Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doomsday Approaching For Democrats

Doomsday Approaching For Democrats

Doomsday Approaching For Democrats

by Jeff Davis

The bloom definitely seems to be off the rose for Obama. The European press is even more full of doom and gloom for the Dems than our own Jewish-controlled media. Once again, we must turn to the foreign media to find out what is happening in our own country.

The London Daily Telegraph reports: “Democrats in Congress are no longer asking themselves whether this is going to be a bad election year for them and their party. They are asking whether it is going to be a disaster. The GOP pushed deep into Democratic-held territory over the summer, to the point where the party is well within range of picking up the 39 seats it would need to take control of the House. Overall, as many as 80 House seats could be at risk, and fewer than a dozen of these are held by Republicans. Political handicappers now say it is conceivable that the Republicans could also win the 10 seats they need to take back the Senate. Not since 1930 has the House changed hands without the Senate following suit.”

What’s especially significant about this election is that people are not just blindly voting for the opposition party. The Tea Party has eliminated a number of hack Republican candidates in the primaries to make sure that many of these Republicans running in November are actually on the side of ordinary Americans.

The Telegraph goes on: “Is this a piece from National Review, The Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal or Fox News, all major conservative news outlets in the United States? No. It’s a direct quote from yesterday’s Washington Post, usually viewed by conservatives as a flagship of the liberal establishment inside the Beltway. The fact the Post is reporting that not only could Republicans sweep the House of Representatives this November, but may even take the Senate as well, is a reflection of just how far the mainstream, overwhelmingly left-of-centre US media has moved in the last month towards acknowledging the scale of the crisis facing the White House.”

I guess 18 months of bungling by Barack Obama and a complete failure to turn the economy around has woken up all the moderates, who had bought into the “hope and change” cult of the Magic Negro.

The article notes “For most of the year, America’s political and media elites, including the Obama team itself, have touted the notion of an economic recovery (which never materialised), significantly underestimated the rise of the Tea Party movement, and questioned the notion that conservatism was sweeping America. It is only now hitting home just how close Washington is to experiencing a political revolution in November that will fundamentally change the political landscape on Capitol Hill, with huge implications for the Obama presidency. What was once a perspective confined largely to Fox News, online conservative news sites, or talk radio is now gaining ground in the liberal US print media as well – historic change is coming to America, though not quite the version promised by Barack Obama. ”

We need to get the Republicans back in order to create gridlock and see if it’s possible to stop Obama from doing some of the horrible things that are still on his agenda, such as amnesty and gun control. When government grinds to a halt, White Americans can only benefit.

What I will be interested in seeing is whether or not the Republicans keep their promise and attempt to repeal Obamacare. They could at least stop Obamacare the way both Democrats and Republicans stopped the building of the border fence–by refusing to fund it. There’s a good chance that legal challenges to Obamacare will shut it down.

We aren’t getting “free” medical insurance from the government under Obamacare —instead we’re being forced to BUY medical care from greedy health insurance companies that are certain to price gouge the public.

The US economy is 70 percent dependent on consumer spending. If Obamacare goes into law, it will LOOT the middle and working class to enrich the health care industry. It will rob consumers at a time when the economy needs them to be spending more money.

Only an out of touch Marxist lunatic would consider forcing a mandate on Americans that could cripple consumer spending as a Great Depression looms. Sadly, that’s exactly what we have in the Oval Office right now.

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