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The Absolute Need For White Living Space

The Absolute Need For White Living Space
Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-07-31 21:27:28

ADV Broadcast Of July 31, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

In previous broadcasts, we’ve talked about the arrest of White racialist leaders and about the various means used by the government in its attempt to squelch the rising spirit of White racialism that is gaining a foothold in the U.S. and Europe. We discussed the plight of several leaders of the White racialist Cause who have been victimized by governments that fear the wider dissemination of our ideals among the White public in the West.

Today, I’d like to spend some time talking about where it is that those leaders who have been persecuted by our opponents are attempting to lead our people; that is, I’d like to offer up some ideas and explanations about where the White racialist Cause is headed. For those of you tuning in who are not affiliated with the National Alliance or another racialist organization, it is my hope that our time here today will dispel some of your misconceptions about our Cause. And for those White racial activists in my audience, hopefully this discussion will cement in your minds what is essential for our Cause to continue to grow: what is essential in terms of the needs of our people, and what is essential for us to do.

First, let’s mention what is essential for our people. In other words, we need to be able to answer the question: What must we have to survive as a people?

The simplest answer to that question is that we must have White living space. We must have a chunk of the planet that is ours, inhabited only by White people, and managed by a government that espouses our values of White racialism – namely, the values of safeguarding the White gene pool and nurturing the further development of our race.

And not only must our future White government pay lip service to these values, but it must also act on these values in all its decisions, in regard to both its foreign and domestic policy. Our White government will be a servant of the people. This will be a radical and welcome change from the state of things today, in which our people – in whatever country in which they reside – are the slaves of governments, governments that are diametrically opposed to the creation of a homogeneous White state. But a homogeneous White state is what we need, and all our efforts – for example, the dissemination of information through every possible medium we can think of – are directed towards the successful attainment of White living space.

Now exactly WHY we must have White living space is a question that has been answered by many White patriots in many different ways. The history buffs among us point out that when a White culture melds with non-White cultures to form a multiracial society, it isn’t long before the White racial element disappears, submerged under the weight of the higher birthrate of the non-Whites.

This fact is evident among all the nations of the West today, each of which is becoming more racially diverse, with the percentage of Whites decreasing year by year. The same claim cannot be made of the other races of the earth. The percentages of Indians in India, of Arabs in Arabia, and Africans in Nigeria are NOT decreasing. On the contrary, they are holding steady at nearly 100% of the population. This trend holds in every non-White country in the world. The regions without Whites are maintaining their racial makeup, while regions that have traditionally been White are becoming less so. We must therefore have our own White nation whose racial integrity is jealously guarded, particularly with regard to immigration.

Another viewpoint about why we must have White living space is given by those who see things from the standpoint of values and their effect on the individual citizen. These patriots will tell you that a cosmopolitan society of many cultures results in a hodge-podge of conflicting values. This leads to the individual in such a society – particularly an individual among the masses – being uncertain about which values to adopt and uncertain about the direction of his own inner compass. Surely, a meaningful life for the individual is most easily achieved when the values of the society are in concert with the values of an individual’s own soul.

Evidence for the validity of this claim, too, is borne out in the West today, where prevalent drug use is indicative of a lack of purpose on the part of the individual. The skyrocketing sales of self-help books and the armies of psychotherapists and counselors are further evidence that millions of individuals are at a loss trying to cope with the cacophony of values in our pluralistic society.

And some White patriots are more concerned with the direction of society as a whole, rather than with the spiritual health of the individual. They claim that high culture – at least in the West – is created only within a monoracial society. Throughout the history of our people, it has been more true than not that the highest art – that is, the best music, literature, painting, sculpture, and architecture – has been created within the context of an all-White or nearly all-White society.

And again, we don’t have to look very far today to find negative examples of this trend in the multiracial West. The degenerate lyrical content and non-White rhythms of today’s music, the shallowness of modern literature, and the grotesque nature of modern art do much to support the idea that a high White culture requires a White racial state.

But all of these reasons as to WHY we need our own living space – for the safety of our gene pool, for the spiritual well-being of individual Whites, and for the collective achievements of our culture – all of these reasons are based on one fundamental assumption. That fundamental assumption is that our race must survive because we are a unique creation of Nature, and that it would be a crime against the creative force of the Universe for the light of our people to be extinguished. And we simply can’t survive without total separation from other races.

Similar assumptions of racial uniqueness and the necessity of racial survival are held by every race the world over. In fact, those notions are so implicit in non-White societies that no one even bothers mentioning them. In Japan, everyone agrees that the Japanese race is unique and must survive. The same is true in China, in Israel, in Turkey, and in Colombia. Every race naturally thinks of itself as somehow special and deserving of the right to life.

The non-White races continue to hold fast to this belief when they settle in the traditionally White nations. The formerly White universities of the West are now home to countless campus organizations dedicated to the celebration of particular racial groups: Asian societies, Jewish societies, Hispanic societies... the list goes on and on. Our cities, too, are filled with cultural groups from every nook and cranny of the world. Ironically, among these, the only cultural societies that are regarded with suspicion are the ones composed of the descendants of the White builders of the country.

Strange as it may seem, only among Whites will one find individuals who doubt the right to survive as a race. Some Whites say that everyone is an individual, that we are only responsible for living our own lives. Some don’t care about whether or not our race survives, as long as they make a lot of money and have plenty of material comforts. These people stop short of the inescapable conclusion that what we do in this life – whom we choose for a spouse, for example, and the values we instill in our children – affect the future makeup and well being of the society. It is true that each of us is an individual, but it is equally true that each of us came into existence with a certain set of tendencies – racial characteristics – that were determined by a group that came before. And without the continuance of that group, individuals of a given type will no longer be created.

Besides the extreme individualists and the materialists, there are others who doubt the right of our race to survive. Some religious Whites don’t worry about our race’s survival because they believe that the god of whatever religion they follow doesn’t care about race. When questioned, these people can’t explain why their god created the different races in the first place, if he doesn’t care about their unique differences.

There are many reasons for the widespread doubt among Whites as to whether or not the White race has the right to exist. There are definitely some genetic factors that play a role – such as the White emphasis on the individual and a highly-developed altruism – but these are factors that are, at this time, pretty much out of our control.

The biggest and most-easily recognized factor that strongly contributes to confusion among Whites is the control of our mass media by the Jews. It is no secret that the Jews who direct our mass media of news and entertainment have done – and are doing – everything in their power to stifle the White instinct for survival. I won’t go into the details in this broadcast because they have been discussed at length elsewhere, but an honest person of whatever political bent must admit that there are two broad topics in the news and entertainment media that are NOT open to free debate: one – the rightness of everything about the state of Israel, and two – the wickedness of anything relating to White racial freedom.

The Jewish near-monopoly on the news and entertainment media is the rationale behind the massive educational program of the National Alliance. Through National Vanguard Books, Resistance Records, our various Internet Web sites, and through our public outreach efforts, the men and women of the National Alliance are doing everything we can to bring our ideas to our kinsmen all over the world. This educational effort counters the slander we receive from the mainstream media, particularly with regard to what we want and how we plan on getting it.

The first of these – what we want – I’ve already discussed: we want a homogeneous White nation with a responsible White government. The second – how we plan on creating our White state – deserves some discussion for the simple reason that there is much confusion, both inside the White racialist Cause as well as outside it, about the events that must take place in achieving our White racial homeland.

The main misconception about how White racialists intend to achieve a White homeland derives from the late Dr. William Pierce’s 1978 novel The Turner Diaries. In The Turner Diaries, a group of White patriots stage a violent uprising against the existing system, eventually securing a homogeneous racial state by force of arms. Because of the broad exposure that the book received in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, many people falsely believe that the tactics chosen by the book’s fictional characters are the same as those that will be used by the White activists in the West today.

Suffice it to say that there is no connection between the fictional events in The Turner Diaries and the plans of White racialist leaders today. Although Dr. Pierce’s 1978 book is an exciting work of fiction, it is essentially an escapist adventure novel with a happy ending. We are not in a shooting war with our opponents; we are in a propaganda war for the minds of our people. This propaganda war includes the courtroom battles that ensue when the government selectively prosecutes White racialist leaders.

Dr. Pierce himself was convinced that his second and final novel Hunter surpassed The Turner Diaries. Hunter is more of a thinking man’s novel; while it includes some violence – which, Dr. Pierce said had a cathartic effect for him – more of the novel is devoted to the ideas behind our struggle. Although there is clearly a William Pierce feel to the book, a considerable portion of it is devoted to legal and nonviolent ways of disseminating the message of White racial renewal.

