Friday, August 27, 2010

The Obama Citizenship Scandal Continues

The Obama Citizenship Scandal Continues

by Jeff Davis
Apparently the White House is still nervous over the Obama birth certificate scandal. The Republicans may soon take control of Congress, given the abysmal approval rating of Congress and the ongoing Depression. This could be the biggest landslide against an incumbent party ever, and the Democrats are more than a little bit nervous about it. Fearing a Republican takeover, some Democrats are desperately trying to convince people that Obama really is a citizen, but without that pesky birth certificate, their arguments ring hollow.
The ultra-liberal blog reports: “Here’s something new for the birthers to chew over: President Barack Obama’s passport. Says he was born in Hawaii! But the White House has strategically fuzzed out certain data, so the mystery continues. Now, it’s his official passport, which means it’s new, so the true believers will not be persuaded. Not that they ever would.” (more…)

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