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Alliance Outreach Targets University Hit By Black-On White Crime

Alliance Outreach Targets University Hit By Black-On White Crime
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(Credit the writer of the article for printing relevant and powerful quotes made by the UC of the Cincinnati Unit that were made during a telephone interview.)

Xavier administrators, campus police and student leaders have mobilized in the wake of provocative fliers posted on campus by The National Alliance, a white separatist group advocating for “a white government that is not going to pander to all these other groups,” according to a National Alliance spokesman. Following a robbery of three students at gunpoint at 10:40 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 23, on Dana Avenue near Clarion Avenue, Robert Ransdell, The National Alliance’s Northern Kentucky unit coordinator, was approached by an anonymous member of The National Alliance about posting fliers around campus. The fliers, titled “JUST IN CASE THEY DIDN’T BRING THIS UP IN YOUR ORIENTATION,” alleged that an “urban hell (sic) surrounds campus” and urged students to “stop fearing the smears.” Ransdell reviewed the document and approved it for distribution on Wednesday morning. “Some of the stuff was kind of inflammatory in there,” Ransdell said. “But honestly I don’t know—and [the person that wrote the flier] made a good point. Should we really be sensitive to what we call people who are going to go up and put a gun to the head of people just for a few bucks? I’d have to say I’d call them savages.” Xavier Police removed the fliers immediately on Wednesday morning, citing non-Xavier appropriate language. The posting of the fliers comes in the wake of Xavier’s dealings with racially insensitive issues in recent years. In 2008, two University of Cincinnati students wore blackface to an off-campus Halloween party. Nearly 15 months later, at an event for African-American sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha on Jan. 26, a sheet with what sorority members described as racist and sexist comments written on it was found in the control booth of the Gallagher Student Center theatre. University officials issued condemnations for both events, and expressed displeasure with the flier distribution on Wednesday. “In this so-called ‘post racial era’ when racism may be concealed in color-coded appeals to patriotism, states’ rights, and equal opportunity, blatant expressions of bigotry may strike many as regrettable exceptions to an otherwise egalitarian norm,” Vice Provost for Diversity Cheryl Nuñez wrote in an e-mail. A number of student leaders also condemned the fliers. “First and foremost the [flier] was an attack on all marginalized groups on campus,” Arzell West-Estell, president of the Black Student Association, wrote in an e-mail. “The objective of the attack was to divide, to make groups feel separate from each other and the community. We are all different and that is what makes us who we are.” The National Alliance, an organization founded in 1968 from a group of supporters for the candidacy of then-Alabama Governor George Wallace for the presidency, had not had any contact with Xavier since its members attended a speech on campus in 2005. However, the group has distributed a number of fliers at the University of Cincinnati in the past two years. Ransdell said The National Alliance chose this robbery to make a statement after seeing an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer on Tuesday, Aug. 24, in which one of the robbery victims was quoted saying, “we were trying to be nice.” “This is an example of not being prejudice or worrying about being prejudice has resulted in somebody being robbed,” Ransdell said. “I think that blacks have become accustomed to the realities of whites these days, and that is that whites are willing to submit—not willing to fight back. They are easy targets… because they have (sic) been indoctrinated from the cradle with this white guilt stuff.” University administrators, including University President Fr. Michael Graham, S.J., held multiple meetings in the days following the posting of the flier, including a meeting on Sunday afternoon with MOSAIC, a group directed by the Student Government Association that includes 13 multi-cultural clubs. “To be responsive we need to be proactive,” SGA President Kevin Contrera said after the meeting. “If a culture change is going to happen it needs to be led by the students.”

News Source: Cincinnati NA

Alliance Supporters Stand Up For Decency, Against Special Treatment For Queers
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COVINGTON -- Police in northern Kentucky are investigating who blanketed a neighborhood in anti-gay fliers two days after the Covington City Commission held a press conference reaffirming the city's human rights ordinance.
News 5's Brian Hamrick said fliers were posted throughout the MainStrasse neighborhood overnight Wednesday into Thursday.

"Some of them were on cars, some of them were on poles, some were stapled to trees," Noah Kidd said."It was heartbreaking to think that people hate us this bad."

The fliers, which promote the white separatist group National Alliance, come in the wake of a series of crimes that police and residents believe have targeted the city's gay community.

A local National Alliance representative said his group had nothing to do with the fliers, who said he agrees with the message, but not the attacks.

"I think as a whole, as a society, people are getting very kind of exasperated by the continued pushing of this unnatural behavior," Robert Ransdell said. "Unfortunately, there's some among us who can't channel that toward constructive efforts and unfortunately do lash out."

Below is a link to a queer website that posted the flyer on their website. Note that the queer site claims the flyer is "violent" yet it specifically condemns violence. Obviously the queers in this country are so coddled that they see any criticism of their behavior or of the system's support and advocacy of their degenerate lifestyle as violence.

News Source: Cincinnati NA

Cut The Oak Tree Down To Make The Jews Happy
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Authorities in Jaslo in rural southeastern Poland discovered the origins of the tree when plans were lodged to fell it to make way for a traffic roundabout.

"We obtained information that this is no ordinary tree but was put here to mark Adolf Hitler's birthday," said Jaslo's mayor, Maria Kurowska. "So should I try to improve our town's communications or should I allow a memorial to that criminal to remain standing? The choice is simple for me."

Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, triggering World War Two and beginning more than five years of occupation. Six million Poles died, including almost all of the country's three million Jewish citizens.

Not everybody in this town of 38,000 shared Kurowska's view that the tree must go.

"It was 1942 when the Germans brought a seedling of an oak here and planted it in the centre of the town with all honours, an army orchestra and salutes," said Kazimierz Polak, who was present at the planting ceremony as a child 67 years ago.

"My father told me then that it was Hitler's birthday and we found out later the seedling had come from Braunau am Inn (in Austria) where Hitler was born.

"It's a historic curiosity. What is the oak really guilty of? It's not the tree's fault that it was planted here to honour the biggest criminal and enemy of Poland."

News Source: Jim Ring

Tamil Invaders Continue To Plague The Great White North
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VANCOUVER— Four more Tamil migrants - three mothers and a single woman - were granted release from detention in B.C. Tuesday, however a federal judge stayed the release of the three mothers late Tuesday night after the federal government filed an appeal, one of the duty counsel representing the migrants said.

"The court has stayed their release until a more complete hearing can be argued which may be tomorrow afternoon or Thursday at the latest," Douglas Cannon wrote in an email to Postmedia News late Tuesday night.

According to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the government can seek permission from the Federal Court of Canada for a judicial review of a decision made during detention hearings.

Malini Dyonisius, duty counsel representing the single woman who was released, said Tuesday night it wasn't clear to her whether the government was attempting to block her client's release, as well.

A pregnant woman with three children was released on Monday, the first of the 492 Tamil migrants to be released since they arrived on the B.C. coast on Aug. 13 aboard the Thai cargo ship, the MV Sun Sea.

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