Friday, August 13, 2010

News Censored by the Jewish- Controlled Media

Obama Tells ICE to Ignore Most Mexican Illegals
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by Jeff Davis

The Obama regime doesn’t really need Congress to give Amnesty to illegal aliens. All they have to do is secretly tell immigration officials to not do their jobs.

The Washington Times reports “New guidance telling U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to focus on apprehending terrorists and criminals has many of ICE’s rank-and-file agents wondering who then is responsible for tracking down and detaining the millions of other illegal border-crossers and fugitive aliens now in the country. The new guidelines are outlined in a June 29 memo from Assistant Secretary John Morton, who heads the agency, to all ICE employees regarding the apprehension, detention and removal of illegal immigrants, noting that the agency only has resources to remove approximately 400,000 aliens per year, less than 4 percent of the estimated illegal-alien population in the United States.”

400,000 per year is better than nothing although it’s a little hard to believe they’re deporting anywhere near that many. You would think they’re deporting (or turning back) large numbers of illegals caught right at the border, assuming they do send those ones back. Imagine how many drunk driving accidents and how much gang crime would be prevented if ICE deported that many. (more…)

August 12, 2010
Pedophile Rabbi Makes the News in Israel
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by Ian Mosley

The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports: “After concluding their investigation, police recommended on Sunday that Mordechai (Moti) Elon, a prominent religious Zionist rabbi, be tried for allegedly committing sex-related crimes. Police allege that Mordechai Elon committed sexual offences against young boys that came to him for advice. According to police, enough evidence was found during their investigation to try Elon for alleged sexual assault by force as well as sexual assault of minors. In February, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein instructed the police to conduct a preliminary investigation of the complaints, according to which Elon committed sexual offences against young boys that came to him for advice. The incident began with Takana, a forum dedicated to preventing sexual harassment by prominent religious figures, on the basis of complaints of alleged sexual relations between Rabbi Elon and minors that they had accumulated.”

Rabbis have a penchant for child molestation that rivals, if not exceeds that of Catholic priests in recent decades on a percentage basis. Most of the problems of the Catholic Church stemmed from an insane change of policy to tolerate “celibate Gays” in the priesthood back in the 1960s, combined with an irresponsible policy of not turning pedophiles over to the authorities for prosecution. Needless to say, the articles about pedophile rabbis are buried on page 10 if they appear at all in US newspapers. This latest story has been confined to the Israeli media… until now. (more…)

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