate" label.

Many times throughout history, the mixing of races has resulted in the downfall of great civilizations. The mixing often started when one group conquered another and kept the conquered peoples around to tend the fields or keep house. Sometimes, as in the case of the United States, Egypt, and Portugal, slaves of an alien race were brought in and eventually disrupted the social fabric.

Initially, the civilizations we are discussing here suffered no ill effects, or at least no glaring ill effects. Of course, White racial consciousness was affected, as is obvious from the eventual slackening of segregation standards and consequent miscegenation. Shortly thereafter -- at least on a historical time scale -- the civilization collapsed; it was overrun by a more purpose-driven race or it simply shrunk away into nonexistence over time.

In the United States -- indeed, in the entire White West -- we see this same historical pattern being played out. Non-Whites now make up a substantial portion of the population. Racial mixing is on the rise. And next -- unless we separate the races -- will come the collapse.

The first stages of collapse are already evident. The economic power and technological edge that have for centuries been the undisputed "hammers" of the White West are nearly gone. A shocking percentage of our heavy industry has vaporized, leaving us largely at the mercy of nations like China that continue to invest more money, more people, and more resources into both technology AND heavy industry.

We in the National Alliance are out to save our race, and the first step is to safeguard the gene pool that we have been given by our ancestors. It would be nice if we could save our civilization, too, but our race comes first. As long as our gene pool is intact, everything else can be done in good time.

So whatever you've heard or may hear, the National Alliance is NOT a White supremacist organization; it is a White SEPARATIST organization. All we ask is that our race be left alone on our own land to live according to the guiding light within us.

Separation: it's the best for us, and it's the best for other races, too. The enemy is he who demands and forces racial proximity and racial integration. The enemy is he who promotes interracial relationships through his near-monopoly in the media world. The enemy is he who seeks to destroy races. If you're looking for hate, THAT is where you'll find it.

But if you're looking for racial self-determination, look no further than the National Alliance. We want a system that WORKS, and racial separation is the first step toward such a system. We WILL separate the races, no matter what it takes, and I urge you to join us in that noble effort.

I'm Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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