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Universally Fair Vs. Locally Fair

Universally Fair Vs. Locally Fair

ADV Broadcast Of June 26, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Everyone has known that the U.S. Southwest is ground zero for the non-White immigration crisis that has been plaguing the United States for better than 30 years now. Mestizos from Mexico and other Central and South American countries have been streaming across the leaky border almost at will since the enactment of the infamous Immigration Act of 1965, which destroyed the advantages that Europeans and other Whites formerly enjoyed – in preference to non-Whites – in becoming American citizens. Although the White percentage of the population in America was already on the decline before 1965, the Immigration Act of that year gave us Whites another big shove closer to the edge of the abyss. Or to put it more accurately: That legislation has given us Whites a continuous – and ever-continuing – SERIES of shoves closer to the edge of the abyss. There isn’t too much ground left to cover before we fall into that void, after which the whole path of our people throughout history will have been rendered – pardon the pun – null and void.

Anyway – related to the Immigration Act of 1965 – one of the main arguments that the media Jews, non-Whites, and White liberals used dealt with fairness. “Is it fair that Whites should Whites have an advantage in getting into the country and becoming American citizens? If we, as Americans, believe in a fair opportunity for all, then giving one group of people preference into the country is contrary to our American ideals. The Immigration Act of 1965 puts everyone on a fair and equal footing.”

Millions of American Whites who are passively opposed to the browning-down of the United States don’t know how to respond to such a clever line of questioning. Their whole lives, they have been taught that to be biased towards one group of people over another is wrong; that to do so is in fact the principle evil of the last three hundred years; and that – most importantly – it is we Whites who are most guilty of this allegedly darkest of sins. In other words, it is alleged that we Whites have trouble being “fair” to other races, and supposedly most of the legislation related to race that has been enacted in the last century is meant to make things more “fair.”

In large measure, the history of the White race is the story of a people who have been unsuccessful in maintaining a separation between themselves and the non-White races. Usually, it wasn’t for a lack of trying. For the most part, our ancestors tried to structure their societies and formulate their laws to maintain a separation between our race and others. They didn’t have a coherent ideology based on fundamental principles like the National Alliance and a few other racialist organizations have today, but their instincts dictated that they put barriers between the White race and the darker races. Perhaps it was partly due to their lack of an internally-consistent racialist ideology that so many of our ancestors’ societies eventually succumbed to racial intermixture but, in any case, most White societies of the past tried to keep the White and the non-White elements separate and distinct. In doing so, they were very definitely “unfair” to non-Whites. Furthermore, it is due to our current false notion that we ARE ABLE to make things “fair” that the White race has gone precipitously downhill in the last century.

Because the simple truth of the matter is that – in the real, non-ideal world – there is absolutely no such thing as “fair.” That is, there is no such thing as an unbiased condition, particularly with regard to legislation. Because of this fact, we have NO alternative but to choose between two (or several) what I might call “unfairnesses” that present themselves. Let me give you a few examples, starting with the Immigration Act of 1965.

Before the Immigration Act of 1965, the laws mandated that the disproportionate fraction of immigrants allowed into America be Whites. After the Act, the balance tipped steeply toward non-Whites. One condition favors Whites; the other favors non-Whites. That is, neither condition is unbiased.

Gun control legislation is another example. Legislation enacted by the U.S. Congress to restrict the acquisition, distribution, and use of firearms favors those groups who want guns taken completely away from private citizens and limited to law enforcement and military personnel. Fewer or no gun control laws favors those who wish to enjoy their Second Amendment rights without government interference. One condition favors advocates of gun control; the other favors opponents of gun control. Neither condition is unbiased.

What about straightforward, “common sense” laws like the laws against murder, rape, and theft? Can’t these laws be said to be unbiased? Aren’t these laws fair?

Not at all. Such laws are biased in favor of those individuals who value the smooth functioning of a society, of those who can control their emotions, and of those who can resolve differences in non-violent ways. The same laws are biased AGAINST individuals with emotional disorders, with anger issues, and with hormonal compositions that differ from the norm, just to name a few. That is, those laws are unfair to social deviants. On the other hand, to NOT have such laws would be unfair to the rest of us, since without them it would be open season on the majority, the well-meaning people who want to “live and let live.”

My point here isn’t that we don’t need laws. All civilized societies do. My point is that laws are inherently biased in favor of some people and are inherently biased AGAINST others; that is, laws are considered “fair” by some and “unfair” by others. A corollary point here is that the ABSENCE of a law inherently favors some people and hampers others. In other words, as I said earlier, there is no such thing as an unbiased condition. Whether we have legislation or don’t have it, someone is going to benefit and someone is going to be hampered; someone is going to consider it “fair” and someone else will say that it is “unfair.”

There is no getting around this conundrum, and for that reason, the notion that the media Jews constantly dole out to the effect that this or that piece of legislation will remove the bias or unfairness in this or that situation is complete hogwash. Similarly, the notion of legislation that puts everyone on an equal footing is likewise false.

There is no set of circumstances that is “fair” for everyone; for any given set of circumstances, some groups will say that the situation is “fair” and others will cry “foul.” Granted, at times, the group that yells “Foul!” is small (as hopefully is the case with legislation involving murder, rape, and child prostitution), but that doesn’t discredit the general thesis.

The problem is that most people think of fairness as a universal concept: a concept that applies equally to everyone. During the early part of the 20th Century, women put up a fight for “universal suffrage”: voting rights for all adults. That’s what we mean by the term “universal.”

But fairness is not a universal concept, or at least it doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. When one group benefits from something, they call that thing fair; another group will undoubtedly suffer from that same something, and they will call it unfair.

The old adage says, “Life isn’t fair,” and no statement is more true and more misunderstood. Everyone has heard the saying and most people believe it to a limited degree, but almost no one accepts the truth that the saying is profound to the nth degree. NOTHING is fair, and the minute you try to make it fair, it becomes unfair to someone else. Maybe we should simply throw the whole concept of “fair” out the window. Perhaps it is one of those terms that has lost all of its usefulness. Our race’s belief in the false notion of “fair” has certainly done more harm than good over the last century.

