Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Importance of Idealism by: Michael Weaver

                                 The Importance

 During the history of the Aryan race,brave White men and women have  
fought and died for ideas.The Aryan fighting spirit is Ingrained in  
our Race soul,it's an integral part of who we are as a race.Take for  
example: the bravery of Leonidas,the lion's son of Sparta.In August  
480 BC,Leonidas set out to meet Xerxes's army at Thermopylae with a  
small,but well organized and disciplined force of 300,though vastly  
outnumbered Leonidas exemplified the Aryan traits of Honor,Loyalty and  
Courage when he died a warrior's death during the Battle of  
Thermopylae that day. Let's not forget the brave White men who  
defended the Alamo against the tsunami of Mexicans on March  
6,1836,though overwhelmed by the advancing non-white army, they  
displayed Courage,superior fighting ability and the Will to Win, even  
though the odds were against them. These were the men of our race and  
the same blood is within us all!

    Idealism is a powerful force,especially in the hearts and minds  
of intrepid Idealists. I'm reminded of a intrepid idealist,who was  
born in Austria on April 20th,1889,his great name often invokes  
instant condemnation from the Bolshevik Beasts who control our mass  
media.He's been demonized by the Jewish-controlled media,because he  
broke the Jewish stranglehold over his beloved Fatherland.This  
talented Aryan genius was a painter,great  
most of all,HE WAS AN Idealist!

  Our Beloved founder Dr.William Pierce was a visionary,an idealist  
who put Idealism into action!
 Dr.William Pierce believed in the righteousness of his cause and he  
believed in his people,often working an 80+hour week building the  
National Alliance as a powerful force to counter the Jewish poison of  
MTV,VH1 and the communistic indoctrination centers of the public  
school system.Dr.Pierce spoke forcefully about the Terrible Taboo  
Topics of Today,for that thought crime,he was both feared and vilified  
by the race destroyers,the race corruptors,the most nefarious race to  
walk the earth,the Scourge of Humanity,the JEWS!!The National Alliance  
is the product of Dr.Pierce's Idealism,as members of the National  
Alliance it is our duty to continue on the righteous path that our  
beloved founder set forth for his members to follow.We must do  
whatever is necessary to bring our noble cause to victory! Our Race's  
future is in our hands and demands our immediate action!We are the  
most creative race on earth and if we are courageous,no force in the  
world can defeat the White Race!We must look deep within ourselves and  
seek the warrior spirit that our Aryan ancestors possessed.We must be  
passionate in our mission to awaken the sleeping White giant!We must  
expose the corrupters of our youth,the nefarious Jews and their  
willing collaborators.Remember,the seeds of truth must be sowed before  
the great harvest,The National Alliance must be our Raison d'etre,our  
reason for existence.Are you ready fellow comrades for the National  
Alliance to sweep this nation of the Jewish power structure and  
reclaim our ancestral homelands?Stand up White men and women,have the  
courage of your convictions,Ich Kampf (I Fight) should be our motto.

 George Orwell aka Eric Blair said eloquently:"In an age of universal  
deceit,telling the truth is a revolutionary act." If,this is indeed  
true,Then Let the White Revolution begin! Thank you!


  1. Good speech; I believe you gave this speech in North of Atlanta.

  2. If honor is what we have then we must honor the deaths of countless White Boers in South Africa who were murdered by the followers of Mandela.