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The Absolute Need For White Living Space

The Absolute Need For White Living Space
Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-07-31 21:27:28

ADV Broadcast Of July 31, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

In previous broadcasts, we’ve talked about the arrest of White racialist leaders and about the various means used by the government in its attempt to squelch the rising spirit of White racialism that is gaining a foothold in the U.S. and Europe. We discussed the plight of several leaders of the White racialist Cause who have been victimized by governments that fear the wider dissemination of our ideals among the White public in the West.

Today, I’d like to spend some time talking about where it is that those leaders who have been persecuted by our opponents are attempting to lead our people; that is, I’d like to offer up some ideas and explanations about where the White racialist Cause is headed. For those of you tuning in who are not affiliated with the National Alliance or another racialist organization, it is my hope that our time here today will dispel some of your misconceptions about our Cause. And for those White racial activists in my audience, hopefully this discussion will cement in your minds what is essential for our Cause to continue to grow: what is essential in terms of the needs of our people, and what is essential for us to do.

First, let’s mention what is essential for our people. In other words, we need to be able to answer the question: What must we have to survive as a people?

The simplest answer to that question is that we must have White living space. We must have a chunk of the planet that is ours, inhabited only by White people, and managed by a government that espouses our values of White racialism – namely, the values of safeguarding the White gene pool and nurturing the further development of our race.

And not only must our future White government pay lip service to these values, but it must also act on these values in all its decisions, in regard to both its foreign and domestic policy. Our White government will be a servant of the people. This will be a radical and welcome change from the state of things today, in which our people – in whatever country in which they reside – are the slaves of governments, governments that are diametrically opposed to the creation of a homogeneous White state. But a homogeneous White state is what we need, and all our efforts – for example, the dissemination of information through every possible medium we can think of – are directed towards the successful attainment of White living space.

Now exactly WHY we must have White living space is a question that has been answered by many White patriots in many different ways. The history buffs among us point out that when a White culture melds with non-White cultures to form a multiracial society, it isn’t long before the White racial element disappears, submerged under the weight of the higher birthrate of the non-Whites.

This fact is evident among all the nations of the West today, each of which is becoming more racially diverse, with the percentage of Whites decreasing year by year. The same claim cannot be made of the other races of the earth. The percentages of Indians in India, of Arabs in Arabia, and Africans in Nigeria are NOT decreasing. On the contrary, they are holding steady at nearly 100% of the population. This trend holds in every non-White country in the world. The regions without Whites are maintaining their racial makeup, while regions that have traditionally been White are becoming less so. We must therefore have our own White nation whose racial integrity is jealously guarded, particularly with regard to immigration.

Another viewpoint about why we must have White living space is given by those who see things from the standpoint of values and their effect on the individual citizen. These patriots will tell you that a cosmopolitan society of many cultures results in a hodge-podge of conflicting values. This leads to the individual in such a society – particularly an individual among the masses – being uncertain about which values to adopt and uncertain about the direction of his own inner compass. Surely, a meaningful life for the individual is most easily achieved when the values of the society are in concert with the values of an individual’s own soul.

Evidence for the validity of this claim, too, is borne out in the West today, where prevalent drug use is indicative of a lack of purpose on the part of the individual. The skyrocketing sales of self-help books and the armies of psychotherapists and counselors are further evidence that millions of individuals are at a loss trying to cope with the cacophony of values in our pluralistic society.

And some White patriots are more concerned with the direction of society as a whole, rather than with the spiritual health of the individual. They claim that high culture – at least in the West – is created only within a monoracial society. Throughout the history of our people, it has been more true than not that the highest art – that is, the best music, literature, painting, sculpture, and architecture – has been created within the context of an all-White or nearly all-White society.

And again, we don’t have to look very far today to find negative examples of this trend in the multiracial West. The degenerate lyrical content and non-White rhythms of today’s music, the shallowness of modern literature, and the grotesque nature of modern art do much to support the idea that a high White culture requires a White racial state.