Now, I don’t have a plan for expunging a concept from the entire fund of human knowledge and experience. Instead of getting rid of “fair” altogether, maybe we should rather try to bring about a new understanding of the term. This new understanding should be that there is no universal “fair;” nothing we can do will structure society in a way that is fair to all groups involved. We must simply come to grips with the hard, cold reality that – no matter what we do – some groups are going to benefit and some groups are going to suffer. There is no getting around this truth about fairness on the large-scale, “society” level, although I admit that the currently accepted and idealized concept of universal fairness might be approximated on the small scale, “family” level.

But in these American Dissident Voices programs, we aren’t usually concerned about the internal workings of individual families. We are concerned about the survival of the White race, and that means that we are going to focus on concepts and issues that are society-wide: concepts and issues that affect groups and that govern the interactions between groups. And on this level, universal fairness goes out the window. Despite many people over the centuries having believed in it and having tried to implement it with honest effort, we have finally learned that universal fairness is a myth. It is simply an impossibility.

Instead of the term “fair” referring to universal fairness – which is how most people think of it – I suggest we learn to associate the term “fair” with what I might call “local fairness”: fairness to a certain group at a certain time.

For example, is it universally fair that the United States government is allowing millions of illegal immigrants into our country from Central and South America? No. It can’t be universally fair, because that would mean that all groups are benefiting from the circumstance. But it is locally fair, or beneficial to some. In this case, the federal government’s actions are beneficial to the non-White, Spanish-speaking immigrants who profit from employment opportunities and access to American education and healthcare for their families. By the same token, it is locally unfair or detrimental to the existing workers in the country, to American law enforcement agencies, and to the taxpaying public.

Is it universally fair that the United States gives billions of dollars of military and economic aid to Israel? Of course, it isn’t universally fair, because – as should be clear now – nothing ever is. But it is definitely locally fair: just ask the Israelis who benefit from that aid or any Jew around the world who sympathizes with the Israelis. And U.S. aid to Israel, besides being locally fair, is also locally unfair: just ask any of the other Middle Eastern countries that have been forced to put up with Israel over the last 60-plus years, or ask the U.S. taxpayers who watch their tax dollars sail across the sea to the land of ingrate Jews.

Is it universally fair that there are no longer any laws against interracial marriage? After all, many White nations throughout history had such laws at one time or other. Many American states – particularly in the South – once had them, but not any more. Well, as always, fairness is not a universal state, but rather a local one. With that in mind, the lack of legislation against interracial marriage is locally fair, in the sense that people can choose freely whom they wish to marry. But it is locally unfair in the sense that it necessarily weakens the racial unity and esprit de corps of, in our specific case, the White race.

In a nutshell: The once-treasured notion of universal fairness has been shown to be completely false. Fairness is local; it is relative. That is, it very much depends on one’s point of view.

As a result, there is no longer any reason to attempt to implement in the real world anything resembling universal fairness. If we value the survival and progress of the White race, then this means that we must make choices that – FOR US – are “fair.” Such choices cannot and will not be “fair” for all other groups; they can’t be, because fairness is a local or relative concept and not a universal one.

This destruction of the notion of universal fairness and its replacement by an understanding of local fairness is going to be a hard pill for many Whites to swallow. They have lived in a society dominated by the Jewish media, which has brainwashed us into believing that universal fairness REALLY exists when, in truth, only local fairness exists. But once we are aware of that fact, then we won’t have as much trouble making decisions that will help our race survive… even though those decisions don’t always benefit every other race every time.

Now, with all of that said, this doesn’t imply that I think we Whites should do whatever the hell we want and damn the rest of the planet altogether. Of course not. That attitude doesn’t suit White men, although it fits the Jews like a glove, as the entire history of the Jewish people attests. On the contrary, we Whites are glad to work in concert with other races toward common ends, but one thing that we can’t accept is the destruction of our people. And that is what modern society is in the process of doing, and it is our job to make choices to remedy that condition.

The element of choice is key. First, we must become aware that, because fairness is relative, we Whites must make choices that are fair to US, that will benefit US. ANY OTHER CHOICE will be detrimental to us; it’s as simple as that.

Secondly, it is not an option to NOT choose. NOT choosing simply means letting other people decide what is fair and, without question, they will make choices that are fair FOR THEM and that are unfair from a White perspective. Included in the lyrics to the song “Freewill” by the popular rock band Rush is the line: “If you choose NOT to decide, you still have made a choice” (emphasis mine). We are responsible for our lives, whether we make an active choice to assert our will or whether we make a passive choice by letting others assert their will. And understanding that universal fairness is a myth will help us in making active choices that are fair for our people and their future.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

Rape is so prevalent in South Africa there is no prevention — just punishment!

Rape is so prevalent in South Africa there is no prevention — just punishment!

Posted under:General— @ 7:45 am

left: a picture of the condom for women that puts teeth into rape punishment!

Rape is so prevalent in South Africa there is no real prevention possible — only punishment

By David Duke — Here is an article straight from CBS news about a new condom introduced in South Africa that doesn’t prevent rape but is meant to latch onto the rapist’s organ and can only be removed at a hospital. (No this is not a satire!)

The globe’s media is focused on the World Cup which has a non-stop promotion of the wonderful new South Africa. Problem is, this image completely ignores the ongoing, purposeful racial attacks and genocide of White South Africans, and the absolute barbarism that has fallen on the country with the end of Apartheid.

Perhaps a barometer of the depth to which South Africa has fallen is its incredible rates of rape. It has reached the point where the average woman can expect to suffer rape or attempted rape, with South Africa as the rape and child rape capital of the world. Because rape has become a fact of life in this barbarous society, now the focus is placed on punishing and catching the rapists after the inevitable rape rather than preventing it in the first place.

The CBS article below is about a new device that latches onto the rapists member with hooks that make it impossible to remove.

It is an obscenity that the world press can give South Africa such ongoing glowing coverage during the World Cup while this nation is perhaps the king of crimes against humanity such as rape, child rape, murder, beatings and robbery. White people are being murdered by the thousands in what can only be termed: genocide. SEE MY VIDEO on WHITE GENOCIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA.