And the nonviolent way is the way for us. Of course, to be honest, whatever way that gets us our White nation is a way that we’re okay with. But we need to be practical. There isn’t going to be any violent uprising of the White masses any time soon. And anyway, we don’t need one.

We need political strength. We need more and more White people to put aside their fears and to choose to contribute to the victory of the ideals of White freedom. We who are already active in the struggle must disseminate the truth about our purpose – namely, that we are NOT out to kill non-Whites; rather, we seek to secure a homeland where our kind can exist and flourish. And we must also disseminate the truth about our tactics – namely, that we are NOT terrorists who advocate violence; rather, we are men and women who are organizing in order to acquire enough political strength that the current system will be forced to listen to our demands.

The most important of those demands is the creation of a White homeland which need not replace the existing system, but could be a separate nation alongside the old. It is for this reason that some in the White racial struggle refer to themselves as White separatists. However, like the wood that must make room for the driven nail, the old society would have to relinquish its hold on a part of its territory, but it seems to me that this is a small price for that system to pay for getting all the White racialists out of the country. Don’t they want us out of their hair anyway? I don’t understand why they aren’t jumping at the chance to negotiate with us now, when our numbers are relatively few. They’ll have to give up a lot more later, as our political strength continues to grow.

Anyway, with the broad-based support of large numbers of Whites (many of them in positions of influence in society) and with strong leadership (such as the National Alliance can provide), then our vision of a White homeland will be well on the road to being realized. Such a victory, all without violence, is possible within our lifetimes, and we need to start believing that fact and keeping it in mind as an underlying assumption in all that we do.

And one more word about violence, since it is such a hot topic. The fear that we advocate violence steers some people away from us. Often, I am asked, “How do you justify your promotion of White Power music if you say you are opposed to violence? There is a lot of violence talked about in that music. You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth.” That’s a good question, and here’s my answer.

First, as you said, there is some explicit violence mentioned in some of what we call “resistance music.” But, like in Dr. Pierce’s novels, those lyrics constitute violent talk, not violent acts. There is a fundamental difference there. And we’re going to give you the same disclaimer that you get from a media company before you view a taped interview. You’ve seen it; something like: “The views and opinions expressed in the interview and commentary are not necessarily the views and opinions of the ‘Such-and-Such’ Media Corporation or any of its affiliated subsidiaries.” We are simply giving these artists -- who would be rejected by mainstream record companies -- the chance to present their art to the world.

Secondly, and more importantly, the young artists of resistance music who include violent lyrics in their music are responding to the many wars that they view as being waged against our people every day. Interracial crime -- which is disproportionately non-White on White -- is actually low-level racial warfare. The assault by the Jewish media on the White values of personal honor, loyalty, truthfulness, and integrity... is spiritual warfare. The brainwashing by an alien media in encouraging interracial sex and homosexuality... is psychological warfare. The shipping of White jobs to every corner of Asia... is economic warfare. And the overrunning of our borders, our neighborhoods, our schools, and our communities by non-White immigrants is nothing short of an invasion, an act of aggressive war that will end in our race’s physical destruction if it is not stopped.

Like writing novels was for Dr. Pierce, the creation of this music serves a purpose: it allows the young artists to vent the rage and frustration they feel as they view the dark times that have come upon our people over the last century and are continuing today. It is my hope -- and the hope of the entire leadership of the National Alliance -- that we can secure our White homeland before anger along every point on the racial spectrum erupts into something worse.

Thanks for being with me today.

The Asshole of the Year Award Goes To....

Susan Bolten you are truly this year's asshole of the year for your treasonous behaviour!

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14 year old arrested for racially motivated attack.

14 year old arrested for racially motivated attack.
A twenty two year old white man said he was confronted outside his house by black teens who told him he couldn’t listen to rap music because he is white.

When he said he would listen to whatever he wanted a large 14 year old attacked him while the rest cheered. The 14 year old has been arrested and charged with hate crime enhancement.

Teaching Children to Hate.

This is the reality of race hate never mentioned on the news or by professional left-wing fund raising organizations. This 14 year old didn’t launch this attack in a vacuum. The open hatred of white people is commonplace in the black community. He has been emboldened to hate and even violently attack whites by family, friends, black race hustlers and politicians, and even black celebrities.

As a result, America is gripped in a largely unreported wave of brutal black on white racially motivated violence.


A 14-year-old faces a hate-crime enhancement charge after Palm Bay police said he carried out a racially-motivated attack on a 22-year-old man for listening to rap music.

The teen was taken into custody late Monday and charged with battery after Palm Bay police were called to investigate a disturbance near the intersection of Port Malabar Boulevard and India Lane in the northeast section of the city.

Hate-crime enhancement means the first-degree misdemeanor battery charge could be elevated to a third-degree felony because the youth show “extreme prejudice against the victim because of his race,” said Yvonne Martinez, spokeswoman for the Palm Bay Police Department.

“The victim, who is white, was walking along Port Malabar listening to rap music when he saw the suspect and a group of other youth,” Martinez said.

The 14-year-old, who police say may have known the man, told the man to stop listening to the rap music, “because he was white,” and that, “white people shouldn’t listen to rap music,” Martinez said.

“(The victim) then told them that he could listen to any kind of music he liked,” Martinez said.

The teen struck the victim in the face as the other youth encouraged the attack, police said. The beaten man escaped and contacted police. He later identified the teen, Martinez said. He teen was then booked into the Juvenile Detention Center. News

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What A Tearjerker!!!

What A Tearjerker!!!
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The 2009 Anti Defamation League Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents, published Tuesday, counted a total of 1,211 incidents of vandalism, harassment and physical assaults against Jewish individuals, property, and community institutions across the U.S.

Using a newly revised methodology for reporting and tracking incidents, the Anti Defamation League Audit identified 29 physical assaults on Jewish individuals, 760 incidents of anti-Semitic harassment and threats, and 422 cases of anti-Semitic vandalism during the 2009 calendar year.

"America is not immune to anti-Semitism, and 2009 was no different in this regard than in any other year," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "It is a sobering reality that as Jews have become more accepted in society, there remains a consistent hatred of Jews among too many. The fact that Jews continue to be singled out for acts of hate on an average of three times per day in this country is a disturbing reality that we have to confront.”

News Source: nasacunit

Media Makes Light Of Unsanitary Behavior Of Latino Invaders In Vancouver
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VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - The Celebration of Light goes rock and pop tonight with a twist "en espagnol", but some West Enders are fed up because plenty of fireworks partiers won't be asking; "¿Dónde está el baño?"

After Mexico lights things up to Mexican contemporary and Banda tonight, some locals will be on pee patrol. A lot of them are fed up with lawns, bushes, sidewalks and driveways getting soaked in post-fireworks urine.

The Province newspaper has spoken with a few who have even stood guard and tried to direct the mostly young men to the nearby porta-potties.

Fireworks organizers say pee is for the police to deal with. The VPD says officers do enforce bylaws, but apparently not enough for West Enders tired of all that urine.

News Source: reader

It Would Be An Act Of War If Traitors Were Not In Power
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In what could be deemed an act of war against the sovereign borders of the United States, Mexican drug cartels have seized control of at least two American ranches inside the U.S. territory near Laredo, Texas.

Two sources inside the Laredo Police Department confirmed the incident is unfolding and they would continue to coordinate with U.S. Border Patrol today. “We consider this an act of war,” said one police officer on the ground near the scene. There is a news blackout of this incident at this time and the sources inside Laredo PD spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Word broke late last night that Laredo police have requested help from the federal government regarding the incursion by the Los Zetas. It appears that the ranch owners have escaped without incident but their ranches remain in the hands of the blood thirsty cartels.

Laredo Border Patrol is conducting aerial surveillance over the ranches to determine the best way to regain control of the U.S. ranches, according to the Laredo Police department.

News Source: nasacunit

So You Want To Know What The Jews At Goldman Sachs Did With Your Money?
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Goldman Sachs sent $4.3 billion in federal tax money to 32 entities, including many overseas banks, hedge funds and pensions, according to information made public Friday night.
Goldman Sachs disclosed the list of companies to the Senate Finance Committee after a threat of subpoena from Sen.Chuck Grassley, R-Ia.

Asked the significance of the list, Grassley said, "I hope it's as simple as taxpayers deserve to know what happened to their money."

He added, "We thought originally we were bailing out AIG. Then later on ... we learned that the money flowed through AIG to a few big banks, and now we know that the money went from these few big banks to dozens of financial institutions all around the world."