But all of these reasons as to WHY we need our own living space – for the safety of our gene pool, for the spiritual well-being of individual Whites, and for the collective achievements of our culture – all of these reasons are based on one fundamental assumption. That fundamental assumption is that our race must survive because we are a unique creation of Nature, and that it would be a crime against the creative force of the Universe for the light of our people to be extinguished. And we simply can’t survive without total separation from other races.

Similar assumptions of racial uniqueness and the necessity of racial survival are held by every race the world over. In fact, those notions are so implicit in non-White societies that no one even bothers mentioning them. In Japan, everyone agrees that the Japanese race is unique and must survive. The same is true in China, in Israel, in Turkey, and in Colombia. Every race naturally thinks of itself as somehow special and deserving of the right to life.

The non-White races continue to hold fast to this belief when they settle in the traditionally White nations. The formerly White universities of the West are now home to countless campus organizations dedicated to the celebration of particular racial groups: Asian societies, Jewish societies, Hispanic societies... the list goes on and on. Our cities, too, are filled with cultural groups from every nook and cranny of the world. Ironically, among these, the only cultural societies that are regarded with suspicion are the ones composed of the descendants of the White builders of the country.

Strange as it may seem, only among Whites will one find individuals who doubt the right to survive as a race. Some Whites say that everyone is an individual, that we are only responsible for living our own lives. Some don’t care about whether or not our race survives, as long as they make a lot of money and have plenty of material comforts. These people stop short of the inescapable conclusion that what we do in this life – whom we choose for a spouse, for example, and the values we instill in our children – affect the future makeup and well being of the society. It is true that each of us is an individual, but it is equally true that each of us came into existence with a certain set of tendencies – racial characteristics – that were determined by a group that came before. And without the continuance of that group, individuals of a given type will no longer be created.

Besides the extreme individualists and the materialists, there are others who doubt the right of our race to survive. Some religious Whites don’t worry about our race’s survival because they believe that the god of whatever religion they follow doesn’t care about race. When questioned, these people can’t explain why their god created the different races in the first place, if he doesn’t care about their unique differences.

There are many reasons for the widespread doubt among Whites as to whether or not the White race has the right to exist. There are definitely some genetic factors that play a role – such as the White emphasis on the individual and a highly-developed altruism – but these are factors that are, at this time, pretty much out of our control.

The biggest and most-easily recognized factor that strongly contributes to confusion among Whites is the control of our mass media by the Jews. It is no secret that the Jews who direct our mass media of news and entertainment have done – and are doing – everything in their power to stifle the White instinct for survival. I won’t go into the details in this broadcast because they have been discussed at length elsewhere, but an honest person of whatever political bent must admit that there are two broad topics in the news and entertainment media that are NOT open to free debate: one – the rightness of everything about the state of Israel, and two – the wickedness of anything relating to White racial freedom.

The Jewish near-monopoly on the news and entertainment media is the rationale behind the massive educational program of the National Alliance. Through National Vanguard Books, Resistance Records, our various Internet Web sites, and through our public outreach efforts, the men and women of the National Alliance are doing everything we can to bring our ideas to our kinsmen all over the world. This educational effort counters the slander we receive from the mainstream media, particularly with regard to what we want and how we plan on getting it.

The first of these – what we want – I’ve already discussed: we want a homogeneous White nation with a responsible White government. The second – how we plan on creating our White state – deserves some discussion for the simple reason that there is much confusion, both inside the White racialist Cause as well as outside it, about the events that must take place in achieving our White racial homeland.

The main misconception about how White racialists intend to achieve a White homeland derives from the late Dr. William Pierce’s 1978 novel The Turner Diaries. In The Turner Diaries, a group of White patriots stage a violent uprising against the existing system, eventually securing a homogeneous racial state by force of arms. Because of the broad exposure that the book received in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, many people falsely believe that the tactics chosen by the book’s fictional characters are the same as those that will be used by the White activists in the West today.

Suffice it to say that there is no connection between the fictional events in The Turner Diaries and the plans of White racialist leaders today. Although Dr. Pierce’s 1978 book is an exciting work of fiction, it is essentially an escapist adventure novel with a happy ending. We are not in a shooting war with our opponents; we are in a propaganda war for the minds of our people. This propaganda war includes the courtroom battles that ensue when the government selectively prosecutes White racialist leaders.