Interesting, isn’t it, that under… (more…)

News You Might HAVE MISSED!

NPD Man Calls For An End To Holocaust Extortion

Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-06-25 04:57:10 in category: General [ Print]

BERLIN – "Stop cooperation with the state of Jewish scoundrels", "Don't give in to the thriving Holocaust industry." These statements were not said in the Tehran parliament, but in the German city of Dresden, during a parliament meeting in the state of Saxony.

Leader of the extreme right National Democratic Party (NPD) Holger Apfel stirred up a storm in the parliament on Thursday when he carried a speech titled "no to cooperation with scoundrel countries – and end cooperation between Saxony and Israel."

Most parliament members urged Apfel to change the title, fearing it would damage Saxony's image – but to no avail. Apfel, a former neo-Nazi, stepped up to the podium and carried out his hate speech, while being booed by other parliament members.

Even after his time was up, Apfel refused to step down from the stage and continued to denounce the "Jewish terror state." His speech was finally stopped after the chairman turned off his microphone and instructed ushers to escort Apfel out of the hall.

President of the Saxony Parliament Matthias Roessler instructed to keep Apfel out of parliament hearings until December.

News Source: Jim Ring

Scientist : Overpopulation May Lead To Human Extinction Within 100 Years

Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-06-25 04:43:54 in category: General [ Print]

As the scientist who helped eradicate smallpox he certainly know a thing or two about extinction.

And now Professor Frank Fenner, emeritus professor of microbiology at the Australian National University, has predicted that the human race will be extinct within the next 100 years.

He has claimed that the human race will be unable to survive a population explosion and 'unbridled consumption.’

Fenner told The Australian newspaper that 'homo sapiens will become extinct, perhaps within 100 years.'

'A lot of other animals will, too,' he added.

'It's an irreversible situation. I think it's too late. I try not to express that because people are trying to do something, but they keep putting it off.'

Since humans entered an unofficial scientific period known as the Anthropocene - the time since industrialisation - we have had an effect on the planet that rivals any ice age or comet impact, he said.

News Source: Jim Ring

Mexican Smugglers Target Police In Arizona

Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-06-25 04:31:47 in category: General [ Print]

PHOENIX - Police in the Arizona border city of Nogales have been told to carry guns when they aren't at work after smugglers threatened to retaliate against two off-duty officers who stopped a vehicle carrying 400 pounds of marijuana.

Nogales Police Chief Jeff Kirkham said Tuesday that he considers the threat credible because various informants were able to identify the specific officers in the city of 20,000 who thwarted the drug load earlier this month.

"Are they credible? Yes," Kirkham said. "Are they going to carry through with those threats? I don't know."

Kirkham said the U.S. Border Patrol has sent additional agents to the area east of the city where the off-duty officers, who were riding horses, stopped the smugglers during the first week of June.

The smugglers left behind their vehicle and fled into Mexico, while the two armed officers guarded the vehicle and its drugs.

News Source: nasacunit

Jew Senator Pushing Bill That Would Allow President To Pull Plug On Net

Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-06-25 04:17:35 in category: General [ Print]

Turn off the Internet? Soon the President might be able to do it.

The U.S. Senate is considering a bill that would allow the president to declare "national cyber emergencies" and requires that "the owner or operator of covered critical infrastructure shall immediately comply with any emergency measure or action" demanded of them, in section 249.c.1.

Introduced by Connecticut's own Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the bill also would establish a "National Center for Cybersecurity and Communications" under the Department of Homeland Security.

The federal government would be required to have "a strategy designed to ensure the security of the Federal information infrastructure" (253.a).

Most importantly, the president would have "clear authority to direct short-term emergency measures for a select group of critical infrastructure owners and operators in order to preserve their networks and protect the American people in the event of a catastrophic cyber attack," according to a summary of the bill on Senator Lieberman's website.

According to's assessment, "cyber attacks typically constitute attempts to interrupt reliable operation of critical infrastructure." It concludes, therefore, that "these emergency measures...may well require limiting or shutting down access to certain areas."

News Source: Jim Ring

Third World Invasion Puts California On The Verge Of Collapse

Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-06-25 04:04:56 in category: General [ Print]

Arnella Sims has seen a lot in her 34 years as a Los Angeles County court reporter, but nothing like this.

Case files piling up by the thousands, phones ringing off the hook, forced midweek courthouse closings and occasional brawls as frustrated citizens queue for hours to pay parking fines.

“People think we’re becoming a Third World country,” said Ms. Sims, 55. “They don’t understand.”

It’s a story that’s being repeated all across California – and throughout the United States – as cash-strapped state and local governments grapple with collapsed tax revenues and swelling budget gaps. Mass layoffs, slashed health and welfare services, closed parks, crumbling superhighways and ever-larger public school class sizes are all part of the new normal.

California’s fiscal hole is now so large that the state would have to liberate 168,000 prison inmates and permanently shutter 240 university and community college campuses to balance its budget in the fiscal year that begins July 1.

News Source: nasacunit

Small Town In Nebraska Latest To Take Action On Illegals

Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-06-25 03:03:13 in category: General [ Print]

FREMONT, Neb. - This small Nebraska meatpacking town has joined Arizona at the center of a national debate about illegal immigration after voters approved a ban on hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants, but an expected court challenge could keep the measure from ever taking effect.

The American Civil Liberties Union already has promised to file a lawsuit to block enforcement of the proposal roughly 57 percent of Fremont voters supported Monday.

"In a community of 25,000, it's going to be hard to take on the whole country, and it will be costly to do so," said Fremont City Councilman Scott Getzschman, who opposed the measure but said city leaders would support the results.

Fremont's vote is the latest chapter in the tumult over illegal immigration across the country, including a recently passed Arizona law that will require police investigating another incident or crime to ask people about their immigration status if there's a "reasonable suspicion" they are in the country illegally.