Grassley said he was reserving judgment on the appropriateness of U.S. taxpayer money ending up overseas until he learns more about the 32 entities.

News Source: nasacunit

Another Public Figure States The Truth And Angers The Jews
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Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington's foreign policy for years.

In the Sunday interview, Stone reportedly said U.S. public opinion was focused on the Holocaust as a result of the "Jewish domination of the media," adding that an upcoming film of him aims to put Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin "in context."

"There's a major lobby in the United States," Stone said, adding that "they are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington."

The famed Hollywood director of such films as Platoon and JFK, also said that while "Hitler was a Frankenstein," there was also a "Dr Frankenstein."

"German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support," Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that "Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people, 25 or 30 [million killed]."

Stop Judicial Tyranny!

A black-robed whore has denied Arizonans the right to round up illegal aliens.

by James Buchanan
Despite all the propaganda from the media, three quarters of Americans want illegal aliens deported. One recent article notes “Three-quarters of Americans want to see the number of illegal immigrants decreased and a substantial majority put more priority on stopping illegal immigration than they do in finding a path for immigrants to become legal residents, according to a CNN/Opinion Research poll conducted May 21-23. The 76 percent who say they want the population of illegals decreased is the highest figure in CNN polls dating back to June 2006… Sixty percent want the emphasis of the government to be on stopping illegals from entering the country and deporting those who are here…”
With this kind of massive public support for enforcing immigration law, you might think new laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 would have little trouble. But the reality is that an army of militant liberals in the Democrat party and judicial positions are always poised to deny the will of the people whenever it doesn’t suit their agenda. News

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America Set To Meet Weimar

America Set To Meet Weimar
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Ebay is offering a well-thumbed volume of "Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations" at a starting bid of $699 (shipping free.. thanks a lot).

The crucial passage comes in Chapter 17 entitled "Velocity". Each big inflation -- whether the early 1920s in Germany, or the Korean and Vietnam wars in the US -- starts with a passive expansion of the quantity money. This sits inert for a surprisingly long time. Asset prices may go up, but latent price inflation is disguised. The effect is much like lighter fuel on a camp fire before the match is struck.

People’s willingness to hold money can change suddenly for a "psychological and spontaneous reason" , causing a spike in the velocity of money. It can occur at lightning speed, over a few weeks. The shift invariably catches economists by surprise. They wait too long to drain the excess money.

"Velocity took an almost right-angle turn upward in the summer of 1922," said Mr O Parsson. Reichsbank officials were baffled. They could not fathom why the German people had started to behave differently almost two years after the bank had already boosted the money supply. He contends that public patience snapped abruptly once people lost trust and began to "smell a government rat".

Some might smile at the Bank of England "surprise" at the recent the jump in Brtiish inflation. Across the Atlantic, Fed critics say the rise in the US monetary base from $871bn to $2,024bn in just two years is an incendiary pyre that will ignite as soon as US money velocity returns to normal.

Morgan Stanley expects bond carnage as this catches up with the Fed, predicting that yields on US Treasuries will rocket to 5.5pc. This has not happened so far. 10-year yields have fallen below 3pc, and M2 velocity has remained at historic lows of 1.72.

News Source: Jim Ring

Half Of All Gypsy Camps In France To Be Dismantled
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France's Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux announced Wednesday that half the country's illegal "travelling people" and Roma camps would be dismantled within three months, and that any caught breaking the law would be deported.

France's Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said Wednesday that half the country's illegal “travelling people” camps would be dismantled within three months, and that Roma from Bulgaria and Romania would be sent back home if they broke the law.

Hortefeux made the announcement after a meeting of ministers called by President Nicolas Sarkozy in the wake of violence between itinerant groups and police.
Hortefeux vowed that itinerants who committed offences would undergo "virtually immediate" deportation to their countries of origin.

A communiqué issued by the Elysée’s press service following Wednesday’s meeting took particular issue with the Roma population, stating that Sarkozy had judged the illegal camps of Roma communities on French territory to be “inadmissible”. The text specified that 300 illegal camps had been identified as sources of “illicit trafficing, unacceptable living conditions, exploitation of children, prostitution or delinquency”.

News Source: reader

Jew Child Rapist May Have Had An Assist From DOJ In Evading Justice
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In a recent turn of events in the Roman Polanski legal drama, Swiss authorities refused to extradite the fugitive director and instead set him free.

The miscarriage of justice may be related to a decision made by the Eric Holder Department of Justice (DOJ).

In an attempt by Swiss authorities to determine whether Polanski had already served his previously imposed sentence, some sealed testimony was sought by them from the DOJ. The testimony had been given by Polanski’s original California prosecutor, Roger Gunson.

The DOJ refused to give Swiss authorities the transcripts, according to a letter from Swiss officials to the U.S. Embassy. That letter was obtained by the Associated Press.

The DOJ is claiming that the Los Angeles district attorney's office approved the DOJ’s rejection of the Swiss request.

However, a district attorney spokesperson, Sandi Gibbons, told the Associated Press that the Los Angeles office was “not specifically notified of the [Swiss] request” and had no idea that the DOJ had turned down the request.

News Source: nasacunit

Democracy Once Again Deals A Blow To Nationalism
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PHOENIX -- A federal judge dealt a serious rebuke to Arizona's immigration law on Wednesday when she put most of the crackdown on hold just hours before it was to take effect.
The ruling by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton sets up a lengthy legal battle as Arizona fights to enact the nation's toughest-in-the-nation law. Republican Gov. Jan Brewer said the state likely appeal the ruling and seek to get the judge's order overturned.

But for now, opponents of the law have prevailed: The provisions that angered opponents will not take effect, including sections that required officers to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws.

The judge also delayed parts of the law that required immigrants to carry their papers at all times, and made it illegal for undocumented workers to solicit employment in public places - a move aimed at day laborers. In addition, the judge blocked officers from making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants.

"Requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies to determine the immigration status of every person who is arrested burdens lawfully-present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked," Bolton, a Clinton appointee, said in her decision.

News Source: Jim Ring

Economy Stalls Sub Agreement Between Germany And Israel
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Germany and Israel have failed to agree on a sale's deal of a German submarine to Israel, a Berlin source said on Friday.

"There is no financial commitment," government spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm said. "There are no concrete negotiations with Israel over a sixth submarine. As for whether there are informal talks -- because of the nature of the matter, I can make no statement on this."

The U.S. journal Defense News reported this week that Chancellor Angela Merkel's government had turned down Israel's request for a discount of up to one-third on the price of a $1.6 billion package including two other warships and torpedoes.

Germany funded more than 80 percent of the cost of Israel's first three Dolphin submarines in the 1990s, and is currently accounting for a third of the cost of two more submarines being manufactured in Germany.

The full cost of the diesel-powered Dolphin class submarine would be some $700 million. Others already in Israel's fleet were extensively underwritten by Germany, which is dedicated to Israel's security, founded in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

News and Views from IHR

Jewish Media Control Prevents Free Holocaust Debate, Says Oliver Stone
Haaretz (Israel)

Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington's foreign policy for years. In the Sunday interview, Stone reportedly said U.S. public opinion was focused on the Holocaust as a result of the "Jewish domination of the media," adding that an upcoming film of him aims to put Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin "in context." "There's a major lobby in the United States," Stone said, adding that "they are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington."

Stone Apologizes for Remarks on Holocaust, Jewish Media Influence
Daily Mail (Britain)

Director Oliver Stone has been forced to apologise over a 'Mel Gibson-style' rant against Jews. The double Academy Award winner claimed that the Russians suffered more during the Second World War and that there was a Jewish 'domination of the media'.Stone also claimed that Jews monitor every comment made against them and that they had 'f***** up' US foreign policy for years. In an interview in January he sparked fury when he claimed that Hitler was an 'easy scapegoat'. His latest comments brought swift condemnation Jews in the US and Israel and forced the 63-year-old to make a contrite apology.

Countries Sign Pact in Israel to Fight Anti-Semitism, Holocaust Denial

More than 80 countries signed an agreement to cooperate in the fight against anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. The Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research and the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights signed the agreement at Israel's Foreign Affairs Ministry "This agreement is a step that doubles the power of 87 states' cooperation in the fight against the de-legitimization of Israel and anti-Semitism towards Jews around the world," said Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon, who signed the agreement on behalf of Israel.

