Thursday, August 19, 2010

News for 8/19/2010

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by James Buchanan
We are just five days away from the August 24th primary in Arizona. Every patriot concerned with the future of America should be alarmed at John McCain’s past support of an illegal alien Amnesty. Of all the dangers facing America, the biggest danger is a politician, who would sell out America’s future by giving an Amnesty to tens of millions of needy Third World poor.
John McCain has lying been to voters claiming that he never supported an Amnesty even though his name was on the 2007 McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill. McCain is telling LIES meant to fool voters and save his political career. McCain also used his prestige as a long-term incumbent to pressure 11 other Republican Senators to vote for the Amnesty Bill. It’s not just an issue of retiring McCain. It’s the power and prestige he’s built up as a four term incumbent Senator and the danger of him using that to support another Amnesty in the future.
Let’s say McCain gets reelected and he collaborates with Obama to pass an Amnesty and 30 million illegal aliens, most of the Mexican type become US citizens. What will this do to American politics? Well, California has a large percentage of Latino voters. California also has a liberal/socialist government that just passed the biggest tax increase for any state in US history. Businesses and productive citizens are fleeing the state and its sky-high taxes. The needy Third World people are voting to take away more and more money from the original Americans, who made this country prosperous.

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