The Fremont measure will require would-be renters to apply for a license from the city. Officials must refuse to issue a license to applicants found to be in the country illegally. The ordinance also requires businesses to use the federal E-Verify database to ensure employees are allowed to work.

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Ballad About Freedom.

911:Missing Links Video,part2

City of Seattle tells contractors: NO WHITES MALES!

 City of Seattle tells contractors: NO WHITES MALES!

The City of Seattle held a pre-bid meeting for contractors in which they were told that they must use female and minority apprentices for city jobs. The jobs in question are being paid for by the Federal Stimulus program.

Slide seven of city’s powerpoint presentation states “Must use under represented groups — No white males w/o WSDOT approval and extensive good faith effort documentation.”

Click here to see the actual

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Note: To All Law Enforcement.

1st-amendment of the U.S. Constitution

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

My Visit to the Public Library on June 22nd,2010.

    Today,on June 22nd,2010 I decided to visit the public library in Columbus,Ga. Upon perusing various books,I came across a sign declaring June as Gay,Lesbian,Bi-Sexual and Transgender month..Oh Really,how disgusting!!! Not only does this public library announce this filth and sexual perversion,but guess what, it's all paid for and promoted with your tax dollars...Now,can you imagine the uproar if this same library promoted  June as White Pride month? The evil forces of political correctness would not tolerate such a display,you know the anti-reality people that talk about "Diversity" and "Equality" and "Tolerance!" Can we all say the word,"Double Standard?" You see,White Americans have a right to organize and stand up for their rights,heritage and interests...After all,the liberals say they want Diversity and Equality,Right? How can we truly have real Diversity and Equality until White Americans are allowed to have their own interest groups without being labeled Nazi,White Supremacists,Racist, the Jewish-controlled media? Time to join the National Alliance! We are standing up for White people worldwide..  or call us at:304-653-4600

Obama’s home base is a warzone! 54 shot (10 dead) in Chicago in one three day period.

Obama’s home base is a warzone! 54 shot (10 dead) in Chicago in one three day period.

Chicago is over 70% non-white. 35% black, and about 30% Mestizo/Hispanic, and 5% other. With all this diversity, Chicago should be such a wonderful place to live right???

From Chicago Sun Times…

Ten people were killed and at least 44 others were shot across the city Friday night into early Monday, including a baby girl who suffered a graze wound to the neck when gunfire erupted at a Near West Side barbecue.

The latest victims were found naked, shot to death and lying face down on railroad property near West 91st Street and South Holland Road on the South Side about 8:50 a.m Monday, according to a Calumet Area sergeant. Both were shot at some point Sunday night.

The victims, black males believed to be between 16 and 20, remained unidentified as of late Monday afternoon.

On Monday, a 28-year-old man was found shot in the chest about 3 a.m. in the 7500 block of South Halsted Street near a South Side church, according to Gresham District police. A passing motorist found the man, identified as Credale Woulard of the 7700 block of South Ada Street, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. He was dressed in women’s clothing and was found lying dead on the sidewalk.

In the South Side Englewood neighborhood, 44-year-old Darryl Dunn was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head in the 7200 block of South Marshfield Avenue at 2:02 a.m. Monday, authorities said.

About 1:52 a.m. Monday, 25-year-old Larry Johnson, of the 14000 block of Park Avenue in Lansing, was shot in the 6400 block of South Ingleside Avenue in the South Side Woodlawn neighborhood. He died nearly two hours later at a hospital, police said.

Durwin Hackman, 20, of the 3100 block of West 172nd Street in Hazel Crest, was killed in a shooting that also injured two others about 11:10 p.m. in the 700 block of West 111th Street in the Far South Side Roseland neighborhood. The three victims were involved in a verbal altercation over a female when other males began to shoot before fleeing the scene.

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Chimp-in-Chief nominates Jewish pro-lesbian to Supreme Court

Chimp-in-Chief nominates Jewish pro-lesbian to Supreme Court

What a schnozz!

 Jews are around 2.5% of the U.S. population.But will comprise 33% of the U.S. Supreme Court. Oy, Vey!

Three out of the nine Supreme Court Justices are now going to be kosher. None will be Protestant Christians.

Elena Kagan. No trial experience. Militant pro-homosexual activist. Obama’s choice as a nominee.

How about some more Change, America?

America is a Changing Country,part 4

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White Newborn Babies To Be A Minority In US Within A Year

White Newborn Babies To Be A Minority In US Within A Year
Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-06-17 03:09:14 in category: General [ Print]
Whites are on the verge of becoming a minority of newborn babies in the United States.
Official census figures show that non-white births, including Hispanics, constituted 48 per cent of children born in America between July 2008 and 2009, up from 46 per cent two years before.
Experts said the U.S. could become a 'minority majority' as early as next year, with minority births being greater than whites of European ancestry.
The reason for the change is the higher birth rate among non-white U.S. citizens - even in the recession, where birth rates fell across all racial groups, non-whites saw a lower fall.
But, as in Britain, the changing make-up of the population has led to tensions and particular concern over the strain it puts on schools and social services.
The state of Arizona recently enacted a law which made it an offence to be an illegal immigrant and allowed police to stop and search anybody they thought did not look like they were from the US.
Other laws passed by the state, which were roundly condemned for being discriminatory, required teachers to not have an overly thick accent.
The census data shows that minorities made up 31 per cent of the US population in 2000 but between July 2008 and 2009 that had increased to 35 per cent.
Among Hispanics, there were around nine births for one death, compared to a one-on-one ratio for whites.

Professor Kevin MacDonald Discusses Immigration and Jewish Influence in Society

Interview with National Alliance founder,Dr.William L.Pierce

Monday, June 14, 2010

Barbaric Jew “Kosher” Slaughter Methods Lead to Official US Probe

Barbaric Jew “Kosher” Slaughter Methods Lead to Official US Probe

Posted by admin on: 2006-07-03 00:03:42

Iowa-based AgriProcessors Inc., the world's largest kosher slaughterhouse, has received grand jury subpoena requesting documents; the reason could be either PETA complaints or reports of substandard working conditions.