Resolution Green-Lighting Israeli Strikes On Iran Gains Support
Huffington Post

Republicans in the House of Representatives have introduced a measure that would green-light an Israeli bombing campaign against Iran. The resolution, H. Res. 1553, provides explicit support for military strikes against Iran, stating that Congress supports Israel's use of "all means necessary" against Iran "including the use of military force". US military leaders have warned that strikes could be catastrophic to US national security interests and could engulf the Middle East in a "calamitous" regional war ... Hawkish former Bush Administration official John Bolton recently laid out a plan to prod Israel into attacking Iran, arguing that outsiders can "create broad support" for a strike by framing it as an issue of Israel's right to self defense.

Give History a Chance
Gilad Atzmon

... It is hardly surprising that the same people who flattened Hamburg, Pforzheim, Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki continued to do the same in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Similarly, the same lobbies that pushed Britain and America to a deadly confrontation with the Muslim world are now pushing us to flatten Iran. To save the world and to bring peace about, we must learn our past and we must be free to so. Revisionism is the means towards a better future.

Israel Set To Require All Citizens to Swear Oath to Jewish State
The Independent (Britain)

New Israeli citizens may soon be required to swear an oath of loyalty to a "Jewish and democratic" state, a step that has drawn harsh criticism from human rights groups. Israel's Cabinet, which meets Monday, is expected to approve this and extend a raft of existing measures that make it harder for Palestinians to achieve citizenship. The wording of the oath, which would apply to new applicants for citizenship, was slammed by Arab advocacy groups, who accused Israel of "racist" policies that attempt to link citizenship to ideology. "It's another step in the direction of getting the Arabs out of Israel," said Uri Avnery, a former MP and founder of the Israeli Gush Shalom peace movement. "Parliament has become a lynching mob."


The Coming Tidal Wave of Obamacare Taxes

The Coming Tidal Wave of Obamacare Taxes
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The Coming Tidal Wave of Obamacare Taxes

by Jeff Davis

Democrats only know how to do two things: tax and spend. Obama has just committed the US to provide medical insurance for everyone in America. On Jan. 1st, 2011 we will be forced to start paying the bill for that monstrous mandate. Not only are the Bush tax cuts gone, tax brackets will soon be going up. And look forward to a 55 percent death tax. Obama and the Dems will literally be picking the pockets of dead White people to pay for all the little brown Latino babies that the Democrats consider the future of America.

An article at reports: “Many voters are looking forward to 2011, hoping a new Congress will put the country back on the right track. But unless something’s done soon, the new year will also come with a raft of tax hikes — including a return of the death tax — that will be real killers. Through the end of this year, the federal estate tax rate is zero — thanks to the package of broad-based tax cuts that President Bush pushed through to get the economy going earlier in the decade. But as of midnight Dec. 31, the death tax returns — at a rate of 55% on estates of $1 million or more. The effect this will have on hospital life-support systems is already a matter of conjecture.”

I can tell you one effect already. If millionaires are going to lose 55% of their estate on their death, then they will start shifting massive amounts of private wealth offshore in the same way this occurred in Britain from the 1940s onward, depriving the country of an untold reserve of capital that might be used for job creation, research and development and economic recovery. Obama and his Court Jews have just cut this country’s economic throat and on January 1st we start to bleed to death.

The article notes “Resurrection of the death tax, however, isn’t the only tax problem that will be ushered in Jan. 1. Many other cuts from the Bush administration are set to disappear and a new set of taxes will materialize. And it’s not just the rich who will pay. The lowest bracket for the personal income tax, for instance, moves up 50% — to 15% from 10%. The next lowest bracket — 25% — will rise to 28%, and the old 28% bracket will be 31%. At the higher end, the 33% bracket is pushed to 36% and the 35% bracket becomes 39.6%. But the damage doesn’t stop there. The marriage penalty also makes a comeback, and the capital gains tax will jump 33% — to 20% from 15%. The tax on dividends will go all the way from 15% to 39.6% — a 164% increase. Both the cap-gains and dividend taxes will go up further in 2013 as the health care reform adds a 3.8% Medicare levy for individuals making more than $200,000 a year and joint filers making more than $250,000. Other tax hikes include: halving the child tax credit to $500 from $1,000 and fixing the standard deduction for couples at the same level as it is for single filers. Letting the Bush cuts expire will cost taxpayers $115 billion next year alone, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and $2.6 trillion through 2020. But even more tax headaches lie ahead. This ’second wave’ of hikes, as Americans for Tax Reform puts it, are designed to pay for ObamaCare…”

This is where you need to go to the article and read the rest of it yourself. It’s a horror story.

This was a bill, bear in mind, that most of the Congressmen and Senators who voted for it admit they did not read beforehand. Now we know why Obama and his Court Jews had to bribe or threaten Senators and Congressmen to shove this through.

Obamacare is about the redistribution of wealth out of the hands of White people to Blacks and Latinos in the guise of free health care for minorities and crippling taxes for Whites. It is a very rare thing for me to advocate voting for any Establishment party, but we had better hope the Republicans seize both Houses of Congress in November because there is at least some chance they will do something about this. Not because they give a damn about ordinary White people but for the sake of their corporate cronies in the healthcare and insurance industries.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


As of 7/27/2010 at exactly 4:35p.m. a voicemail was left on my cell phone telling me that two of the websites have been unblocked and A minor victory for Free Speech but we still have the other sites to fight for until they're unblocked.Please help us win this important battle in the name of Free Speech.

The Columbus,Georgia Public Library Hates Free Speech!

During my visit to the local library in Columbus,Ga.,I tried to visit a plethora of political websites.However,much to my amazement and disappointment the library has a webfilter called,"Smart Filter" that censors both Conservative websites and sites that are deemed politically incorrect i.e. political speech that defends the interests of White Americans.. Upon trying to access these sites,you will be greeted with the usual buzz words of Hate,Racism and even Extremism..All of the ism's of today.. Are you kidding me? In the so-called land of the "Free",someone has already decided for you what you can and cannot read!! Keep in mind that I strongly believe in Free Speech,whether I agree with the speech or not..All Americans should have access to all points of view,not just the politically correct views of the establishment and the Jewish-controlled media.So,for my readers if you truly believe in Free Speech then here's a sample of the sites that were blocked by the,, and last but certainly not least, If you would like to talk with the director of the library she can be reached at:Claudya Muller (706)-243-2670 hopefully the staff member spelled her name correctly on the yellow notepad paper I was given.Please keep your conversation civil,polite and non-threatening..Thank you!!

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The Black Panthers, Obama and White Civil Rights

New Duke Video: Black Panthers, Obama & White Civil Rights!
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New Duke Video: Black Panthers, Obama & White Civil Rights!

Incredible video! This one you have to see to believe!

Click here or on the picture to watch it!

Watch the full length video at:

Scum in High Places

Scum In High Places
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Several dozen Pentagon officials and contractors have been accused of -- and in some cases were convicted of -- purchasing and downloading child pornography on government computers, the Department of Defense's inspector general's office disclosed in documents released Friday. 

The investigation that led prosecutors to these government workers was actually part of a larger Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency sting called Operation Flicker, aimed at identifying individuals who paid money over the Internet to access child pornography overseas, according to the inspector general's office.

That sweep collected information on more than 5,000 people in 60 undercover stings involving 18 child porn websites. Among those were several dozen who worked for Pentagon intelligence services.

Offenders include people with highly sensitive security clearances who have the potential to blackmail the government using closely held military and intelligence secrets, according to the documents released. Some of the people involved have such high-level clearance, identifying characteristics about them were blacked out in the report.

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NAACP : Late Night Police Patrols In Cleveland Are 'Racist'

NAACP : Late Night Police Patrols In Cleveland Are 'Racist'

CLEVELAND -- NAACP President George Forbes accused the city of using an organized police presence to discourage African-Americans from visiting one of the city's hottest entertainment districts.

City leaders say they have asked police and sheriff's deputies to move partygoers off West Sixth Street in the Warehouse District once bars close at 2:30 a.m., in response to numerous noise and rowdiness complaints.

But Forbes said the police action is racist because many of the people on the street at that hour are African-Americans.

"I can't believe (in) 2010 that black folks are targeted," Forbes said Monday. "That they can't go certain places and you use the force of the police to make sure it's enforced."

Forbes said he's has demanded a meeting with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

"You couldn't have an organized force of police going down West Sixth Street unless the administration and the council knew about this," Forbes said.

