Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Zionists are at it Again!

Zionist Agent Threatens American Hero Phil Tourney & Journalist Mark Glenn
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Israeli Threatens Phil Tourney & Mark Glenn

USS Liberty survivor, Phil Tourney, joins Mike Rivero in discussing the threats made against not only his life but also that of The Ugly Truth radio host Mark Glenn by someone alleging to be a representative of the Israeli government while staying in a hotel in Los Angeles this week.
It was made clear to Phil by this agent that the Israeli government did not like the recent book written by the two about the USS Liberty attack by Israel on a practically defenseless US Navy intel ship titled What I Saw That Day.
For more on this outrage hear Mike Rivero interview Phil Tourney & Mark Glenn:

More at Mark Glenn’s blog:
USS Liberty Survivor’s Life Threatened by Mossad on American Soil While Uncle Sam Yawns


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