Kosher slaughter is identical to the equally barbaric Muslim Halaal slaughter method, which also stipulates that the animal must be alive as it bleeds to death to satisfy the perverted demands of Semitic Desert Gods. Kosher slaughter was outlawed in Nazi Germany as cruel and barbaric.

The Forward weekly reported earlier last week that the slaughterhouse is being probed by Jewish organizations in response to its article regarding substandard working condition at the slaughterhouse.

The Forward's first article about conditions at Agriprocessors appeared in late May, and came out of interviews with dozens of Hispanic immigrant workers at the plant. It is estimated that some 90 percent of the plant's workers are Hispanic immigrants, many of them undocumented.

Industry experts told the Forward that wages paid to workers at AgriProcessors are among the lowest in the slaughterhouse industry, despite the premium price at which AgriProcessors sells its kosher meat. Several workers at the plant also told the Forward they received virtually no safety training, which they said contributed to accidental amputations and other health problems. The plant accounts for more than half of all violations handed out to Iowa slaughterhouses by the Occupational Safety Health Administration this year.

Trained rabbis at the plant slaughter cows at a rate of about one every three minutes. The meat is sold under the brands Iowa's Best Beef, Rubashkin's and Aaron's Best. The slaughterhouse became the focus of controversy two years ago when People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, made public an undercover videotape showing steers walking or bellowing up to three minutes after their throats were slit.

Media Link,7340,L-3270195,00.html

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Kosher Food TAX Racket

The Secret


That Raises Food Prices

A Special Report put out by: THE TRUTH AT LAST - P.O. Box 1211, Marietta, Georgia 30061

Non-Jews are unaware that all food products marked with the "K" or "U" Symbols have been TAXED by Jewish Rabbis!

Note: Each nation has its own symbol. Check in local Jewish publications, to find out what mark of the beast, is being used in your own country.

On every pantry shelf in America, lay dozens of canned and packaged food products which have a tiny "K" or "U" printed on the label.

This symbol informs Orthodox Jews that the items have been checked by a rabbi, to make sure that they have been prepared in accordance with "Jewish Dietary law", as set forth in the Jewish Talmud -(the real "bible" of the Jews.)

American food companies are forced to pay multi-billions of dollars to several Orthodox Jewish organizations, just so an estimated 10% to 20% of Jewry, (or 800,000 to no more than 1.2 million Orthodox Jews), will buy their products. Please bear in mind that this is a country of 270 million people, and we are all forced to pay this Kosher Tax, just to appease LESS THAN ONE PERCENT OF THE POPULATION!

This comes out of your pocket!

What does "Kosher" mean?

The word "Kosher" means "fit" to eat. Orthodox Jews are forbidden from eating meat products from any animal that doesn't have a split hoof and chew its cud. Pigs, (pork), is not kosher because while they do have the split hooves, they don't chew their cud. Rabbit meat is not kosher because, while they chew their cud, they don't have split hooves. Jews are not allowed to eat any dairy products along with meat at the same meal. If they eat meat at one meal, they must wait six hours before they can eat any dairy food.

All of this is superstitious nonsense, and has absolutely nothing to do with improving the quality of any food product. Still, this clever scheme of requiring kosher labeling has become a multi-million dollar business today! The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1942 states that the practice of eating rabbi-approved "kosher" foods goes back to ancient times when Jews were forbidden from eating with or having sex with Gentiles. The Encyclopedia says rabbis taught that, "Gentiles are ridden with diseases and death from unclean habits, and that, God wishes to protect his people from being contaminated by the Gentiles. The non-kosher goods of the Gentiles were ruled to have a contaminating effect!"

How Racist!

Falsehoods Used To Entice Christians To Accept Kosher Products.

One of our subscriber's wrote the "Aunt Jane Foods Co." in Faison, N.C. asking how much they pay annually for the use of the "U" symbol. Ms. Donna Fonvielle, head of Customer Relations, responded that Jews told them that by submitting to rabbinical supervision they are informing the public that "kosher products are produced under sanitary conditions."

The Jewish Press of Feb. 26, 1988, quotes Menachem Lubinsky, a major marketer of kosher products as saying, "the industry should tell inquisitive Christians this line, Kosher has become something like the 'Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval'. It makes a product appear to be healthier and of better quality."

The Washington Post of Nov. 2, 1987 quotes Rabbi Schulem Rubin, an Orthodox rabbi from the Bronx as declaring:

"Kosher doesn't taste any better; kosher isn't healthier; kosher doesn't have less salmonella. You can eat a Holly Farm chicken which sells for 39 cents a pound on sale, and next taste a Kosher chicken selling for $1.69 a pound, and not tell the difference. There's a lot of money to be made! Religion is not based on logic!"

The Sun-Sentinel of March 20, 1987, quotes Rabbi Irving Silverman, who organized the recent giant Kosher Foods Exposition in New York City, as stating: "There's one misconception I would like to clear up. There's a perception that the Jewish dietary laws are steeped in health considerations. That's not so at all. It is a commitment to a strict adherence to a tradition, a thread from one generation to another. I'm not kosher because its' healthier - I'm kosher because my parents were kosher and my grandparents were kosher. Its a commitment!"

Rabbi Bernard Levy, head of the Orthodox, "Committee For The Furtherance of Torah Observance," demonstrates how he stamps the Kosher symbol which has made him untold millions of dollars. (Tax free)

There would be no objection if the small Orthodox Jewish community made their own kosher products and paid for them, as they did before the kosher business was launched in 1919, for the general public. The problem lies in the fact that the meaning of these kosher labels is a tightly guarded secret of which most Christians have no knowledge.

America's huge manufacturers of processed food products keep a tight lid on this subject so that no explanation is ever allowed to seep out to the public. They only run ads announcing which products are kosher in Jewish publications, and NEVER in the daily press or on TV. This subject is so sensitive that few daily newspapers dare to carry articles about this controversy. Growing numbers of non-Jews who become aware of the secret kosher tax object to being forced to pay it. This is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Who Receives The Kosher Food Tax Money?

