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A Racial Identity, A Purpose In Life
Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-08-28 22:42:36

ADV Broadcast Of August 28, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Besides the massive wave of non-White immigration currently taking place in America, Europe, and Australia, perhaps the White race’s greatest single threat to existence stems from the loss of racial identity in our people - especially our young people. And this loss can be seen in the volume of racial mixing and interracial marriages that are taking place today. Of course, the vast majority of young Whites have not fallen for the Jewish media promoted disaster of miscegenation. However, the mainstream media is doing all it can to make miscegenation an acceptable part of our society. In other words, the Jews are trying to make it the norm rather than the oddity.

In fact, it almost seems that the media will be more favorable to a mixed-race person or an interracial couple rather than a traditional White person or same-race couple. In sports, a mulatto like New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is constantly given more favorable attention than other ballplayers, and his White mother and Black father are frequently shown sitting in the stands together with absolutely no mention of their racial differences. The media practically implies that Jeter is the new face of the All-American boy. In the past, the concept of the All-American boy was a strapping young blonde man from the Midwest. The mulatto singer Mariah Carey is routinely showered with undeserving music awards and adulation, and to this day I have never met anyone who can even name ONE of her songs. But, of course, we know why the Jews are promoting miscegenation and mulattoes.

The main reason why the Jews have been able to dupe at least some of our youth into the racially suicidal practice of miscegenation, is because of the loss of a racial identity and purpose among our people. And we in the National Alliance are quite concerned about this loss of a racial identity - especially in our youth - because when a people lose sight of who they are, where they came from, and whom they share a common heritage with, they become vulnerable and fall prey to those people who have retained their racial and cultural identity and values. Such is the situation today.

The very simple reason that the Jews have such an overwhelmingly disproportionate amount of influence in this world, and the reason why we always have to talk about these people, is because the Jews have such a strong knowledge of their racial and cultural identity and they have a purpose. And since we spend so much time talking about them, perhaps we can learn from what they are doing and maybe implement some of those tactics for ourselves.

For the vast majority of them, the Jews have always tried to maintain a strong family life, instilling in their children a racial and religious identity at a young age. These Jewish households make mandatory the learning of a second language such as Hebrew or Yiddish, because they know it will deeply strengthen the Jewish child’s bond with their ancestors. Jewish children are also encouraged to learn to play a classical musical instrument, and this is evident in the fact that so many of the ranks of professional orchestras are inhabited by Jews. When I go to Severance Hall to watch the Cleveland Orchestra perform, many times I’ll be sitting right next to Jews in the audience. It’s a shame more White families don’t encourage their children to also partake in studying classical music. It’s ironic that it is the Jews who are doing so much to keep the great Aryan music of Beethoven, Mozart, and Wagner alive.

Jews are also instrumental in passing down their culture to their children by getting them involved in Jewish folk dancing and singing. Again, this instills in young Jews a cultural awareness that will last a lifetime. It is a bonding phenomenon that does wonders for racial awareness.

Speaking from personal experience, I know firsthand the benefits of being raised in a household that promoted European culture and awareness. As a youth, I belonged to a German folk dance group and performed in hundreds of festivals and events. This was a great experience for me because I not only learned about my German heritage, but because I had the opportunity to share the experience with other young, ethnically conscious German-Americans and, we had a lot of fun doing it. This was true White culture. I also had the opportunity to travel around North America and Europe while performing for audiences who were quite proud of their European heritage. The most memorable experience I had occurred in the town of Villach, Austria sixteen years ago, when I took part in a parade with dozens of other White youth from around the world - all wearing traditional European attire - and being cheered on by thousands of people. I felt as if I was marching to a Nuremberg Rally during the glory years of our race. What a fantastic feeling!

What was so wonderful about performing at the ethnic festivals, is that not only were the audiences nearly 100% White, but also that the number of young people involved in these types of activities who became race-mixers is virtually zero. These youth knew who they were and believed in maintaining the existence of their people, even if they never even mentioned the term “race.” They didn’t have to mention race, because it was ingrained in their minds that miscegenation was racial suicide. One wrong decision could undue tens of thousands of years of selective breeding.

I had such a memorable time performing at White ethnic events, that fourteen years ago I decided to promote European cultural festivals for the National Alliance. These festivals usually consisted of a dinner with a European menu, a brass band performing dinner music, three or four European dance groups - which usually included a mix of Celtic, Slavic, and Germanic groups, and immediately following the formal part of the program a polka band played for dancing pleasure. And despite these being National Alliance events, not one single piece of Alliance literature was distributed there. We didn’t have to. Everyone knew why they were there. Because they were European -- they were White - and they were celebrating their heritage. The atmosphere at these festivals was absolutely electric. For many people, it was THE event of the year. Everyone had a great time. We even had guests who flew over a thousand miles or drove 500 to attend. The sight and beauty of White culture is an awesome spectacle indeed, and it is something that can be shared by all White people wherever they live.