Replacing Third World Labor with Robots

Replacing Third World Labor with Robots

Replacing Third World Labor with Robots

by Ian Mosley

Another scientific achievement suggests we could solve our racial problems in a very short time if our government would support certain new technology. The Sun newspaper reports: “A ROBOT billed as a ‘toaster on legs’ has smashed a world record — by walking 14.3 miles in 11 hours. The Ranger, built by US scientists, set the record for untethered robotic walking earlier this month. Guided by students using a remote control, the odd-looking robot strode 108.5 times around a 212m indoor track. It completed about 70,000 steps before it needed a recharge. The Ranger, whose parts alone cost £15,000, took four years to perfect — but runs on batteries and cost(s) less than 1p (one penny) to travel four miles. It smashed the previous world record set by Boston Dynamics’ BigDog in Boston by 1.5 miles. The Ranger is energy efficient because it copies the physics of human walking, using gravity and momentum to roll its legs forward. While the movements of other robots are controlled by motors, the Ranger has a more laid-back gait.”

What is the biggest justification for illegal aliens in White societies? The claim that they now do most of the crop picking and dirty jobs that Whites allegedly won’t do. While this is not by any means entirely true, as witnessed by the thousands of Whites who line up for the vacated jobs every time Immigration raids some factory and hauls away the illegals.

But what if we could get robots to do many (if not all) of the dirty jobs? This would make any need for immigrant Third World labor obsolete in White nations.

Another article reports ” As if the debate over immigration and guest worker programs wasn’t complicated enough, now a couple of robots are rolling into the middle of it. Vision Robotics, a San Diego company, is working on a pair of robots that would trundle through orchards plucking oranges, apples or other fruit from the trees. In a few years, troops of these machines could perform the tedious and labor-intensive task of fruit picking that currently employs thousands of migrant workers each season. The robotic work has been funded entirely by agricultural associations, and pushed forward by the uncertainty surrounding the migrant labor force…. But it wasn’t just technological challenges that held back previous attempts at building a mechanical harvester –- politics got involved, too. Cesar Chavez, the legendary leader of the United Farm Workers, began a campaign against mechanization back in 1978. Chavez was outraged that the federal government was funding research and development on agricultural machines… and government funding dried up.”

Japan has been leading the world in developing industrial robots. Japan has very limited real estate. Even if they wanted to import large numbers of guest workers, there’s no place to put them. Japan is increasingly using industrial robots to do the difficult jobs in their auto factories that younger generations are less willing to do. At one point Japan was making 90 percent of the world’s industrial robots, thanks in large part to the US Congress capitulating to Ceasar Chavez.

Despite the ultra-liberal nature of the California legislature, there is a strong chance of a copy of Arizona’s immigration law SB 1070 passing in California. California has a voter initiative process which bypasses the Latinos, Socialists and lunatics in the legislature, and polls show a copy of SB1070 passing with a comfortable margin. Ted Hilton is leading an effort to get an anti-illegal alien voter initiative on the California ballot by 2012.

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What About The Tea Party?

What About The Tea Party?

ADV Broadcast Of July 24, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Well, it’s been a week and more of ruffled feathers in the world of grassroots politics.

On July 13th, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) passed a resolution calling for Tea Party leaders to squelch the racist elements within the organization. NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous later stated that the resolution was directed at specific portions of the Tea Party, in these words:

“We take no issue with the Tea Party movement. We believe in freedom of assembly and people raising their voices in a democracy. What we take issue with is the Tea Party’s continued tolerance for bigotry and bigoted statements. The time has come for them to accept the responsibility that comes with influence and make clear there is no place for racism & anti-Semitism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry in their movement.”

In response to the NAACP’s resolution, conservative talk radio host Mark Williams wrote a satirical blog that got everyone up in arms. Pretending that he was an African-American writing a letter to Abraham Lincoln, Williams wrote, among other things:

"We Coloreds have taken a vote and decided that we don't cotton to that whole emancipation thing. Freedom means having to work for real, think for ourselves, and take consequences along with the rewards. That is just far too much to ask of us Colored People and we demand that it stop!"

It seems that Williams’ purpose was to draw attention to the distinction between what Abraham Lincoln did over a century ago – namely, free the slaves – and what big government generally and President Barack Obama specifically are doing to the working American people today – namely, enslaving them through taxation and by taking away civil rights.

Obviously, however, a whole bunch of people didn’t read Williams’ blog that way. Instead, they zeroed in on Williams’ implication that the hypothetical Black who wrote the letter to Lincoln was either incapable of working hard and thinking for himself or didn’t want to work or think. In other words, whether he meant to or not, Williams was implying that the hypothetical Black author of the letter was either stupid or lazy.

Now, there are several things that are sure to get the media’s missile lock zeroed in on you. One of these is questioning the validity of the accepted version of the Holocaust story that is peddled in the schools and in the mainstream media. Another is the assertion that the White race has, in fact, done a few good things throughout recorded history and therefore deserves to survive. And yet another is the one Mark Williams implied in his blog: that Black people are stupid and/or lazy.

Of course, the Jewish-controlled media immediately blew up Williams’ implication about the Black author being stupid and lazy into their own assertion that Williams meant such comments to apply to all Blacks. And the National Tea Party Federation immediately responded by kicking Mark Williams – and the Tea Party Express, with which he is affiliated – out of the Federation. Federation spokesman David Webb made the ouster official when he appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Now, no one is denying that there are racists and bigots within the grassroots Tea Party movement. You can find hints of racist thought in speeches given at Tea Party gatherings. Blacks who currently serve in Congress have reported being the targets of racial epithets. Missouri Congressional representative Emmanuel Cleaver was spat on, allegedly by Tea Party supporters. The openly gay Jewish Congressman from Massachusetts, Barney Frank, was taunted for his sexual orientation. Online, you can find images of posters brought to Tea Party functions with slogans like “Obama-nomics: Monkey See, Monkey Spend” or “The American Taxpayers are the Jews for Obama’s Ovens.” That last one, of course, really ruffles the Jews’ feathers: How dare anyone compare ANYBODY to “The Six Million”?

Anyway, the biggest shock to me is the fact that anyone could be surprised that racism is present to some degree in the Tea Party. After all, racism and homophobia aren’t entirely learned attitudes. There is definitely an instinctual – one might say, a “natural” – basis for defending one’s own from outsiders, whether they be sexual deviants or racial aliens. Due to the effect of the Jewish media, however, most people have learned to keep their true feelings about these matters to themselves, even to the point of repressing them so completely that they don’t really even understand that such feelings are a part of who they are.

But of course, when people get worked up about anything – whether it be the overall economic situation, their personal financial situation, or the bad choices they perceive that are being made by their government over and over and over again – their ability to rein in their true feelings is weakened. When people get upset, their inhibitions weaken, similar to when someone has consumed too much alcohol. How many times has someone said something that the Jewish media considers “naughty” when he is either angry or partially drunk or both? A few names come to mind right away, like Mel Gibson and Marlon Brando, both of whom made comments to the effect that the Jews control Hollywood and that they use that control to serve their own ends. And no one can deny that the Tea Party movement is a reactionary movement which, by definition, exists only due to its opposition to something else; in this case, big government, overtaxation, and the stealing of individual freedoms.

But, contrary to what the Jewish media might lead you to believe, the Tea Party is not alone in having racist elements in its ranks. The NAACP, no doubt, includes many Black racists among its members. The entire spectrum of Jewish organizations is full of Jewish racists from top to bottom. Latino and Asian cultural groups and business organizations certainly contain members who are preferential to their own people. The double standard put in place by the Jewish media, however, states that – except in very special and grossly obvious cases – only Whites can be racists, not anyone else.

It shouldn’t really surprise us that the Jews should sic their media on the Tea Party. It’s not that the Tea Party is a White racialist organization, despite the facts that the Tea Party’s supporters are disproportionally Whites AND that there happen to be a few racists in those ranks. No, the reason the Jews are dragging the Tea Party through the mud by highlighting the racist actions of a few of its members is that the Jews are leery of any organization or movement that might possibly compete for a share of the influence and power that the Jews now enjoy. So, while the Tea Party is no up-and-coming National Socialist German Workers Party, it IS a threat to the Jews, if only in the sense that it is a nationwide grassroots political movement made up of dissidents who would like nothing more than to see the status quo get flushed right down the toilet.

So, as White racialists, what is our stance on the Tea Party? Should we applaud its efforts to shock the existing System into a more conservative mindset, with more fiscal responsibility, more individual accountability, and less government interference? Or should we criticize it, complaining that it is just another doomed populist movement that started off in a good direction but was eventually nullified by the better-organized forces of our race’s enemies, who use the divide-and-conquer tactic to devastating effect? Already, in the events that have unfolded in the Tea Party in the last week, we see that the fragmentation of the organization has already begun, what with Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express being expelled from the larger body of the National Tea Party Federation.

