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Apparently the Feds did a poor job trying to frame up Edgar Steele.

Cyndi Steele Heard Anomalies in Government Tapes

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Apparently the Feds did a poor job trying to frame up Edgar Steele.
by Charles Coughlin
A recent interview on the Jim Giles show with Ingri Cassel relayed information from Cyndi Steele. Ms. Cassel talked with Cyndi the same day Cyndi Steele listened to the alleged “murder plot” tapes and noted that the background noise changed and the inflection in Edgar Steele’s voice disappeared whenever any conversation about the “murder plot” started. Other conversations about what work Fairfax was supposed to do around the ranch didn’t have these problems.
This of course is great news. If Mrs. Steele can pick out inconsistencies in the tapes that’s an extremely strong sign that the tapes are fabricated. The Feds were no doubt hoping that Mrs. Steele would unthinkingly say “That sounds like Ed’s voice”. Ms. Cassel mentioned that, according to Dr. Alan Banks, Larry Fairfax had been a drug and police informant in the area for years. Unfortunately the Steeles were apparently not aware of this.
Where’s the Motive?
It’s been five weeks since the arrest, and we still don’t have a motive. Ms. Cassel confirmed that Steele was financially well off and didn’t need additional money from accident insurance. Steele was still practicing law at the time of his arrest and had clients and was presumably earning a decent income off that. There still is no evidence of a mistress despite a dishonest attempt to misidentify some Ukrainian legal clients as a girlfriend.
The Enemy’s Motive to Frame Steele
While there doesn’t appear to be a believable motive for Steele to kill his wife, there’s definitely a believable motive for the Feds or Israelis to frame Edgar Steele. There’s a long trail of victims of enemy persecution including Richard Butler, Randy Weaver, David Duke, James Traficant and John Demjanjuk.
The Feds spent a million dollars on an operation to entrap Randy Weaver with a police informant with their ultimate goal being to get Randy Weaver to become an informant against the Aryan Nations. If the Feds hated the Aryan Nations organization that much, then the lawyer who defended the Aryan Nations (Edgar Steele) would surely qualify for similar treatment, not to mention Steele’s continued reporting on government conspiracies that certain people in power, don’t want exposed.
Just a few days before Steele’s arrest, the Israelis doctored an audio tape to demonize the peace flotilla where they attacked and massacred nine people. One articlenotes “The IDF admitted today in a press release that it doctored audio footage from its exchanges with the Gaza flotilla in order to paint the flotilla passengers as anti-Semites. I am beginning to wonder if the Israeli military hired James O’Keefe to handle its press shop. This is the IDF’s ‘clarification’: ‘Yesterday evening on 4 June 2010, the IDF released an audio recording of a radio transmission between the Israeli Navy vessel and the Flotilla ships wherein unidentified flotilla passengers tell the Israeli Navy vessel to ’shut up, go back to Auschwitz’ and ‘we’re helping Arabs go against the US, don’t forget 9/11….’ ”
How curious. The Israelis used a faked audio recording to try to influence world opinion only days before Edgar Steele, a major critic of Israel, was charged with being involved in a murder plot based solely on alleged tapes.
A Rushed Job
The government is now claiming that the murder plot developed over six months, but there are some strange inconsistencies. Why did Larry Fairfax place an enormous pipe bomb on the Steele’s car and leave it attached until it was accidentally found possibly two weeks later? Edgar Steele theorized that Fairfax had stolen a large quantity of silver from the Steeles and had placed the bomb, hoping to kill both Mr. and Mrs. Steele to cover up his crime.
Fairfax was likely being paid by the Feds to spy on the Steeles. While doing plumbing work, he could have planted listening devices throughout the house.
When the first pipe bomb failed to go off, Fairfax may have decided to claim it was part of a murder plot that Steele put him up to. A police informant of course should never be placing a live bomb on anyone’s car, and the Judge asked Fairfax why he didn’t fill the bomb with sand. Steele’s alleged motive was to collect accident insurance, but no one has explained how a person can expect to collect accident insurance with a bomb going off.
No one knows right now if the Israelis, Feds or Fairfax himself may have created the tapes to create the bomb plot that the Feds are now using to prosecute Steele.
Draconian Imprisonment
Not only has Steele been ordered by the court not to contact his wife, Steele’s life savings have apparently been confiscated –if not stolen. One news article reports “…Steele told the court he had no money after federal agents ’seized our life savings last week’ when he was arrested.”
Despite efforts by hundreds of patriots all over the nation trying to contact Steele, and efforts by local friends to visit him, Steele has had zero visitors and only one (known) letter was received from Steele. The judge of course ordered that Steele could not contact his wife. Steele noted in his letter that he was hoping to meet with his lawyer the next week. There are petty things that prisons do such as returning mail that doesn’t have both the full first and last names on the return address. Online resources appear worthless for trying to locate an inmate. Steele was moved from a prison in Idaho to a prison in Spokane, Washington, and has apparently been moved again. This has been called “Diesel Therapy” where the Feds deliberately move around a political prisoner to make it nearly impossible for anyone to visit or contact him.
Attack of the Trolls
You would think White Nationalists would be sympathetic if a famous pro-White dissident with a history of obeying the law were suddenly accused of an outrageous crime by a known police informant. Unfortunately there are individuals called “trolls” who are paid by the Jews to go on blogs and post disinformation. These trolls invariably call patriots “conspiracy theorists” if they disagree with the official government stand on anything from 911 to Edgar Steele being involved in a murder plot.
The trolls simply repeat the same lies, smears and slanders over and over oblivious to counter-arguments, common sense or even new information that contradicts them. Their goal is to derail any ongoing intelligent discussion and to make any thread on a key subject like the Edgar Steele case chaotic and unreadable.
The prestigious Times of London reports that “Israel’s government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda.” (Read accurate media coverage of the atrocities Israel is committing against the indigenous people of the Middle East.) “The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages. In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special ‘megaphone’ software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.”
Most pro-White forums used to make a serious effort to control trolls. And will hopefully do this again in the near future.

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