Dr. Pierce himself was convinced that his second and final novel Hunter surpassed The Turner Diaries. Hunter is more of a thinking man’s novel; while it includes some violence – which, Dr. Pierce said had a cathartic effect for him – more of the novel is devoted to the ideas behind our struggle. Although there is clearly a William Pierce feel to the book, a considerable portion of it is devoted to legal and nonviolent ways of disseminating the message of White racial renewal.

And the nonviolent way is the way for us. Of course, to be honest, whatever way that gets us our White nation is a way that we’re okay with. But we need to be practical. There isn’t going to be any violent uprising of the White masses any time soon. And anyway, we don’t need one.

We need political strength. We need more and more White people to put aside their fears and to choose to contribute to the victory of the ideals of White freedom. We who are already active in the struggle must disseminate the truth about our purpose – namely, that we are NOT out to kill non-Whites; rather, we seek to secure a homeland where our kind can exist and flourish. And we must also disseminate the truth about our tactics – namely, that we are NOT terrorists who advocate violence; rather, we are men and women who are organizing in order to acquire enough political strength that the current system will be forced to listen to our demands.

The most important of those demands is the creation of a White homeland which need not replace the existing system, but could be a separate nation alongside the old. It is for this reason that some in the White racial struggle refer to themselves as White separatists. However, like the wood that must make room for the driven nail, the old society would have to relinquish its hold on a part of its territory, but it seems to me that this is a small price for that system to pay for getting all the White racialists out of the country. Don’t they want us out of their hair anyway? I don’t understand why they aren’t jumping at the chance to negotiate with us now, when our numbers are relatively few. They’ll have to give up a lot more later, as our political strength continues to grow.

Anyway, with the broad-based support of large numbers of Whites (many of them in positions of influence in society) and with strong leadership (such as the National Alliance can provide), then our vision of a White homeland will be well on the road to being realized. Such a victory, all without violence, is possible within our lifetimes, and we need to start believing that fact and keeping it in mind as an underlying assumption in all that we do.

And one more word about violence, since it is such a hot topic. The fear that we advocate violence steers some people away from us. Often, I am asked, “How do you justify your promotion of White Power music if you say you are opposed to violence? There is a lot of violence talked about in that music. You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth.” That’s a good question, and here’s my answer.

First, as you said, there is some explicit violence mentioned in some of what we call “resistance music.” But, like in Dr. Pierce’s novels, those lyrics constitute violent talk, not violent acts. There is a fundamental difference there. And we’re going to give you the same disclaimer that you get from a media company before you view a taped interview. You’ve seen it; something like: “The views and opinions expressed in the interview and commentary are not necessarily the views and opinions of the ‘Such-and-Such’ Media Corporation or any of its affiliated subsidiaries.” We are simply giving these artists -- who would be rejected by mainstream record companies -- the chance to present their art to the world.

Secondly, and more importantly, the young artists of resistance music who include violent lyrics in their music are responding to the many wars that they view as being waged against our people every day. Interracial crime -- which is disproportionately non-White on White -- is actually low-level racial warfare. The assault by the Jewish media on the White values of personal honor, loyalty, truthfulness, and integrity... is spiritual warfare. The brainwashing by an alien media in encouraging interracial sex and homosexuality... is psychological warfare. The shipping of White jobs to every corner of Asia... is economic warfare. And the overrunning of our borders, our neighborhoods, our schools, and our communities by non-White immigrants is nothing short of an invasion, an act of aggressive war that will end in our race’s physical destruction if it is not stopped.

Like writing novels was for Dr. Pierce, the creation of this music serves a purpose: it allows the young artists to vent the rage and frustration they feel as they view the dark times that have come upon our people over the last century and are continuing today. It is my hope -- and the hope of the entire leadership of the National Alliance -- that we can secure our White homeland before anger along every point on the racial spectrum erupts into something worse.

Thanks for being with me today.

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