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News Blurbs for Nov.21st.

Nov Redistribution of Liberty
By “Mark Andrew Dwyer”

November 20, 2010

In case you wonder while boarding a plane, where have your Constitutional rights gone, I have the answer for you: they have been redistributed.

You have to “voluntarily” submit yourself to humiliating procedure that borders with sexual assault as a precondition to your exercise of your right to travel. Your genitals may be inspected, a TSA agent may wander with her hand under your wife’s skirt, and even your kids may be exposed on what you thought was child molesting.

And all this nonsense takes place while millions of Mexican illegal aliens, loyal to their La Raza (The Race) and not to our nation, violate America’s border and the immigration law as they please because, we are being told, any meaningful enforcement would create “a war zone” and offend Mexico.

As if this weren’t enough, verification of voter’s eligibility by means of proof of citizenship and photo ID has been deemed a violation of Constitutional right to vote, even though untold thousands of non-citizens fraudulently cast their votes in federal, state, and local elections.

As if this weren’t enough, either, Muslims are given free pass on importation and exercise of laws and customs of their half-religious and half-political Islam that are so incompatible with what our Constitutional Republic stands for, and – despite history of terror attacks and threats – they cannot even be suspect at the airports because, according Liberal orthodoxy, that would amount to racial profiling and discrimination.

And if all these weren’t enough, the “Liberal” apologists for the intrusive government, who maintain that passenger’s “safety” trumps all other considerations, will flatly reject any idea that passengers safety is also more important than the “Liberal” ideology that in a futile attempt to prove all people equal stops us from making obvious statistical connections between the flyer’s profile and the risk he poses to his fellow travelers. This submits our individual liberties to “Liberal” ideology (since our liberties yields to our safety which yields to “Liberal” ideology) – an un-Constitutional doctrine that was very much in order in Soviet Union (where it most likely have originated from) but is totally out of place in the U.S.

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Nov Republicans finally targetting “birthright citizenship.”
“Birthright Citizenship” is not a right granted in the constitution, as left-wing Democrats say, but a right granted by activist judges acting as dictators.

With a large crop of new Republicans coming into the House, many have finally found the courage to fight against it.

There is a strong momentum to ban “Birthright Citizenship” around the world. The following foreign nations have also outlawed “Birthright Citizenship” in recent years: Britain, Ireland, France, New Zealand, and India.

From Sacramento Bee.

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Nov Rahm Emanuel outsmarted by his own tenant! May be barred from running for mayor of Chicago.
Was it greed or stupidity? Why would a man who made $16 million between the years of 2000-2008 alone, rent out his Chicago house when he was planning to run for mayor of Chicago.

The radical leftist Rahm Emanuel left Obama’s side to run for his “Dream job” of Chicago mayor. However, he allegedly lied to election officials about who was living in his house. He may now be barred from running.

While serving as Obama’s chief of staff, Emanuel foolishly rented his house despite being a multi-millionaire and despite plans to run for local office.

His tenant, businessman Rob Halpin, is refusing to leave because he wants to run for mayor too.

Halpin may have successfully thwarted Emanuel from being a candidate. After Halpin refused to leave, Emanuel allegedly lied to elections officials, claiming he was in fact living in the house. Emanuel had to be re-instated as a member of the local electorate after having been in DC with Obama.

But Adam Lasker, the chairman of the Chicago Bar Association’s Election Law Committee, said Emanuel’s legal challenge “might not save him. His real problem is not that he left Chicago, but that he decided to rent out his house here. This left him with no legal place in the city in which to reside. By contrast Barack Obama, who does not live in his Chicago house but has not rented it out, would be eligible.”

Photo Right: Is this man a genius politician or just a pawn? Rob Halpin is running for mayor of Chicago and may have successfully disqualified Emanuel by renting Emanuel’s house.

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Nov Haitians bite the hand that feeds.
Violence in Haiti is so bad that American charity workers are fleeing for their lives and several nations are considering removing their UN contingents.

Since the earthquake that killed over 15,000 people, volunteers in Haiti have found a population that absolutely refuses to do any labor to help improve their condition. Charities had to fly in white volunteers just to unload planes full of aid. White charity workers are now performing such menial tasks as painting, while tens of thousands of Haitians sit idly nearby. Now Haitians are actually attacking volunteers and UN workers who have been feeding, sheltering, and clothing them.

Rather than work to improve their conditions, tens of thousands of Haitians have left their still standing homes in the country side and moved to tent cities. They do this to live off of the free food. Tent cities continue to grow instead of shrink.

Never has there been a natural disaster in Europe or Asia when the population had yet to even begin cleaning up nearly a year later. Nor have we witnessed a foreign government holding shipping containers full of aid hostage and making the charities pay for them to be released.


Two Utah volunteers working in Haiti fled that country because of increased rioting. They are home now but hope to return to help expectant mothers and their babies survive.

The new organization MamaBaby Haiti has members from throughout the country. The Utah volunteers who are part of it remain concerned about their patients who live in a country still devastated by an earthquake and now, disease.

There was joy in the homecoming after a frightening escape from Haiti.

People crowd the streets, which are overrun with waste. Haitians still need everything. MamaBaby Haiti set up a clinic to help mothers and newborns survive. But some citizens are turning against the people who came to help them, believing aid workers brought cholera with them.

Melody Pendleton, a MamaBaby Haiti midwife said, “It was like, come on people, just get in the ambulance and let’s go! It’s time, right now! We cannot wait; it’s time, right now. So, we did.”

Protesters will allow only ambulances to pass, so the women pretended to be patients. A Catholic priest and U.N. workers from Chile and Uruguay got them safely to the Dominican Republic.

Celeste Burr, a MamaBaby Haiti midwife trainee said, “There were times when we all felt frightened, and we were thinking about the what-ifs, but it wasn’t often.”

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Nov Country music star Trace Adkins is a Confederate.
From The Political Cesspool

It remains to be seen whether or not men will ever again walk this Earth who possess the kind of valor and gallantry that animated those who were citizens of the Confederate States of America. In fighting for our people on the radio airwaves, my very best efforts are like filthy rags when compared to the kind of sacrifice made by even the most obscure Confederate soldier. In attempting to protect our families from Federal tyranny they risked all in service to a Cause far greater than themselves. The South truly represented everything that was glorious about the American experiment that our Founding Fathers envisioned.

Trace Adkins thinks so too:

Country music superstar Trace Adkins stopped by the formal commencement of Tennessee’s sesquicentennial commemoration of the Civil War Friday where he did a little dreaming out loud of a day when the U.S. federal government shows more respect for state sovereignty.

Adkins, whose great-great-grandfather fought in the war, said he believes the period of remembrance underway to honor the 150-year anniversary of America’s bloodiest conflict is a unique opportunity to reconnect people to their heritage and teach children about history and the sacrifices their ancestors made for their most cherished beliefs.

Adkins also revealed — for the first time in public, he said — that as a statement of allegiance to states’ rights and tribute to the men of the Confederacy who fought to defend the concept, he refuses to cut his hair.

Now that we can save some money by not shopping at Sears, how about using a little of that extra cash to go out and buy a Trace Adkins CD?

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