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The Jews Are Trying to Infiltrate Wikipedia

Israelis Plot to Infiltrate Wikipedia

by Jeff Davis
The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz tells us “For years now, Wikipedia has been a fierce battleground between the Israeli right and left. One key battle was over the entry for Bil’in and whether the weekly struggle at that village near the security fence should be described as violent. Another battle was over the description of the Ariel University Center. Was it ‘the largest public college in Israel?’ Or should an institution in Ariel not be considered as being in Israel? So a compromise was reached: ‘the largest Israeli public college.’ ”
Ariel is an illegal Jewish settlement in the West Bank, but that isn’t the only Israeli topic to be edited on the Internet. Good luck finding a detailed honest account of the Jenin Massacre, including the Israeli refusal to allow UN inspectors to inspect the rubble of that massacre. If you type in “Jenin Massacre”, you’ll find it renamed the “Battle of Jenin” and the article talks of “rumors” of a mass slaughter of hundreds to thousands of Palestinian civilians. If there were no mass slaughter, why did Israel refuse to allow in UN inspectors?
The attack on the USS Liberty is similarly prone toward censorship even though the captain of the ship says that the Israelis deliberately attacked and mass murdered 34 Americans. If you type in “Attack on the USS Liberty”, it morphs into “The USS Liberty Incident” and the Wikipedia article starts off by noting that the US Government has (under tremendous Jewish pressure) classified the incident as a mistake. The survivors of the attack on the Liberty would have some choice words to say about that bit of dishonesty. (more…)

Israel Threatening War with Lebanon
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How Many Tanks Did Israel Lose in 2006 War with Lebanon?

by James Buchanan
A recent article in the Jerusalem Post reports “The US warned Lebanon that if it did not prevent any recurrence of the border-fire incident that occurred earlier this month, the IDF would destroy the Lebanese Armed Forces within four hours…” The US envoy’s assistant was referring to an Israeli plan for war. There’s just one little problem: Not all wars go according to plan. The last Israel war on Lebanon was a costly disaster for Israel.
No doubt it’s a matter of state secrecy in Israel, but their tank losses in Lebanon were BIG. A low figure of 10 is a fairly certain minimum judging from various news reports during the invasion. The high figure might be 50 or maybe even 100. The Israeli invasion of Lebanon was meant to create a barren wasteland for several miles north of the Israeli border. The Israelis were systematically destroying private homes along the border. Some Lebanese received phone call warnings from the Israeli army, telling them that their home was about to be destroyed in only a few hours. This appears to be all the humanitarian concern Israel felt obliged to show. (One wonders if people with unlisted numbers were simply killed without warning?) Mounting Israeli tank losses may have accomplished what world condemnation could not. (more…)
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