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White schools, White Excellence, True Potential

ADV Broadcast Of September 25, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America's foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

In the past few weeks, school has resumed all around the country. Summer break is over, and thousands of dedicated teachers across America are hopeful that this year they’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of their students. Most students even begrudgingly admit that they don’t mind school yet at this early stage; it’s good to see all of their friends again, and some of them are even interested in learning something. The high school and college football seasons are getting under way, too, and that always seems to bring out the school spirit at America’s educational centers. At this time of year, school is new and exciting, and there hasn’t been enough time for something really bad to happen yet.

It is a well-known phenomenon that many moms cry when one of their children goes off to school for the first time. The child has a brand-new backpack and maybe new clothes as well and, of course, pictures are taken. How many of us are in family picture albums, dressed up and smiling before leaving home on that first day of school? Anyway, relinquishing the care of one’s child is never easy, and sending young Bill or Molly off to a large and impersonal school is especially hard on moms. And, given the state of America’s schools today, White moms have more reason to cry than ever before.

There is really no good way to sugarcoat the truth here. On the average, the state of America's schools is dismal, both academically and racially.

Based on standardized test scores, the U.S. ranks last among industrialized nations in nearly every category tested, particularly in math and science. Even the students in some countries that most Americans consider to be Third World and that they can't locate on a world map are ahead of the U.S. by a significant margin.

During the years following the Soviet Union's launch of the first Earth-orbiting satellite Sputnik, America kicked its math and science educational programs into high gear. That emphasis on math and science helped send us to the Moon, and it set the foundation for all of the high-tech gadgetry that we take for granted today. In the late ‘60s and early '70s, America was king of the technology mountain, and we could have maintained that position if our values hadn't gone all out of whack.

That math-and-science edge has today been totally lost at the elementary, intermediate, and secondary levels. Any high-tech advantage that we might yet hold in the U.S. occurs at the graduate levels in our universities, and most of that work is done by math, science, and engineering doctoral candidates from South Asia, the Orient, and the Middle East. The White man has effectively lost his grip on the science that he once used to master the globe.

Not that our shortcomings and failing achievement in math and the sciences are the most important things in the West today. But the problem is that math and science are the tools by which we maintain and extend our place in the universe. If philosophy and literature provide, in part, our reason for being, and if language is the glue that binds a cultural entity together, then math and science are the means by which a group lives and flourishes. Math and science allow us to gather information, fight disease, create weapons and a physical infrastructure, and manage our resources. The truth that Western technology is now in the hands of over two billion South Asians and Chinese is a sobering thought indeed.

But enough of the gloom-and-doom. Worrying about the mistakes of the past – beyond the simple truth of learning from them -- won't do much to help us today. Let's just all make the commitment to each other that when we have finally achieved our White racial homeland, any technological advances we create will be guarded most jealously. There will be no throwing open of the doors of our technical institutions to eager and energetic non-Whites who may come knocking with their hats in their hand. Our response to them will be a kind but firm refusal.
In addition, our response to in-house espionage and the selling of national technological secrets will be immediate and swift. Assuming there still is such a thing as jury duty at that time, that will be a jury on which you’ll want to serve. No month-long, drawn-out trial with endless delays. No; two days, tops, and then you’ll be back at your place of reliable employment in a White economy during the day and tending your garden in your White neighborhood in the evening.

If the state of math and the sciences in the United States is cause for alarm -- in the sense that non-Whites are putting their knowledge of our science to use against us -- the state of literature, philosophy, and the arts is enough to turn the stomach of any healthy White. With very few exceptions, the so-called "liberal arts" in American educational institutions today are a sickening affront to White standards of decency and progress. From graduate courses in gay and lesbian art down to whole elementary schools collecting six million soda can tabs to commemorate the six million Jews who DIDN'T die in German concentration camps, the anti-White tirade of hate is so pervasive that it is perceived as normal by the unsuspecting public. And to the extent that history and the arts are closely tied to values -- and values, of course, determine individual and group behavior -- perhaps the anti-White bias that is rampant in our schools today is a worse tragedy than the slipping away of our technological edge.

It is true that the Jews have done much to contribute to the inversion of values that has taken place in America over the last hundred years. Their push to gain control of the media in the early 20th Century was a success. One newspaper at a time, one film company at a time, and one book publisher at a time, the Jews were able to tighten their grip around the thoughts of America, and then bend those thoughts to their own purposes.

Against much initial resistance, for example, they were able to get America into the Second World War against anti-communist Germany. The power of the Jews over the electorate -- via the media -- and their power over American politicians -through their money and key advisors -- was clearly evident given that the supposedly-freedom-loving U.S. was allied to that Soviet beast of a man who personally oversaw the selective extermination of some 60 million freedom-loving Whites within the confines of the Soviet Union -- most of them Russians and Ukrainians, but also ethnic Germans, Latvians, Lithuanians, and others.

Now, White American society a hundred years ago, although it was much better than our own today, DID have some weaknesses. For example, that society tolerated non-Whites in its midst, and history has clearly demonstrated that the only way to prevent miscegenation between differing gene pools is physical isolation. We White racialists have learned that lesson, and it's a mistake we won't repeat when we once again have firm control of our destiny.

Another debility a hundred years ago was that, largely due to popular religious instruction, White Americans had too warm a spot in their hearts for Jews, tending to think of them as oppressed victims rather than as oppressing victimizers. Such views about the so-called Chosen people had been handed down for many years previously and were widely held, even by non-religious Whites.