In 1960 there were only 225 companies paying the kosher food tax. This jumped to 475 in 1966 and 800 by 1975. Jewish promoters of kosher labeling say there now has been a "kosher food explosion" today with over 16,000 products now paying rabbinical organizations for their "stamp of kosher approval." Kosher products retail sales today amount to $30 billion a year according to "The Chicago Jewish Sentinel" of July 7, 1988.Note: In the year 2000, this is now a trillion dollar racketeering scheme, in which ever nation on Earth pays the KOSHER TAX.

Orthodox Jewish organizations have copyrighted certain symbols which only they can use. The giant in the business is "The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations" which issues the "U" imprint. They service some 1,200 companies or about 80% of the business. They employ nearly 600 rabbis as part-time "checkers." This is twice as many as ten years ago. The next largest is Rabbi Bernard Levy's "Committee For The Furtherance of Torah Observance" which uses the "K" symbol.

Canadian Kosher products are stamped with the letters "COR" which stands for "Council of Orthodox Rabbis". This is a front group for the powerful Canadian Jewish Congress, which actually receives all the money from this tax. The Jews in Canada are so united they do not allow any competition which is not the case in the U.S. Here a number of Orthodox rabbis have split away from the major groups to go into the kosher racket for themselves. (Why split easy money with the higher ups?) Note: This is not Just a problem in the UnitedStates and Canada. All nations with an Orthodox Jewish population are being extorted this way. Any were you have agents of the World Jewish Congress, you have this form of Racketeering. Do to NAFTA, Mexico is flooded with this problem. 100 Million Mexicans, mostly Catholic, have to pay tribute to Jews in this manner.

Rabbi Jack Goldman was formerly with the Orthodox Jewish Congregation but broke away and now runs the "Metropolitan Kashruth Council of Michigan ". He has several rabbis working for him and they issue an "MK" label. Some believe this stands for "Michigan Kosher." It is said that had he remained in the New York-New Jersey area his life would have been in danger. Note: The symbols differ from country to country, to find out what symbols are use in your nation, check advertisements in Jewish news papers and magazines.

Minnesota has Rabbi Asher Zeilingold who immigrated there in 1953 from England, and today issues his own "K with a shield" to some ISO factories.

This is strictly a religious tax, which millions of non-Jews unknowingly pay each time they buy a basket load of groceries! What would happen if a group of Christian ministers or priests got together, and demanded that all companies pay them a similar tax? They could use a "C," symbol (for Christian), or a cross, (for Christ), threatening that those who refuse to print such a label on their products would be boycotted by Christians.

If that happened you would hear an enraged outcry from the ACLU, American Jewish Committee, Jewish Anti-Defamation League, etc. They would be filing suits to stop this "violation of the Constitutional provisions providing for the separation of Church and State." But, because of the Jews' centuries old claim of being "a poor persecuted people" along with the Christian fear of being accused of "anti-Semitism," there is a deafening silence on this problem. Note: Modern Jews are not Semites, or the Jews of the Bible.

The Great Kosher Scandal Will One Day Explode!

The New York Times, a Jewish owned daily, in a rare article on this subject back on May 18, 1975, reported that kosher symbols are deliberately printed "unobtrusively on labels" so that they will go unnoticed by Christians. In Jewish publications large ads are run to instruct Jews to buy only kosher marked items. In other words, the Jews are boycotting all products which do not pay the kosher tax! The biggest secret of all is the exact ANNUAL amount these companies pay to Orthodox rabbis. This same "Times" article stated: "Neither kosher group will disclose what gross revenues are, nor, are corporations anxious to make their own payments public."How often do we hear our congressmen demand that there be "truth in advertising" and that the "consumer must be protected?"

Note: The Jewish Attorney general, of New York State, is going after General Electric, for far less charges of defrauding the public. Will Mr. Spitzer go after the Rabbis? Don't hold your breath! "The Times" writer, Leonard Sloane, quizzed Rabbi Bernard Levy about this and only received an evasive reply. Levy stated that the average cost to a concern for kosher inspections runs from $1,000 for a "mom and pop" operation to $40,000 per plant for the larger corporations. But, he quickly added, that these charges can go much higher because they are "all keyed to the frequency of inspection which could be on a continuous, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis." The rabbi decides how often your plant must be inspected. Remember,these are figures from 1975 - HOW MUCH HIGHER ARE THEY TODAY?

Jewish Editor Calls Kosher Labeling A "Racket"!

The Jewish Newsletter is published by William Zukerman. In 1970 he came out with a super-sensational article charging that Orthodox rabbis had turned the kosher labeling business into a multi-million dollar racket. He said that absolutely nothing which does not contain meat or a meat by-product needs a kosher label. He quotes Mrs. Weiss-Rosmarin, "the greatest rabbinical authority," as testifying that no soft drink, Coca-Cola, nor any other drink needs kosher approval. Again, ONLY MEAT and items containing MEAT by-products need Kosher approval.

Zuckerman charges that "unscrupulous or bogus rabbis" are in back of this "racket" and when eventually exposed, "this will develop into a scandal which will rock organized Jewry to its foundation:"

The (Masonic) B'nai B'rith Messenger in its April 2, 1965 edition warned that "a nationally known rabbi, who had promised to expose the kosher racket was allegedly told to shut-up or else!" Zuckerman has stated that Jews who dare to speak out against the Kosher Food Racket face physical danger. Powerful people do not want any of their own kind to rock the boat by exposing this multi-million dollar fraud.

American food products are already checked by local and federal governmental agencies for purity and edibility. Jewish kosher certification in no way whatsoever makes them any more sanitary or wholesome. Orthodox Jewish organizations send rabbis to all the food companies in America. They tell them that Jews will refuse to buy their products if they are not marked with the "U" or "K" kosher symbol. The truth is that only Orthodox Jews, (less than 1.2 million), follow kosher dietary laws. The rabbis broadly hint thatany refusal to pay for these "kosher inspections" would indicate that they are "unfriendly or insensitive" to Jewry. They would be labeled anti-Semites and all hell breaks loose THIS IS NOTHING SHORT OF A VEILED THREAT OF PURE BLACKMAIL AND IS ILLEGAL! If someone with an Italian last name did this, they would be in prison by now...

