Thursday, August 5, 2010

MMA Fighter Handles Black Thug and Other News.

MMA fighter pummels thug after racially motivated attack.
A huge, muscular black thug was caught on video brutally assaulting a white female victim who was apparently attacked at random.

Seconds later the large thug is seen fleeing from 155 pound MMA fighter Robert Huerta, who is half the size of the thug.


TMZ has obtained footage of former UFC superstar Roger Huerta engaging in a bloody street fight in Austin, Texas this weekend — against a man who appears to have socked a woman in the head.

27-year-old Huerta — who was once featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated — was in front of a bar in Austin around 2 AM on Saturday morning … when some other people began fighting. Roger was near the scuffle … when he saw one of the men involved punch a female who was standing near the ruckus.

Once Huerta sees the woman collapse to the ground — he instantly tries to confront the attacker saying, “You just punched a f**kin’ girl.”

Moments later, Huerta takes off his shirt … slams his hat to the ground … and rushes after the man.

Chaos ensues and people scramble after the fighters, blocking the camera — but seconds later … a shirtless Huerta can be seen finishing his attack on the other man … who is sprawled out on the street.

People rush in to aid the bloody man on the ground — who eventually gets off the pavement — as Huerta walks away from the battle ground.

Austin PD tells TMZ that officers were called to the scene — but so far, no arrests have been made.

Huerta’s manager tells us, “I have not spoken to Roger yet about this incident, but I can say that it’s in his nature to be very protective of women.”

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Federal Judge Vaughn Walker overturns Calif. Sodomite Marriage Ban.
From AP

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal judge overturned California’s gay-marriage ban Wednesday in a landmark case that could eventually force the U.S. Supreme Court to confront the question of whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to wed. The ruling by Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker touched off a celebration outside the courthouse.

The appeal would go first to the 9th Circuit then to the U.S. Supreme Court if the high court justices agree to review it. California voters passed the ban as Proposition 8 in November 2008, five months after the state Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown and Schwarzenegger, refused to support Proposition 8 in court. Currently, same-sex couples can only legally wed in Massachusetts, Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington, D.C.

Walker is a Republican. He was appointed by Ronald Reagan.

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Mike Huckabee’s response to Judge Susan Bolton’s decision on immigration in Arizona.

Last week’s decision by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton is just another example of an activist Judge putting their ideas ahead of the law.

Judge Bolton in the very first page of her opinion notes, “Against a backdrop of rampant illegal immigration, escalating drug and human trafficking crimes, and serious public safety concerns, the Arizona Legislature enacted a set of statutes and statutory amendments in the form of Senate Bill 1070, the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act.”

Yet her decision did nothing to help the people of Arizona deal with these “serious public safety concerns.” Instead, she chose to put the politics of the Obama Administration ahead of the welfare of the people. Her decision to choose piece-meal the parts of the Arizona law is a clear indication that she simply intended to make a political statement.

I suspect that Judge Bolton was willing to take this bold step of legislating from the bench because she knew that she would have the consistently ultra liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals backing up her decision. The fact that our country has even gotten to this point is troubling enough. Like you, I’m upset that the federal government decided to sue a state – who is simply trying to protect itself. News

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