Friday, September 17, 2010

Illegal Alien Drunk Driver Kills Nun

Illegal Alien Drunk Driver Kills Nun

Illegal Alien Drunk Driver Kills Nun

by Jeff Davis

The price of illegal immigration isn’t just economic. There are dangerous Mexican drug gangs invading Arizona, who have made Phoenix the kidnapping capital of the US. An illegal alien MS-13 gang member from El Salvador murdered three members of Danielle Balogne’s family in the “sanctuary city” of San Francisco. And countless Mexicans drink heavily and then go off drunk driving on a regular basis. One of these illegal drunk drivers recently killed a nun.

The Washington Examiner reports: “The illegal immigrant accused of killing a Benedictine nun in a drunken driving crash in Prince William County has been indicted for murder. Carlos A. Montano, 23, now faces a charge of felony murder, court records show, for the Aug. 1 crash that killed Sister Denise Mosier, 66. Authorities allege that Montano was drunk when a Subaru Outback he was driving struck a guardrail then collided head-on with a car carrying Mosier and two other nuns on Bristow Road near Wright Lane. Montano was initially charged with involuntary manslaughter, drunken driving, and driving on a revoked license. Sisters Charlotte Lange, 75, and Connie Ruth Lupton, 70, were seriously injured in the crash. The grand jury also indicted Montano with driving with a revoked license and maiming resulting from drunken driving. The accusations against Montano, who was smuggled into the United States from Bolivia as a child, have sparked outcry over illegal immigration. When he was charged in the Aug. 1 crash, Montano had two previous DUI convictions. He had been detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but was released pending a deportation hearing.”

This, I might add, is part and parcel of the Obama administration’s policy of “back door amnesty” in which the Feds simply no longer enforce the immigration laws of this country. You would think that this in itself would be considered a “high crime and misdemeanor” and therefore an impeachable offense, but I suppose that’s hopelessly naive. Heck, if a judge won’t subpoena Obama’s birth certificate, what are the chances Obama will be held accountable for high crimes or misdemeanors?

The article notes “This week, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell told the state Department of Motor Vehicles to stop accepting a federally issued work authorization card as proof of legal status. Montano had received the employment authorization card in January 2009, months after deportation proceedings had begun for his second DUI offense. Authorities say he used the card to show his legal status when applying for a Virginia ID. Corey Stewart, chairman of the county board of supervisors, has asked Congress to subpoena federal immigration records to find out how many illegal immigrants were released after arrest.”

Good luck on that one, Corey.

The individual responsible for this illegal alien (and millions of others just like him) being loose on America’s streets to kill elderly nuns is Barack Hussein Obama. The annual toll of White American deaths at the hands of violent, criminal, insane and drunk or doped-up illegals is now approaching the same death toll at the hands of blacks. The Obama administration doesn’t just kill jobs and home ownership and hope for White people; it kills White people.

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