Brief History Of Kosher Labeling.

Special kosher approval by rabbis, down through the centuries, has only been applied to requiring the Jewish ritual slaughter of animals. This includes the killing of unstunned cattle by an approved Jewish "shocktim." It requires their throat be cut from ear to ear. They slowly bleed to death in a horrible manner because the animals heart must pump out all its blood before death. Jews are not allowed to eat any meat with blood in it. Jewish ritual slaughter of animals has been condemned by humane societies the world over and has been banned in numerous countries in the past for constituting "cruelty to animals."

The idea of applying kosher regulations to non-meat products was originated by the late Joseph Jacobs. All of this first began in 1919 in New york City when Jacobs sold an advertising idea to a few Jewish-owned food companies if they would print a "K" for kosher on their food products he would advertise them in Jewish publications and also on the Yiddish radio station, WEVD. None of the products were inspected by rabbis. This began as purely an advertising venture. Thus the "Joseph Jacobs Organization,Inc." was founded and today is run by his relatives. This business prospered but Jacobs was not a rabbi and saw the advantage of linking his kosher approval scheme to the Jewish religion. Then in 1925 he formed a new group with some rabbis and called it "The Committee For the Furtherance of Torah Observance." A few years later other Orthodox rabbis recognized its money making potential and with the leadership of the far larger "Union of Orthodox Congregations" they begin issuing their own "U" label. Today these two 2 groups control over 90% of the kosher business. This is a clear monopoly and violates anti trust laws.

Companies reply To Our Readers Inquiries.

Our readers have sent us many letters they have received from some of the nation's largest companies who have silently submitted to this kosher blackmail. In other words, they had rather make the "pay off" when threatened with a Jewish boycott, than stand up for their own rights as well as protect Christian consumers against this gigantic fraud! Why should we be forced to pay ever higher food bills in part caused by this needless secret kosher tax?

Proof that it is indeed secret can be found in the replies printed below in which not one single company would answer the simple question, "How much do you pay annually for the "kosher certification"?

This information should be made public for the simple reason we non-Jews consumers pay a far larger share of this tax than do the Jews!

New York columnist, Dorothy Kilgallen, just before her death wrote that the U.S. Post Office changed the makeup of the glue on the back of the postage stamps at the demand of Orthodox rabbis. It was changed from a pork-fat based glue to a vegetable derivative that had Kosher approval! The rabbis had objected that "no Jew should be forced to lick pork!" Note: Kosher postal stamps? Along this same line we find organized Jewry forcing the federal prison system, and the U.S. Armed Forces into buying kosher food for Jews, who are either in prison or in the military. No politician has raised his voice in protest against this interference by Jews with U.S. government programs! This causes unnecessary extra costs which the taxpayer ends up paying. Note: Jews almost never serve in the U.S. Military! A TYPICAL LETTER COMPANIES USE TRYING TO EXPLAIN AWAY THE SECRET KOSHER FOOD TAX:GENERAL FOODS CORPORATION / 250 North Street, White Plains, N.Y. PUBLIC RELATIONS DEPARTMENT

Dear Mr. __________

This is in response to your recent letter inquiring about the letter "K" on the labels of our Maxwell House coffee.

As I believe you know, the "K" (for Kosher), is carried on the labels of some of our products, including our coffees, as a service to consumers who are of the Jewish faith. The letter certifies that nothing occurs in the processing of the products which would violate Jewish dietary laws. The certification is made by one or more*highly respected rabbis* who actually visit our production plants to observe our manufacturing processes. For this service, *they are paid a nominal fee* which is such a minute fraction of the over-all cost of processing and marketing our products that it has no effect on the selling price. The use of the "K" is a common practice in the packaged food industry today, and we view it as simply providing helpful information to a substantial number ofconsumers. As for the letter "U" that you mentioned, we have heard of it, but are not familiar with its background since we do not use it.

Sincerely yours;

Robert O. Carboni

How Much Do They Pay?

Following are excerpts of replies to our readers' inquiries about the kosher tax.

General Foods representative Robert O. Carboni wrote that "highly respected rabbis visit the plant....they are paid a nominal fee..." General Foods Kitchens, Katherine C. Egan; "It is not the policy of this corporation to reveal the cost." General Foods, is the largest food processor in the United States, and exports food to every nation on Earth.

Mueller's Spaghetti, Mrs. Agnes Stile's, Director writes; "We pay a nominal fee for periodic inspection. Kosher spaghetti? What in the world do Jews know about spaghetti? They put Ketchup on it, and eat it cold. All those Italian Americans, who sit down at their meals, pay the people, who claim Jesus is in hell, burning in excrement (Talmud). '

'Delmonico Foods, Joseph P. Viviano, "The "U" means we have passed the Rabbinical investigation."

Hunt-Wesson Foods, Inc.W. R. Kittredge, Manager Technical Services: "We permit inspectionvisits...there is a minor cost associated with this." Hunts makes the Ketchup, that is used to put on Burgers, made by McDonalds and Burger King. These two giants, have sold over a trillion burger type sandwiches, everyone of them with a Kosher Tax on it. Heinz Ketchup, which is also Kosher, is only used for packets, given out for french fries.Ever Barbecue in America, results in a pay-off to the Jewish Talmudists.

Procter and Gamble Co., W. S. Carter, Public Relations, "this is a way of helping observant Jewish shoppers . . . without adding significantly to cost." They are also one of the worlds largest produces of diapers. Although the diapers themselves are not labeled Kosher (Yet), money out of the gross income of Proctor and Gamble, goes to anti-Christ Talmudists. Each time mommie changes her baby, she pays the Tax.

Morton Salt Co., Ray W. McDonald, Advertising and promotion manager, "We must have a designated Rabbi inspect our plant and make certain that they meet the requirements for us to receive the symbol." Morton Salt is the second largest producer of salt in the world. Diamond Crystal is the worlds largest producer. And, although they both make Kosher Salt for the Jewish community, their regular table, and sea salts are also labeled Kosher. All food, processed in the United States and Canada, that contains salt, usurps money from non-Jews. Every time a chef salts food, you pay the Kosher piper.