Well, I’m not going to take either stance today. I’m not going to completely applaud the Tea Party, but neither am I going to overly criticize it. However you would like to say it – “Things are what they are,” “Things must run their course” – I believe that now that the Tea Party movement is here, I see no point in trying to help it NOR hinder it overmuch. I’m content to let the Tea Party do whatever it CAN do – whatever it has it in itself to do – and we in the National Alliance will continue on our path simultaneously. When the Tea Party has dissolved back into the social and political fabric of the country, we’ll still be here, and we’ll just deal with the aftermath of yet another grassroots populist political movement whose time came and went.

We racialists can’t completely endorse the Tea Party because the Tea Party isn’t a racialist movement, by any means. Sure, there are some White racists in the Tea Party’s ranks, but there are White racists in the ranks of lots of organizations; that doesn’t mean we racialists need to endorse those organizations. We would never endorse the Baptist Church, for example, simply because there are some Whites in that organization who hold racist views.

As an aside, note here that I am distinguishing between two types of Whites who believe that race is an important variable in the affairs of mankind. Those two types of Whites are ‘racist Whites’ and ‘racialist Whites.’ I use the former term, racist White, to denote a White person who is conscious of race and believes that race matters, but who lacks a clear understanding of the historical and evolutionary importance of the concept. In my mind, racists take a very simpleminded view of things, often believing that the existing political system of mass democracy is essentially a good system that needs only a few minor changes in order to be set right. In addition, racists don’t see the need for our race to acquire a mass of land that we can make into a homogeneous White racial state; they still largely buy into the existing geopolitical distinctions between the nations of the world.

White RACIALISTS, on the other hand, understand the true magnitude of race, in a long-range, biological sense. They are still perturbed by the things we all are perturbed by – noisy Blacks hip-hopping their way through the streets, Hispanics taking over neighborhoods or even entire towns, Jews always being portrayed as helpless victims who deserve compensation in any number of ways – but they see these problems as what they are: small manifestations of the much bigger problem of our race no longer having control of its destiny. White racialists realize that nothing short of a radical change – namely, a White nation-state – will be enough to save our race from complete annihilation within a few short centuries.

So, while there are RACISTS within the ranks of the Tea Party, I would venture to guess that there are very few RACIALISTS. And the platform of the Tea Party, while it may include a few items that legitimate racialists would agree with, is by no means a coherent and integrated racialist platform. It is simply a loose collection of more-or-less conservative items that aren’t held together by anything other than the fact that conservative and populist movements have endorsed those items for a very long time.

But we racialists aren’t going to hinder the Tea Party, either. The Jews will do plenty of that, of course. They’ve started to do that already, as we’ve noted, and we certainly aren’t going to help the Jews destroy another populist movement; that is to say, another movement that is fed up with the current way of things and wants a more people-centered (rather than government-centered) approach to politics. From a racialist point of view, anything that draws people away – even if only slightly – from the current system is doing a potentially good thing. Anything that gets people to think ever-so-slightly outside of the dusty, moldy box of “Democrat vs. Republican” is going to get at least a neutral reception from us racialists.

So we’ll have to watch and see what happens with the Tea Party. Meanwhile, we’ll continue our own work. I’d be pleased if you would join me in that effort.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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Black Expo Brings Gunfire To Indianapolis

Black Expo Brings Gunfire To Indianapolis
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Three separate shootings left 10 people wounded and scattered hundreds in downtown Indianapolis during the crowded Indiana Black Expo, police said early Sunday.

Police spokesman Lt. Jeff Duhamell said authorities made no immediate arrests directly tied to the shootings and investigators were seeking leads to the suspects.

None of the victims' injuries were life-threatening, Duhamell told The Associated Press, adding police had made three unrelated arrests on weapons charges.

The shooting began when several shots rang out around 9:30 p.m. Saturday near Circle Centre mall, leaving eight people wounded and sending people running, Duhamell said.

He said a second shooting occurred nearby just minutes after the initial shooting and left one young man wounded. He added that the third shooting occurred around 11:30 p.m. and left another man wounded.

News Source: NAN

Anti-White Establishment Pushing Whites Out Of Top Universities
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A decade ago, activist Ron Unz conducted a study of the ethnic and religious composition of the student body at Harvard.

Blacks and Hispanics, Unz found, were then being admitted to his alma mater in numbers approaching their share of the population.

And who were the most underrepresented Americans at Harvard?

White Christians and ethnic Catholics. Though two-thirds of the U.S. population then, they had dropped to one-fourth of the student body.

Comes now a more scientific study from Princeton sociologists Thomas Espenshade and Alexandria Radford to confirm that a deep bias against the white conservative and Christian young of America is pervasive at America's elite colleges and Ivy League schools.

News Source: NAN

Negro Superstition Leads To Killing Of Last Female White Rhino In SA Park
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South African wildlife experts are calling for urgent action against poachers after the last female rhinoceros in a popular game reserve near Johannesburg bled to death after having its horn hacked off.

Wildlife officials say poaching for the prized horns has now reached an all-time high. "Last year, 129 rhinos were killed for their horns in South Africa. This year, we have already had 136 deaths," said Japie Mostert, chief game ranger at the 1,500-hectare Krugersdorp game reserve.

The gang used tranquilliser guns and a helicopter to bring down the nine-year-old rhino cow. Her distraught calf was moved to a nearby estate where it was introduced to two other orphaned white rhinos.

Wanda Mkutshulwa, a spokeswoman for South African National Parks, said investigations into the growing number of incidents had been shifted to the country's organised crime unit. "We are dealing with very focused criminals. Police need to help game reserves because they are not at all equipped to handle crime on such an organised level,'' she said.

Rhino horn consists of compressed keratin fibre – similar to hair – and in many Asian cultures it is a fundamental ingredient in traditional medicines.

News Source: Jim Ring

Rape By Deception, Yes This Could Only Happen In Israel
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A Palestinian man has been convicted of rape after having consensual sex with a woman who had believed him to be a fellow Jew.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Monday after the court ruled that he was guilty of rape by deception. According to the complaint filed by the woman with the Jerusalem district court, the two met in downtown Jerusalem in September 2008 where Kashur, an Arab from East Jerusalem, introduced himself as a Jewish bachelor seeking a serious relationship. The two then had consensual sex in a nearby building before Kashur left.

When she later found out that he was not Jewish but an Arab, she filed a criminal complaint for rape and indecent assault.

Although Kashur was initially charged with rape and indecent assault, this was changed to a charge of rape by deception as part of a plea bargain arrangement.

Handing down the verdict, Tzvi Segal, one of three judges on the case, acknowledged that sex had been consensual but said that although not "a classical rape by force," the woman would not have consented if she had not believed Kashur was Jewish.

David Duke both Endorses and Attacks Hayworth for U.S Senator!

David Duke both Endorses and Attacks Hayworth for U.S Senator!
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Dr. David Duke and Political Cesspool host James Edwards

David Duke both Endorses and Attacks Hayworth for U.S Senator!

The attack of J.D. Hayworth on Sheriff Paul Babeu for appearing on the Political Cesspool Radio Program is proof that politics and media in America are indeed in a cesspool of hate and anti-White racism. The Political Cesspool, James Edwards and I are branded as racists by the media.

The truth is that we simply want to defend the civil rights and the heritage of European Americans.

Let me make it clear that I am no supporter of “Mr Amnesty” John McCain who is now trying to pretend as though he is dedicated to stopping illegal immigration. He is typical of the Washington bureaucrats who have sold out our nation’s heritage and the rights of the fast shrinking American majority. If I were in Arizona I think I would rather vote for Mexican President Felipe Calderon before I would vote for John McCain! Someone who betrays his own people is worse than any enemy.

I would hold my nose and vote for Hayworth simply because he is on record as pledging to stop the illegal immigration.

So here is my ENDORSEMENT of J.D Hayworth for U.S. Senator.

I say this to Hayworth, “You want to criticize Babeu for going on a pro-White show. Well here is an Political endorsement from David Duke! Do you want to criticize yourself for being endorsed by me?”

I condemn Hayworth’s vicious attack on Sheriff Babeu, and I just as readily condemn Babeu’s craven subservience to the media.

What was Babeu’s crime, to appear on a radio program with a “pro-White” host, James Edwards?

To defend the interests and heritage of the European American is supposedly racism.

Horror of horrors!