If there are any parents listening to this broadcast, I highly encourage all of you to get your children involved in some sort of cultural activity. Encourage them to learn a European language. Take them to classical music lessons. This will not only instill in them a sense of identity and awareness, but I guarantee you that at least nine times out of ten, your child will be better behaved and disciplined. Keeping your kids involved in healthy activities will also cut down on illegal drug use and other vices. America’s growing methamphetamine crisis is another problem the White community is faced it.

Do you really want your child to grow up not knowing he’s White? Would you want him to become a “wigger” and act like he’s Black? Look around the shopping malls if you happen to go to one on a weekend, they are loaded with these White wiggers - Black wannabes - who are absolutely pathetic. Many times when I see wiggers, I don’t always blame the kids, I blame the parents for allowing it to happen and failing to instill in them a racial identity.

Another benefit of getting your child involved in ethnic folk dancing, is that very few of these kids will become queer. Most European dances are courting dances and help promote the roles that a man and woman respectively should have in society. The contrast between the masculine and feminine roles in the dances is quite profound. And, from experience, all the young people I associated with in the ethnic dancing field are involved in healthy relationships with members of the same race and opposite sex. I don’t think there are any normal White parents who would truly want their children to become gays or lesbians.

The Jews have been promoting miscegenation and homosexuality among our youth for years. The best way to combat that should begin right at home. Don’t let the Jews raise your children. Don’t let television be your child’s babysitter. Do it yourselves. Allowing your children to be heavily influenced by the Jewish entertainment media is nearly comparable to letting the Spielbergs or the Levins have custody of your kids. Now I know most White parents don’t want their children to take on an alien persona and behave like Blacks, and I’m also sure they don’t want their children to be controlled and influenced by the homosexual-, drug-, and miscegenation-promoting Jews of Hollywood.

In the 1960s the Jews launched a counterculture revolution, literally by tearing apart the White family structure. These Jews -- like Abbie Hoffman, Ira Einhorn, and Mark Rudd -- realized the damage they could do to unsuspecting young Whites and their families. They even convinced some of these kids to hate their own parents, the very people who brought them into this world and raised them. For decades we've literally gone backwards by allowing an alien people to tell us what to do, what movies to watch, what books to read, and whom to vote for.

It's time to turn back the clocks and get back to where we were before the "social revolution" of the Sixties. I hate to use the term "going back," but in this case, going backwards is actually moving ahead and putting our race back on the path to what should be a glorious future.

A glaring example of what the decadent Hollywood Jews are promoting can be seen on the Disney and Nickelodeon cable networks. The shows Hannah Montana, The Suite Life on Deck, and True Jackson VP all promote interracial dating. In Hannah Montana and True Jackson VP, the White boy-Black girl mix is being promoted, while The Suite Life on Deck has explored White and Asian interracial relationships. Of course, I’m not surprised Hollywood Jews spin out garbage of this ilk.

I do truly hope that the audience I am now speaking to consists primarily of White parents, grandparents, or future parents. And I hope that some of my suggestions here will be implemented. I know from experience how fortunate I was to have grown up in a household that promoted White values, a White identity, and an awareness of White - not Jewish - culture. When I was young I took it for granted how good I had it. Looking around today, however, I feel the urge to help White kids who weren’t as fortunate to have been raised with a strong identity like I was. That is one reason why, eleven years ago, I accepted Dr. William Pierce’s offer to run Resistance Records for the National Alliance; I enjoy working with White youth and helping to instill in them a strong sense of racial consciousness and identity. That is why I began promoting European cultural festivals; to help make our youth aware of their true cultural heritage and help make them aware that they share a common set of roots with their extended family -- their race. If all White kids had it as good as I did growing up, then we wouldn’t have a miscegenation problem. Our people would be working towards the biological elevation of their race. And that is my goal.

Now let’s reiterate what we’ve discussed here today. As we’ve observed from the Jews - who have perhaps the strongest sense of identity and awareness - it is imperative for our racial survival to start instilling in our children a strong sense of identity at home, and this has to be done by the parents. It is also imperative that those of us who are racially conscious reach out to our youth and help them any way we can. Our young people are our future writers, our future teachers, and our future leaders. The future will soon be in their hands and we need to pass the torch to the best of them.

If anyone listening would like to get involved with promoting European cultural festivals in your area, please feel free to email me at . You should also consider joining the National Alliance, the organization sponsoring this broadcast. By joining with us, you’ll be able to work in concert with others in promoting our worldview and a healthy outlook for our children. You can join online at

And rather than keep complaining about the Jews -- or even talking about them -- let's take a page out of their book. They're in power for a reason -- they planned and worked for it. So now that we've simplified everything here and brought forth some basic, positive suggestions, it's up to us to take control of our own destiny. If we fail, then it's our own fault and not the Jews or anyone else's. We know what needs to be done, so let's now do it!

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.


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