Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The New, More Racially Diverse US Army

The New, More Racially Diverse US Army

by Jeff Davis

Next time you see or hear that old “support our troops” mantra, you might want to think long and hard about what it is you’re supporting. There’s still a core of good quality Whites who hold everything together, but they must worship at the altar of Diversity and multi-culturalism like all federal employees. The minority portion of the United States military is largely a disgrace, and some of their bad habits like drug addiction are spreading to the less-disciplined Whites.

McClatchy News reports: “When Lt. Col. Dave Wilson took command of a battalion of the 4th Brigade of the 1st Armored Division, the unit had just returned to Texas from 14 months traveling some of Iraq’s most dangerous roads as part of a logistics mission. What he found, he said, was a unit far more damaged than the single death it had suffered in its two deployments to Iraq. Nearly 70 soldiers in his 1,163-member battalion had tested positive for drugs: methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana. Others were abusing prescription drugs. Troops were passing around a tape of a female lieutenant having sex with five soldiers from the unit. Seven soldiers in the brigade died from drug overdoses and traffic accidents when they returned to Fort Bliss, near El Paso, after their first deployment. What Wilson had to deal with, however, was hardly an isolated instance. With the U.S. drawdown in Iraq, the Army is finally confronting an epidemic of drug abuse and criminal behavior that many commanders acknowledge has been made worse because they’d largely ignored it during nearly a decade of wars on two fronts.”

Don’t forget the Israeli advisers who introduced a flagrant disrespect for the rules of war by encouraging our soldiers to do “enhanced interrogations” or torture. Once ordinary soldiers start hearing stories about enemy combatants being tortured or murdered, it’s a safe bet discipline and professionalism will quickly disappear.

McClatchy goes on: “The Army concedes that it faces a mammoth problem. A 350-page report issued in July after a 15-month investigation into the Army’s rising suicide rate found that levels of illegal drug use and criminal activity have reached record highs, while the number of disciplinary actions and forced discharges were at record lows. The result, the Army found, is that drug and alcohol abuse is a significant health problem in the Army. Where the Army once rigidly enforced rules on drug use, it got sloppy in the rush to get soldiers ready for the battlefield… The number of misdemeanors that soldiers committed… rose to 50,523 in fiscal year 2009 — a sign, the report said, that good order and discipline were declining in the ranks. Five years earlier, the number was 28,388… The increase in drug abuse and bad behavior came at the same time that the Army enlisted thousands of recruits who in previous years would have been ruled ineligible because of drug or other criminal convictions. According to the report, nearly 20 percent of the soldiers who’ve enlisted in the Army since 2004 — perhaps as many as 10,000 — would not have been eligible for entry into the Army before. Wilson said he found a failure of leadership to be a major factor in the deterioration of his unit. When the brigade returned from Iraq in December 2007, many commanders were moved to other units, and new soldiers were rushed through the system to get them to the battlefield quickly, without the proper guidance. As a result, 37 of the 69 drug abusers in Wilson’s battalion belonged to one company of 200, he said. When he was a company commander a decade ago, having five soldiers test positive would have been considered a lot, he added.”

Our politicians have -so far- refused to consider bringing back a Draft. They remember the huge backlash during the Vietnam War from the usually silent White majority that resulted from the Draft back then. So now the Army has a record high percentage of blacks, Latinos, drug addicts, criminals and gang-bangers.

Very few Americans are paying attention to the atrocities and torture that this new more Diverse US Army has committed in Iraq and Afghanistan. White Americans need to consider that this same Army may be called on to restore order during race riots here in the US as the Depression gets worse, and it’s not entirely clear, whether or not they’ll defend the innocent or take the side of the looters.

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