Nothing more exposes the hypocrisy in American politics and the American media than this attack.

The biggest Mexican organization is La Raza which means, by the way, “The Race,” which radically pro-Mexican! It works for what it sees as the interests Mexicans and for that matter, Mexicans who have broken American law and are here illegally. The media does not call La Raza racist, and not one politician in Arizona who has appeared on the dozens of pro-La Raza radio programs in Arizona has ever been accused of being racist by the media or by mainstream politicians.

The biggest Black organization, and there is one in Arizona, is called the NAACP. The NAACP is NOT the National Association for the Advancement of People. It is the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED people. It works unashamedly for the interests of African Americans.

Nobody in the media calls the NAACP racist.

There are numerous organizations in Arizona that openly work for what they see as Jewish interests. The American Jewish Committee is one of many, Chabad Lubavitch is another. They even work to support the interests of Jews and a foreign Jewish Supremacist State, Israel, which has committed terrorism against the Unites States in the Lavon Affair and the Attack on the Liberty.

But you see, nobody in politics and media would dare call these Jewish groups racist for promoting Jewish interests. In fact anyone who criticizes them will be the ones called racists and anti-Semites.

The truth is that the same thing is now happening to the people of Arizona and much of America, that happened to the Palestinians. Ask a Palestinian how much they like what mass immigration did to their land!

The fact is that La Raza has a very different agenda than the true interests of European Americans in Arizona.

When folks like La Raza are the majority, they have the power to literally remake the state in service of that agenda which most European Americans would find harmful to their well-being. Through hard work and enterprise European Americans were the primary force that created a great state. When they are in the minority, you will see, the new majority tax the old majority to death and you will see a cultural change to the conditions of Mexico rather than European America. You will also see institutional discrimination on a massive scale against White Arizonians. And the drugs, crime, lack of liberty and abject poverty of Mexico will descend upon Arizona and America. Mark my words.

Shame on J.D. Hayworth for attacking Sheriff Babeu for simply going on a talk show and speaking his mind.

Shame on Sheriff Babeu for apologizing for doing so, when politicians go on pro-Mexican talk shows all the time without a word of criticism.

Shame on the controlled media for promoting racism and hypocritical double standards against the European American people of Arizona.

People like James Edwards and I are not White Supremacists. We are White civil rights activists who are trying to preserve the rights and heritage of the American people, and that definitely includes the heritage and rights of White Americans.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lieberman Says Pentagon Ready to Strike Iran

Lieberman Says Pentagon Ready to Strike Iran

WHILE SOME IN CONGRESS want to cut the military budget, Joe Lieberman, the “independent” Democratic senator who is supposed to represent Connecticut but seems to spend more time representing the Israeli lobby, continues to agitate for more war. In a recent public statement, Lieberman claims he has been told that the Pentagon is ready for war with Iran.

Ironically, Lieberman’s views were published only in The Jerusalem Post. Despite the fact that he was lobbying to commit our country to yet another war, his provocative threats were never aired in the mainstream press in Connecticut or in the nation’s capital.

Lieberman, along with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), had flown all the way to Tel Aviv to confer with top Israeli war officials, which included former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, now the country’s “defense” minister. Because the junket has just happened, congressional authorities have not released who paid the travel bill.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS will be following up on this matter in the coming weeks, but as is often the case with trips to Israel, it is usually American taxpayers who pick up the tab. According to a study by USA Today in 2009, “fact-finding” trips to Turkey, Israel and other countries in the Middle East are almost always paid for by the taxpayers. On July 7, at a press conference in Tel Aviv, Lieberman, flanked by Israeli officials, openly threatened the Iranian government with war if it continues to pursue its legal nuclear program.

The “threat” from Iran will be handled “through diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions if we can, but through military action if we must,” said Lieberman. In the article, The Jerusalem Post editorialized, “Although U.S. officials often say no option should be taken off the table in relation to Iran’s nuclear program, this is one of the few times an official of Lieberman’s standing has explicitly used the term ‘military action’ while in Israel.”

As it is now, Iran’s program is legal. Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Under international law, Iran can develop a nuclear program as long as it is not for weapons purposes.

Compare that to Israel, which has never signed the global treaty and continues to maintain a secret nuclear weapons program that many estimates put at between 200 and 400 nuclear-armed missiles.

Despite this, the U.S. government continues to quietly hand Israel nuclear technology and armaments, evidenced by a recent joint U.S.-Israeli document leaked to the Israeli media, which shows new agreements have been made on nuclear weapons. This huge news item made headlines all over Israel, but a search of leading U.S. mainstream media outlets revealed the secret deal was never reported to American non-Jews.

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By Mark Anderson

PHOENIX, Ariz.—What strikes you the most when you speak with Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce is his steely determination to prevail. “Enough is enough,” he kept saying, during his July 13 exclusive interview with this writer, referring to the flood of illegal aliens crossing into Arizona from Mexico that he pledges to stop.

Pearce, himself a former Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy, authored the world-famous law, S.B. 1070, to finally make a genuine effort to stop that flood—which carries human and narcotics trafficking with it and causes a kidnapping wave that is so bad that Pearce is super-anxious for S.B. 1070 to take effect July 29.

That is the 90-day mark since the Legislature passed the bill and Gov. Jan Brewer signed it into law. That is how all approved laws are handled in Arizona—three months from “the pen” to enforcement.

Pearce revealed that he has been trying to pass a law much like S.B. 1070 since at least 2007. With a sigh of relief, he said he’s glad it finally came to fruition.

However, the challenges have just begun. Since S.B. 1070’s passage last April, even Barack Obama has indicated an allegiance with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, siding with a foreign leader against a law passed by Arizona.

Referring to his state’s scary level of kidnappings and human smuggling, Pearce said: “Arizona . . . especially Phoenix, is No. 2 in the world behind Mexico City,” adding, “this is an epidemic—a tsunami across this nation.”

But this far-from-ordinary law from an extraordinary legislator is causing the expected swarm of lawsuits and controversy. As this AFP edition went to press, a pivotal federal court hearing in Phoenix, in Judge Susan Bolton’s courtroom, was slated for July 22, where Bolton will hear arguments from five plaintiffs, including the American Civil Liberties Union, whose separate suits were rolled into one larger lawsuit. The Department of Justice filed separately, but all the plaintiffs are seeking a federal injunction to stop S.B. 1070 from taking effect July 29.

“We know we are on firm ground,” Pearce said. When asked about the law’s chances of survival, he predicted that should this case go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, the vote will be 5-4 or 6-3 in his favor.

“The judge will take this under advisement . . . but she has had very little time. She was very critical of the Department of Justice for waiting so long to file,” he said of the Phoenix court hearing.

According to Pearce, past court decisions already are on his side. He cited numerous legal precedents in federal court—including the 1st, 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th circuits—where cases involving relevant matters were decided favorably from his vantage point. And in 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court overruled the notoriously liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals with a stunning 9-0 vote in the Muehler vs. Mena case.

The Western New England College School of Law notes that in this ruling (see second part of it), “(a) it was not unreasonable to handcuff the occupant of a house for two to three hours during the execution of a search warrant for weapons and evidence of gang membership, and (b) the officers’ questioning of the occupant about her immigration status was not an intrusion requiring independent reasonable suspicion.”

Pearce also pointed out that state and local police can and do enforce the law regarding various federal violations, such as when a state police officer arrests someone for a federal firearms violation. The defendant may be tried in federal court, but the arresting officers do not have to be federal agents. Pearce knows from his 23 years as a police officer that local and state police arrest people who violate federal laws—and immigration laws should be no different.

What the embattled S.B. 1070 does, essentially, is make it a violation of state law to be in Arizona illegally. Pearce referred AFP to his web site, where he states:

S.B. 1070 simply codifies federal law into state law and removes excuses and concerns about states’ inherent authority to enforce these laws and removes all so-called “sanctuary” policies. . . . It is a crime to enter or remain in the U.S. in violation of federal law 8USC 1324 and 1325.

States have inherent authority to enforce immigration laws and yet [have] failed or refused to do so. Sanctuary policies are illegal under federal law (8 USC 1644 and 1373), yet we have them all over the United States.

The new Arizona law mirrors federal law, which already requires aliens (non-citizens) to register and carry their documents with them (8 USC 1304[e] and 8 USC 1306[a]). The new Arizona law simply states that violating federal immigration law is now a state crime as well. Because illegal immigrants are by definition in violation of federal immigration laws, they can now be arrested by local law enforcement in Arizona.

