Wednesday, October 6, 2010

David Duke:Fighting for Free Speech!

David Duke Channel Reinstated: Fighting for Free Speech!

David Duke: Fighting the Battle for Free Speech!

The Jewish Internet Defense Force complained bitterly of the reinstatement of former Representative David Duke’s Video Channel. The graphic on the left showing computer code with a red line covering FREE SPEECH accompanied the JIDF article opposing free speech for critics of Israel and Jewish extremism.

You can view David Duke TV at this link:


The JIDF doesn’t believe in Free Speech on the Internet, and come to think about it why would they? If you can’t argue or disprove someone’s points, you sure don’t want to debate him. If you are lying about someone and his views, you sure don’t want the people to have a chance to hear him for themselves.

The truth is that David Duke is extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, and reasonable. What he says makes sense, and the facts he brings primarily from mainstream Jewish sources are unimpeachable. No wonder they seek to stop supposedly open video forums such as Youtube and others from letting his voice be heard. Of course, millions are hearing Dr. Duke across the Internet. He has had over a million and one-half views on his own channel and there are now over 2,000 videos of David Duke media appearances, speeches, broadcasts, and copies of his own videos. There are at least now 11 million video views of former Representative, Dr. David Duke.

All of his videos have been rated thumbs up by over 90 percent of the viewers. No wonder the JIDF and other Jewish supremacist supporters of Israel and Jewish extremism will do anything to keep David Duke for telling his side of the story, from presenting his evidence, and from speaking honestly and courageously to the world.

Funny, they make out David Duke to be the bad guy, but David Duke has defended free speech for every point of view and he has a voting record in the House of Representatives to prove it. To quote Dr. Duke,

“If you believe that facts, reason, and justice are on your side, why would you be afraid to debate?” and “If you find someone opposed to free speech and free discourse you find a tyrant.”

Watch more videos here at !

And send in a contribution to help in this fight. The fight is far from over and Dr. Duke obviously does not have any International Bankers supporting him as does our enemy! Your support is needed as he is fighting for your rights!


David Duke on Video Censorship!

Dr. David Duke Fights Efforts of Censorship!

At the left a snapshot of the David Duke channel.

There has been a concerted effort by Jewish extremists to keep people from watching Dr. David Duke’s powerful videos on the Internet. The JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force) is dedicated to not allow any criticism of Israel and Jewish extremism. For instance, they hate the fact that he exposes Israel’s hypocrisies.

In his video the Racial Supremacist State of Israel, Dr. Duke reveals from Israeli newspapers how Israel forbids the intermarriage of Jews and non-Jews. Most Americans and other people around the world have no idea about this policy. And this is in spite of the fact that the Jewish-dominated media would raise a firestorm if a single county in America would propose to outlaw intermarriage! Israel can get away with anything, until, that is, the advent of the Internet and courageous and brilliant men like David Duke. The Jewish supremacist censors and bullies constantly commit dirty tricks and illegal actions in attempts to flag and censor videos which they know will expose their own hypocrisy.

Over the past few months, Dr. Duke has gotten over 1.6 million views on his channel (DRDDUKE) on youtube alone. And if one does a google search under videos for “David Duke” you will find over 2,000 videos and over 11 milllion views of copies of his videos and hundreds of other videos of his speeches and media appearances. The fact is that every one of Dr. Duke’s videos on his channel have over 90 percent positive ratings from the viewers! (more…)

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