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Breaking news!! Democrats lose!

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2010 Elections: Rand Paul Wins, Biggest House Turnover Since Depression
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At least 60 House seats change to Republican, biggest change since Great Depression.

by James Buchanan
The most important issue this year was that the Tea Party would do well and win some elections proving that a populist movement could invade the Republican Party and take it over from the inside. It’s a little difficult to tell who’s a real Tea Party candidate and who’s a Republican, who made a speedy conversion to the Tea Party to get votes. The bottom line however is that the Tea Party is on the rise while the Democrats are on the decline.
Tea Party candidates, Rand Paul and Marc Rubio have both won their Senate races. It was especially important for Rand Paul to win since he is the highest profile Tea Party candidate and since he is the son of the famous libertarian Congressman Ron Paul.
Thanks largely to the Tea Party and Obama’s bungling, the Republicans have decisively taken over Congress. This will block any future attempt at Amnesty or gun control by the Obama regime. Also the Republicans now will have the authority to INVESTIGATE Democrats including anything from where all that Stimulus money went, to handing out a subpoena for Barack Obama’s original birth certificate.
There was however some bad news, namely that the Republicans didn’t regain the Senate. That however was unnecessary since the iron grip on the House is enough to block any Democrat bill. The Republicans now have a much more solid ability to filibuster Democrat Bills. By 2012, public discontent with Democrats will likely grow, and the Republicans will be able to pick up enough Senators for a majority then.
Some particularly loathsome Democrats have slithered into another term including Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid and several others. There was strong suspicion of voter fraud in the Reid election and the Democrats are winning almost all the state races in California, proving that a majority non-White state is going to vote contrary to the best interests of White people. Hopefully the situation in California will wake up White people all over the nation to the fact that a non-White majority equals perpetual power for Democrat crooks.
One article commenting on the election notes “The conservative, grassroots, Tea Party movement, which has emerged over the past two years in American politics, has scored big wins for the Republican Party in U.S. congressional and gubernatorial races. The first Tea Party favorite to be declared a winner Tuesday was Rand Paul, who emerged victorious as a Republican Senator-elect for the southern state of Kentucky. Paul, a first-time candidate, said what he called a “tea party tidal wave” was coming down on Washington with a message when new legislators take their seats in January….”
Rand Paul was also the target of one of the most prolonged, vicious smear jobs by the Jewish media. Rand Paul and candidates, Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell were having embarrassing information going as far back as their teenage years dragged out to undermine them. In Paul’s case, he was able to overcome the mud-slinging. Rand Paul benefited from being the son of Ron Paul, the Libertarian, who raised more money in the last quarter of 2007 than any other Republican, but the people counting the votes in the GOP presidential primary kept telling us Ron Paul was only getting around two percent of the vote. Apparently the vote counting was a lot more honest in Kentucky in 2010 than it was in New Hampshire in 2008.
The article notes “Marco Rubio… is another Tea Party favorite who will be a new senator. He easily won a three way race in the southern state of Florida, which has been hit hard by high unemployment and a crumbling housing market…. Pollster John Zogby, of Zogby International, says polls his organization conducted during Tuesday’s election indicated between 27 and 32 percent of voters overall identified with the Tea Party. He also answered a question about the variety of so-called Tea Party candidates within Republican ranks. ‘There are those who became candidates because of the Tea Party, there are those that the Tea Party adopted, and then there are those who sat down and did the calculations and said, ‘I had better drink some tea right away,’ ‘ he said.”
Another article notes “The Republicans won control of the House of Representatives All 435 seats were up for election and the Republicans took at least 60 from the Democrats, surpassing the 52 it won when Bill Clinton took a midterms drubbing in 1994. There are around 30 results still to come. Democrats held enough seats to keep the Senate Wins in West Virginia and Nevada, where Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid held off the Tea Party’s Sharron Angle, denied the Republicans a full sweep of Congress – but the Democrats failed to make any pick-ups and at the time of writing the party has lost six seats. Tea Party candidates will be heading to Washington DC Alongside new members of the House of Representatives, Marc Rubio in Florida, Rand Paul in Kentucky and Mike Lee in Utah will be joining uber-conservative Jim DeMint of South Carolina in the Senate…. Republicans won at least 10 new governors The most significant is likely to be John Kasich, who took Ohio from the Democrats’ Ted Strickland and could give the Republicans a 2012 campaigning advantage in this perennial swing state.”
This election marks a great milestone for White Americans. Many people were of the opinion that nothing could be changed in the two-party system. But long-term incumbent RINOs, Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Bennett were defeated in their primaries, and numerous people claiming an association with the Tea Party have gone on to victory in the 2010 election. If a tax protester movement can take over the Republican Party at the grass roots level, maybe a pro-White political movement can follow in the footsteps of the Tea Party.

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