Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Columbus,Georgia Public Library Hates Free Speech!

During my visit to the local library in Columbus,Ga.,I tried to visit a plethora of political websites.However,much to my amazement and disappointment the library has a webfilter called,"Smart Filter" that censors both Conservative websites and sites that are deemed politically incorrect i.e. political speech that defends the interests of White Americans.. Upon trying to access these sites,you will be greeted with the usual buzz words of Hate,Racism and even Extremism..All of the ism's of today.. Are you kidding me? In the so-called land of the "Free",someone has already decided for you what you can and cannot read!! Keep in mind that I strongly believe in Free Speech,whether I agree with the speech or not..All Americans should have access to all points of view,not just the politically correct views of the establishment and the Jewish-controlled media.So,for my readers if you truly believe in Free Speech then here's a sample of the sites that were blocked by the censors:www.cofcc.org,www.natall.com,www.natallnews.com www.amren.com www.ihr.org and last but certainly not least,www.stormfront.org If you would like to talk with the director of the library she can be reached at:Claudya Muller (706)-243-2670 hopefully the staff member spelled her name correctly on the yellow notepad paper I was given.Please keep your conversation civil,polite and non-threatening..Thank you!!

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