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Ann Coulter,Free Speech and The Thought Police of Canada

Ann Coulter, Free Speech and Canada
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Ann Coulter, Free Speech and Canada

by Jeff Davis

Ann Coulter is turning Canada’s infamous hate crime laws against the very left wing establishment that created them.

The Vancouver Sun reports: “Inflammatory right-wing pundit Ann Coulter took aim at a University of Ottawa administrator Monday night, saying an e-mail from the school warning her to use restraint, respect and consideration when addressing Ontario students during a speaking tour this week made her a victim of a hate crime. Speaking to students and academics at the University of Western Ontario Monday, Coulter said the e-mail sent to her Friday by Francois Houle, vice-president academic and provost of the University of Ottawa, targeted her as a member of an identifiable group and as such, she will be filing a complaint with the Human Rights Commission alleging hate speech. ‘I’m sure the Human Rights Commission will get to the bottom of it,’ Coulter said to loud cheers from the 800-strong audience. ‘I think I’m the victim of a hate crime here. Either what (Mr. Houle) did was a hate crime, or the whole commission is BS.’ ”

Canada has some of the most draconian hate crime laws in the world. Even criticism of the government can fall into the cateogry of being a hate crime. So Miss Coulter is not really stretching things by insisting that the same hate crime laws that protect every flaming liberal organization in Canada, including the government, should be applied to protect conservatives especially if some liberal hack is trying to tell her to not exercise her free speech.
The Sun: “In Houle’s e-mail, a copy of which was obtained by the National Post, the administrator urges Coulter to weigh her words with respect and civility in mind when she speaks at the University of Ottawa campus Tuesday. ‘Our domestic laws, both provincial and federal, delineate freedom of expression in a manner that is somewhat different than the approach taken in the United States. I therefore encourage you to educate yourself, if need be, as to what is acceptable in Canada and to do so before your planned visit here.’ ) Houle goes on: ‘Promoting hatred against any identifiable group would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges.’ ”

This man is not only an anti-White bigot, he is arrogant too. In other words, he’s threatening an invited speaker to his university. So much for liberals being full of love and tolerance.

The Sun continues: “Ezra Levant, lawyer and former publisher of the Western Standard magazine, spoke before Coulter on Monday and called Houle’s letter a veiled threat. Seamus Wolfe, the president of the University of Ottawa’s student federation, has already said that Coulter is not welcome on campus and that he is trying to work with the administration to find a venue for her speech elsewhere.”

It has been said that the last remaining refuges of Marxism in the world are Cuba, China, North Korea and western college campuses.

In Canada, anyone criticizing minorities (especially Jews) is hauled up before something called a Human Rights Tribunal composed of a panel of “judges”. These kangaroo courts are not actual Canadian courts (which are bad enough, considering the nature of Canada’s government and laws) but they have the power to force appearance in front of them and although they can’t actually imprison people (yet) they can levy crushing fines which are legally enforced and which can strip a victim of their entire life’s savings, home and property. They can also “recommend” dismissal from employment and criminal charges in the actual courts. So much for putting a chill on free speech.

These bizarre “tribunals” have recently faced serious criticism when Muslims began taking Jews and neocons in front of them for defaming and criticizing Islam, notably Jewish neocon columnist Mark Steyn for an article he wrote in Canada’s Maclean magazine. The Jews don’t like being hoist on their own petard.

Ann Coulter is making an important point with her complaint. Any nation that subjects free speech to hate crime laws, no longer has free speech. The sooner White people in Canada and Europe realize this and overturn these laws, the sooner, they will have free speech.


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