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DC Prospers While Nation Wallows in Depression

DC Prospers While Nation Wallows in Depression
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DC Prospers While Nation Wallows in Depression

by Jeff Davis

There is in fact an island of prosperity in this country, free of the Obama Depression, where the shopping malls are still crowded, home values are still sky high, and there’s not a food stamp in sight. It’s the area surrounding Washington D.C., and all those bureaucrats and government workers are living high on the hog off your tax dollars.

An article from reports: “The D.C. area makes plenty of Top 10 lists, and this one shows its residents make the big bucks. According to a new report from Newsweek, seven of the nation’s 10 richest counties are in this region. Virginia’s Loudoun County takes home the top spot, with its median household income exceeding $114,000 per year. Seventeen percent of Loudoun households make more than $200,000, while only 16 percent earn less than the national average household income of $50,000. The survey, based on 2009 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, names Loudoun neighbor Fairfax County the No. 2 breadwinner in the country. The county was the first in America to hit six figures with its median household income, and more than half its homes make more than that number now.”

Notice that the government refuses to lay off employees and cut back as it should. In California over a million people in the private sector have lost their jobs while the number of people caught up in mass lay offs by the California state government is zero. DC is even more arrogant in maintaining its opulent lifestyle thanks in part to lavish budgets provided to Congress.
The article continues “Fairfax County has traditionally been home away from home for many diplomats and officials who want to live in a rural community close to Washington, D.C.,” Newsweek explains. Maryland makes its entry onto the list with Howard County at No. 3. Thirty percent of its employed population earns six figures. The rundown on the rest of this area’s well-to-do counties goes like this: Arlington County at No. 5, Montgomery County and its median household income of $94,420 at No. 6 and Maryland’s Calvert and Charles counties at Nos. 9 and 10. The other counties on the list sit close to New York City in either New Jersey or New York state.”

Who, exactly, are these government workers who are still living high on the hog? Most of them, of course, are connected to the Democratic party in some way, or else they were brought in during the first eight years of the century by the neocons, or during the eight years before that by the Clintons, or even before that by Bush the First, so one way or another almost anyone who who was hired in the past 18 years is working a patronage job created by bad people.

Then there are the high-grade civil servants. I don’t know what the highest GS grades are these days, but these soulless bureaucrats are often involved with ensuring that Blacks and Latinos are forced into every big company or corporation according to government-mandated racial quotas (and not according to their abilities).

Most government employees in Washington DC and environs are either non-Whites of various kinds or Jews (of course) and/or dyed-in-the-wool liberals. Their prosperity is not ours, and their America is not ours. You get to lose your job, lose your home and end up living under a bridge or in a tent city. Government blacks and liberals get to go to the mall and jewelry stores in their new SUVs while previously productive Whites sit idle praying that a job turns up. Welcome to Obama’s America.

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