We will seek to remedy those weaknesses and others in our monoracial White homeland of the near future. But let's not lose our train of thought.

Jewish power became even more evident following the war, when television – under their guidance -- began to pollute the minds of America. And shortly after the so-called "Greatest Generation" had torn down the foundation of Germanic power that had traditionally protected the heart of Europe, the Civil Rights Era tore down the psyche of what was left of traditional America.

During the Civil Rights Era, what had never been questioned WAS questioned, and what had never been doubted WAS doubted. The Jewish media managed the whole assault on our values, letting raceless and rebellious Whites spout their nonsense, and letting the vitriolic non-Whites march and burn and riot. The Jews gave them air time and interviews, pretending to be disinterested reporters of the news but truly acting all the while as the power-wielding purveyors of anti-White values. And it was at this time, too, that the onslaught against our schools began in earnest.

Now, to be fair, we can't hold the Jews solely responsible for the insanity that pervades our schools today. They turned our more-or-less pro-White values on their heads with their media power and by their leading of integrationist movements during the Civil Rights Era, but once that beachhead was secure, the cancer began to grow mostly on its own. Sure, the Jewish media made sure that things kept moving in the direction they wanted, but Pandora's Box had been opened.

The ugly lesbians with the butch haircuts who had come out of the closet and found their voices during the protests of the 1960s and 1970s kept up their strident cries for "justice" and "equality." The Black agitators who had urinated in the streets of Birmingham turned their attention to school boards, college admissions offices, and voting precincts. And, after the Immigration Act of 1965 destroyed the pro-White racial quotas that -- up until that time -- had been the basis of immigration legislation, the non-Whites began to pour in. And White America would never be the same.

Unfortunately, some Whites -- who under other circumstances would have turned out to be fine racial citizens -- collapsed from the effects of the anti-values and the brainwashing. The White children in the newly-integrated schools, after the initial shock had worn off, began to adapt. In many cases, White children turned against their parents, most of whom weren't too thrilled about their children attending school with Blacks. In conjunction with the White racial guilt that began to be pumped into the curriculum wherever it possibly could, the new proximity between Whites and non-Whites -- whom some White students perceived as "interesting" or "exciting" -- resulted in the first large-scale romantic interest between White and non-White students. And that trend continues today, much to the detriment of our race.

Today, our schools are factories of anti-values. Up and down the curriculum, the wonders of "multiracialism" and "diversity" are hammered into students. In large measure, our social studies classes are based on the idea that White students must be taught to feel guilty for being White. American history classes focus on the injustices done to Black slaves and American Indians. English classes study novels by Black authors and by strident feminists with axes to grind. In many schools, all of the month of February is sacrificed to something Black: Martin Luther King, White oppression of Blacks in America, Black History, and so on.

There is even a push in math and the sciences to "diversify" the curriculum, although there hasn't been much success with that. Although non-Whites can be taught math and science, the foundation of all of modern math and science is, of course, completely Western. Sometimes, "multiculturalization" in the science classroom is limited to textbook pictures of Blacks in chemistry labs and, believe me, the textbook companies are right on board with the fashion advertisers in this regard. To see a photo in a textbook or advertisement containing only two or three people, all of whom are Whites, is almost unheard of.
But there is more to the anti-White program in the schools than overt indoctrination. The atmosphere of nearly every public school in America is pervaded by an implicit understanding that racial diversity is the highest ideal. At racial diversity, all arguments grind to a halt. Racial diversity is the trump card that stops all others. My guess is that on the high school debate team, if you can work racial diversity into your argument and point out how your opponent's argument disparages racial diversity, you'll win the debate, hands down.

You've seen the same thing in politics, and it has become such a common ploy in political campaigns that it even has a name: the race card. The race card immediately puts the man against whom it is played on the defensive. The same thing happens in schools. If a student gets the race card played against him, either by a teacher or by another student, he's a marked individual. It would be like if one guy was dressed in Michigan Wolverines clothing, sitting among all the Ohio State fans at a college football game in Columbus, cheering his head off for the Wolverines. His safety might not be in danger (or it might, depending on how the game is going), but certainly all the Buckeye fans around will notice him and keep an eye on him to note his reaction after key plays. That's how I imagine the climate is for a racially-aware White student in an American public school. Somebody always has a suspicious eye on him.

But yet I'm not one of those who blame the entire racial situation today on the schools. With some serious help from the Jews, it was White American society that started to cave in first, and then the schools followed suit. Today, it's a reciprocal relationship: through the media, society demands White guilt and racial mixing, and the schools respond in kind by sending their students out into the world well-versed in all the specifics about those things. And the school climate is one that demands the acceptance of multiculturalism by all. Debate about possible downsides to racial diversity is taboo.

If there is one potential bit of good about America's public schools today, it is that White students who have the courage to look the truth in the face (to see the emperor without his clothes, you might say) have all the evidence they need with regard to race right before their eyes. They can see all around them what DOESN'T work. If we can get the idea that racial separation is the only alternative into the heads of enough of them, then we will have made big inroads into securing our White homeland.

And once we've got our own nation, the test scores will soar. It will be the least of the many benefits we have to look forward to. Probably, White moms will still cry when their children first go to our schools, but at least they can take comfort in the fact that our schools will be all-White. They'll be safe schools. They'll be schools that work at building the self-esteem and character of White children instead of working at tearing them down. And they’ll be schools that have standards of excellence that will encourage our children to reach the very top of
their true potential.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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