The law is designed to avoid the legal pitfall of “preemption,” which means a state cannot adopt laws that conflict with federal laws. By making what is a federal violation also a state violation, the Arizonan law avoids this problem.

Broadly speaking, S.B. 1070 reflects a trend that started making big headlines in 2006 when Hazleton, Penn., Mayor Lou Barletta decided that employers hiring illegal aliens and landlords housing them in that eastern Pennsylvanian city would not be tolerated.

Barletta won approval of a city ordinance to target the problem, observing that while immigration issues are embodied in federal law, federal authorities usually are not up to the task of enforcing the law in a consistent
and reliable manner.

Thus, the concept of a local government or state government taking decisive action has achieved traction, which is really a bold move toward more local and state independence—a troubling prospect for a highly centralized federal government that only recognizes other authority when some global group, say the European Union or the G-20, wants to make major changes. The states, which created the federal government—and the people, cities and towns within them—do not count.

“We will prevail,” Pearce said of the imminent court hearing in Phoenix and whatever else lies ahead. “We’re ready for a fist fight. I know what we’re up against.”

And to charges of “racism” that are routinely heaped upon him by open-borders advocates, this legislator, of American Indian ancestry, replied: “Illegal is not a race; it is a crime.”

Pearce added: “This is an epic bill.” He compared the situation with the early battle between the so-called federalists who favored a strong central government and the state’s rights advocates who did not, during America’s founding era. And while citing the $2.7 billion it costs Arizona’s taxpayers annually in “hard costs,” just to “educate, medicate and incarcerate” illegal aliens, without other costs, such as county jailing and crime victims’ costs considered, Pearce declared:

“The states do not need a permission slip to arrest illegal aliens. But we have open-borders anarchists who say otherwise. Enough is enough. The states don’t just have the authority, they have an obligation [to act].”

Pearce told AFP that, by his estimation, 34 states are looking into passing similar laws, of which 20 are showing a strong interest.

“If you look at the polls, this is the most popular bill in the U.S. today,” he remarked. Arizonan landowners have been robbed and killed at the hands of illegal aliens, who are not just seeking perceived greener pastures but are, in some cases, involved in violent activities, he said.

“The government is complicit and has blood on its hands, because of the failure to enforce these laws,” said Pearce.

Mark Anderson is a longtime newsman now working as the editor for AFP. He and his wife Angie provide photographs and video of the events they cover for AFP. Listen to Mark’s radio show at, Sundays at 7pm central. Email him at at

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally a Debate between McCain and Hayworth

Finally a Debate between McCain and Hayworth

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Finally a Debate between McCain and Hayworth
by James Buchanan
After refusing to do a debate with J.D. Hayworth for over six months, John McCain finally condescended to do a debate –on extremely short notice –and only if the spoiler candidate, Jim Deakin were included. The GOP Arizona primary election is still over a month away on August 24th.
John McCain has received millions and millions of dollars in special interest money from the same old big corporations that buy his vote every six years. McCain has used that money to buy commercials to smear Hayworth as much as possible. After months of smearing, McCain recently had his biggest lead over Hayworth in months (about 50 to 30). Hayworth was within five percent of McCain at two times earlier in the election.
It should be noted that the telephone survey polls rely on landlines, which means that young and middle-aged people, who primarily use cell phones, are unlikely to be included in the polls. Unfortunately the Arizona election is an open primary, which means that large numbers of liberals can pretend to be Republicans (just like McCain does himself) and vote for McCain.
Considering that the biggest issue in Arizona for the last six month has been illegal immigration, it’s hard to imagine that more Arizonans are not upset about McCain’s past attempt to pass an Amnesty Bill in 2007. This suggests the polls may be considerably off and that McCain is only getting 50 percent of the vote from very old people with landlines, who get all their information from TV commercials and none from the Internet.
The debate started with an attack on Hayworth’s career as a Congressman. Hayworth responded that he worked on the Bush tax cuts, which John McCain proceeded to vote against. The most jaw-dropping part of the debate was McCain claiming that he had never supported Amnesty. Jim Deakin could not refrain from laughing at that whopper. This would be about the equivalent of Bill Clinton claiming during a debate that he had never had sex with Monica Lewinsky …even after the DNA evidence was revealed.
Hayworth criticized McCain’s support for Obama’s $787 billion dollar stimulus bill as well as TARP funding. McCain mistakenly said that he didn’t want to fund Medicare when he meant to say Obamacare. Hayworth mentioned that he received an endorsement from the enormously popular Sheriff Joe Arpaio and one of John McCain’s POW buddies.
Too bad they didn’t have time to open up the POW can of worms. One article notes “A former Vietnam veteran with top secret clearance says… McCain’s code-name was ‘Songbird’ because of his willingness to tell all to avoid torture. Jack McLamb served nine years in secret operations in Cambodia and other nations before going on to become one of the most highly decorated police officer’s in Phoenix history… (McLamb notes) ‘I know a lot of Vietnam veterans and a few POW’s and all the POW’s that I’ve talked to over the years say that John McCain is a lying skunk… He never was tortured – they were there in the camp with him and then when he came in….he immediately started spilling his guts about everything because he didn’t want to get tortured,’ said McLamb, contradicting the official story that McCain only offered his name, rank, serial number, and date of birth. ‘The Vietnamese Communists called him the Songbird…’ ”
McCain may think he’s safe enough to debate Hayworth based on recent polls, but one political expert after another has commented that McCain is having a very hard time getting above 50 percent. The attacks on Hayworth may have driven 12 percent of his supporters into the undecided category for now, but when it comes time to vote, a majority of Arizonans (including the younger people, the poll missed) could decide it’s time to retire John McCain and his dreams of an illegal alien Amnesty. J.D. Hayworth is the only man with a chance of doing that this election.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Illegal Votes by Felons Put Al Franken in Senate

Illegal Votes by Felons Put Al Franken in Senate

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Illegal Votes by Felons Put Al Franken in Senate

by Jeff Davis

The Republicans are no saints. But when it comes to corruption, from Tammany Hall to New Orleans to the cesspool in Chicago that produced Obama, you just can’t beat the Democrats. They wrote the book on corruption.

A Fox News article reports: “A study finds that at least 341 convicted felons voted illegally in the election that made former Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken a U.S. senator in 2008. The six-month election recount that turned…Franken into a U.S. senator may have been decided by convicted felons who voted illegally in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. That’s the finding of an 18-month study conducted by Minnesota Majority, a conservative watchdog group, which found that at least 341 convicted felons in largely Democratic Minneapolis-St. Paul voted illegally in the 2008 Senate race between Franken, a Democrat, and his Republican opponent, then-incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman. The final recount vote in the race, determined six months after Election Day, showed Franken beat Coleman by 312 votes — fewer votes than the number of felons whose illegal ballots were counted, according to Minnesota Majority’s newly released study, which matched publicly available conviction lists with voting records.” (more…)


“Low Level Offender” Released from Jail, Killed by Police in Shoot Out

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“Low Level Offender” Released from Jail, Killed by Police in Shoot Out

by James Buchanan

California is planning to release 40,000 criminals. They don’t need to. They could slash welfare. They could lay off swarms of bureaucrats. Most of all, they could DEPORT some of the millions of illegal aliens weighing down the California economy like an anchor. But the Democrats don’t like any of those options.

In 2009, California with its majority non-White population issued IOUs to vendors and employees. Some banks refused to accept these IOUs. One news article notes “California state lawmakers now grappling with a $40 billion budget deficit were advised five years ago of the mounting costs of illegal immigration in the state. In 2004, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) issued a study of the fiscal cost of illegal immigration to Californians. At that time, the cost to the state’s taxpayers was $10.54 billion a year. That estimate included the cost of educating the children of illegal aliens both those illegally in the country and those born here in K-12 public schools, emergency medical care, and incarceration of criminal aliens. While these annual costs for illegal immigration have been steadily draining California’s budget year after year, the costs have risen and are placing an even greater strain on the state’s resources in 2009. The original 2004 cost estimate was based on an illegal alien population estimated at 2,900,000. Today, FAIR estimates California’s illegal alien population has grown to 3,200,000, a 10.3 percent increase. As a result of both the continued growth in the illegal alien population and the higher cost of governmental services, the current fiscal cost outlays for the illegal alien population in California are now approaching $13.1 billion annually more than half the projected shortfall for next year.”


SPLC President Richard Cohen Abandons Sinking Ship

OH GLORIOUS DAY! After all these years, where were you when  the stock of the Poverty Palace crashed and collapsed under the weight of i...