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August 13, 2010

Hey Germany, There Is Another Parasite At The Door
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A US court of appeals Wednesday said Germany can be sued by Florida investors seeking reimbursement for post World War I reconstruction bonds that Adolf Hitler stopped paying in the 1930s, a lawyer for the plaintiffs said.

"The court decided that the complaint filed against Germany can proceed to discovery and that the case should not be dismissed because Germany is a 'foreign sovereign,'" said Michael Elsner, who represents Tampa-based World Holdings in the case.

"We requested damages in the hundred of millions of dollars range, it's a number over $450 million," the lawyer added.

The bonds were issued by Germany to rebuild the country after World War I (1914-1918), but repayment was stopped by then chancellor Adolf Hitler in 1933 as he was preparing for World War II, court documents showed.

Elsner said Germany has argued that the bonds were repaid after World War II, but that many were stolen by Russian troops at the time, requiring a special document validation process in Germany before any reimbursement claim can be answered.

News Source: NAN

Death, Taxes, And Jews Being Busted For Fraud
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LAKEWOOD — Real estate developer Eliyahu Weinstein, arrested early this morning at his Lakewood home on charges of defrauding investors of tens of millions of dollars as part of a Ponzi scheme, was ordered detained when he made his first appearance in federal court this afternoon.

A bail hearing has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.

The raid on his home and business comes just days after he and some business associates were hit with a $34 million civil judgment.

Weinstein, 34, of Seton Circle, was taken from his home in handcuffs and appeared in court this afternoon.

The Lakewood man has been charged in lawsuits with bilking investors on two continents out of nearly $300 million.

Just last week a U.S. District Court judge in Pennsylvania issued a $34 million judgment against Weinstein and some associates.

The schemes, the investors claim, involved a series of land deals, a charity for children and religious organizations.

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