The Nestle Co., Helen J. Britt, Director Home Economics, "There is no premium price exacted for a product so identified." Even candy is Kosher. Think of all those goyim children paying tax to the Yiddish robber barons.

Lever Brothers Co., Therese Bergstrom, Consumer Service Dept., "The cost of this certification is minimal and infinitesimal."

Club House Foods, of Canada, Mrs. D. Kitching head of Consumer Services: "Kosher meat products require a much more involved certification process directly requiring the supervision by a rabbi who usually commands a premium price for this service." Note: Canadians are being extorted to the tune of millions of dollars a year, by Jewish racketeers of Jewish organizations, like the Canadian Jewish Congress, and who dose Canada's law enforcement agencies go after? Ernst Zundel, for telling the truth about world war two. The rabbis have nothing to fear from Canada's bought politicians!

But How Much Do We Pay?

Above you have read the evasive answers that the largest food companies in America have given our readers in answer to a very simple question. All we want to know is - How much money do you pay annually for kosher certification? Non-Jewish consumers have a right to know since actually it is we who pay most of the kosher tax!

Spider-Web Effect Of The Kosher Tax!

Compounding Tax!

Reynolds Aluminum Foil is "kosher" with the "U" imprint, as are Glad Sandwich Bags, Ivory Liquid Detergent, also Glass Plus for window cleaning and Comet Cleanser. Why should any of these companies be forced to pay the "Kosher Food Tax"? You can't [even] eat these products! Check labels the next time you go shopping, you will be shocked at just how many non-food items are Kosher. There are even Kosher toilet bowl cleaners. Remember that YOU HAVE TO PAY THEIR TAX !!!

Note the article by the Jewish Union on Reynolds Wrap [not featured here]. It states that one food firm had a product with 21 ingredients from 12 other companies. Each of them were also required to pay the kosher tax before the original company could receive kosher certification! Also, a giant company with scores of products can't pay one fee for all its food products. It must pay a separate kosher tax for each product and each mustbe inspected by the Rabbi on different visits. This can run the total tax up into the millions of dollars! This is also a GRADUATED TAX that increases each year. Note: A great example of this kind of theft, is with McDonalds. They use Kosher Coke A Cola, (Pepsi is also Kosher), Kosher Kraft Cheese, and Secret Mac sauce (Thousand Island salad dressing), Kosher Ketchup, Kosher buns, and Kosher oil for deep frying. Millions of people, world wide, are paying Kosher taxes, from New York, to Moscow, to Tokyo, even if the buy, of all things, a cheeseburger. Hindu India, that uses lamb for their burgers, has to pay this Kosher Tax. Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and many other chain restaurants, act like mini tax collection agencies, and steal trillions, world wide, for Jewish interests.

KOSHER FOOD SYMBOL VIOLATES "TRUTH IN ADVERTISING LAWS." A Dobie Pad ad appeared in "Women's Day Magazine" - with the "U" symbol has been deliberately painted out. This Dobie Pad ad appeared in Jewish publications nation-wide. - Note: There is an arrow to draw attention to the "U".

Most advertising agencies paint out Kosher symbols in ads. This violates the (American) federal "Truth in Advertising Law!" No daily paper or TV program has ever explained to the American people how this Kosher food tax costs consumers billions of dollars every year. In Jewish publications they have arrows pointing at the symbol so that Jews will be on the lookout for their product. Note: Were is the U.S. Justice Department on this subject ? If they can burn children alive at WACO, and shot fourteen year old boys in the back, surely they can go after the "Kosher Mafia".


Most nations import food from the United States and Canada. Wheat, rice, corn, Chicken, beef, Soy, etc. In many cases, the food is "Kosher" before it leaves port. China is the number one importer of Chickens, from the United States. Holy Farms, the biggest exporter, sends them Kosher chickens. Billions of Chinese pay the Kosher tax. Islamic nations of North Africa, and the Middle East, import wheat, rice and lamb, much of which is labeled Kosher. Muslims world wide, sit down to their evening meal, with rice and bread, blessed by a thieving rabbi, with the approval of the World Jewish Congress (They get a cut of the money). They then use that money to lobby Western nations to allow (pay for) pseudo-"Israel" to Attack Islam. Even fundamentalist Algerians sit down and eat their Rabbi blessed couscous; the wheat, that makes most couscous, is mostly American and Canadian. Italians, too, with their pasta, do the same. They pay the followers of the anti-Christ, Talmud.

Every Time your Eat, You Pay !!!

America is a Changing Country,part 1

Boycott Publix!

      This is an appeal to white supermarket customers to boycott all stores in the Publix grocery-store chain.  Publix supermarkets, based in Lakeland, Fla., has for the past two decades practiced blatant, unconstitutional discrimination against white applicants and employees.  Using the convenient excuse of federally mandated Affirmative Action policies, better qualified white applicants and employees are systematically and routinely excluded from and denied employment and promotion opportunities, while lesser qualified minorities are given preference in these areas.  Please do not be deterred or intimidated by the noxious forces of political correctness when deciding whether or not to join this boycott.  After all...fair is fair.  Thank you!

Friday, June 11, 2010

In Memory of the U.S.S.Liberty

On June 8th,1967, Israeli jet fighters attacked an American Navy ship in International waters,killing 34 Americans and seriously wounding 171 of our brave servicemen.Let's never forget this horrendous attack by the JEWS and the Terrorist State of Israel! With so-called "allies" like ISRAEL who needs enemies..There are many videos and articles about this cowardly and unprovoked attack on the U.S.S.Liberty.It's our job as American patriots to spread the truth in honor and memory of the servicemen of the U.S.S.Liberty.It's been 43 years since the attack and the majority of Americans are unaware of the facts regarding this nefarious deed by the ISRAELI'S!

SPLC President Richard Cohen Abandons Sinking Ship

OH GLORIOUS DAY! After all these years, where were you when  the stock of the Poverty Palace crashed and collapsed under the weight of i...