Friday, August 6, 2010

CCG-TV in Columbus,Georgia Hates the 1st Amendment!

Free Speech Advocate Michael Weaver will be pursuing legal action through the ACLU and private counsel against the station manager Michael King of CCG-TV. On April 14th,2010,Michael Weaver submitted a video to be aired on CCG-TV public access TV,which was denied by the current station manager Michael King and then later denied a second time by manager Lisa Goodwin. Members and supporters of the National Alliance are going to make sure that the government of Columbus,Georgia.complies with the 1st Amendment rights of it's citizens.Below,is the contact number for the station manager.We already have in our possession a copy of the rules and regulations of CCG-TV and this is clearly an egregious attempt on their part to censor our political message.The law is clearly on our side and they are knowingly violating it! If more Americans would stand up for their Constitutional rights,we wouldn't be in the mess we are currently in today!You can view our censored video titled:America is a Changing Country for free.."In an age of universal deceit,telling the truth is a revolutionary act." If this is indeed true,then let the revolution begin.......

In the name of Freedom,Michael Weaver
Columbus,Ga. National Alliance 304-653-4600

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