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Awakened by David Duke a Long Time Ago

Awakened by David Duke a Long Time Ago
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The following is a heartfelt letter from John, a young man who was ultimately awakened by Dr. Duke. Not only does the letter show what immigration has done to many areas of the United States, it shows how David Duke had the presence of mind to see the future and to stand up for our heritage long before it became popular to do so. Dr. Duke says so correctly that it is not hatred or racism to want to preserve your community, your rights, your nation from this kind of degradation. It is the height of love and responsibility! This letter says a lot about America and great deal about Dr. David Duke. — Duke Staff

Awakened by Dr. Duke a long Time Ago

Dr. duke wouldn’t remember me. The only time I ever saw him in person I was around 13 years old. That was over 35 years ago. He came to my small southern town to make a speech. There was maybe 50 people who showed up to hear him. The protesters were bused in from a major city. Lots of black and many whites also.I remember barely hearing what he had to say over the shouts by the organized counter demonstrators.

He (Dr. duke) warned of Mexican immigration and what it would mean for us in the future. I can’t say I remember the entire speech, but that did stick out in my mind.
I remember thinking that I had never actually seen a Mexican in person. If it was a problem, it wasn’t in my small town.

Let me tell you what that small southern town looks like today. Mexicans outnumber Whites 2 to 1. Most all the old family businesses in the downtown are gone. The town didn’t even have one police officer 30 years ago. Today there are murders, robbery and rape. Drugs have ruined the lives of many young whites.

I use to ride my bike all over town. The only rule I had was be home for supper and before dark. Now you see no kids outside at all, it’s not safe. My only worry was when I might have to snap a bushel beans for my mom again.
The street I grew up on was all White. it was a working class neighborhood with many cotton mill workers. I have a lot of found memories there.

A couple of years ago, I wanted my kids to see where I grew up. I drove down the street and I could not believe my eyes. All the homes are run down, homes still had the same paint, some 50 years old. Barking pit bulls and fences. Blacks and Mexican’s hung out in the street. Old broke down cars parked on the roadside and in the yards.

I was happy my grandfather, who won the Silver Star at Iwo Jima, wasn’t here to see the old house he built, with his own hands.
Dr Duke has worked his entire life for good. He has suffered greatly and paid the price. What has anyone else done?

Maybe the man depicted on the Confederate memorial in the town center? DR DUKE AWOKE ME. God makes Few men like David Duke.


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