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Biden Day 3: Baptist Church Firebombed by Homosexuals

Just three days in, and Joe Biden is marching us straight towards progress.

LA Times:

The FBI and local authorities are investigating the explosion of a homemade bomb at an El Monte church that had drawn protests due to its anti-LGBTQ teachings.

The attack took place early Saturday at First Works Baptist Church in the 2600 block of Tyler Avenue, authorities said. No injuries were reported but the building was damaged.

El Monte police arrived at the scene shortly after 1 a.m. and saw smoke coming out of the windows, Lt. Christopher Cano told reporters.

“It appeared that the walls to the church had been vandalized as well as all the windows,” Cano said. “[They] appeared at first to be smashed and then we had realized that the windows were not smashed, that they had actually blown out from some type of explosion.”

The church’s pastor, Bruce Mejia, filed a police report about two weeks ago after receiving an arson threat on social media, said El Monte Police Chief David Reynoso. It’s too soon to know whether the explosion was linked to the threat, Reynoso said.

The church had been the site of protests in recent weeks because its teachings promote bias against the LGBTQ community. An online petition asking El Monte’s mayor to remove the church from the city has gathered more than 14,900 signatures.

There’s no indication that the protests were related to the arson threat or subsequent attack, Reynoso said Saturday.

“I don’t even want to talk about the protests because it wouldn’t be fair in any way, shape or form to link the two together,” he said. “We cannot speculate that anyone involved in previous demonstrations is connected to or involved with this in any way.”

The group that organized the protests, Keep El Monte Friendly, issued a statement expressing “profound shock” and said a demonstration planned for Sunday outside the church would be canceled.

“We understand that what they preach can make people upset,” the group wrote in the statement released via social media. “However, we would never promote, encourage or condone any violence or acts of harm.

“Our intent is to unite the community and keep El Monte a safe place for all regardless of gender identity, race or sexual orientation.”

Yeah, okay. It is police procedure not to blame the homosexuals protesting and making bomb threats for the bombing.

However, they should be the first ones interviewed.

But they won’t be.

No one will be arrested for this.

We are now in a new era of church bombings.

That’s part of a program called “progress,” which otherwise relates to all of our children being brainwashed into homosexuality, and replacing our population with brown people.

It should be noted that the train, the car, the airplane and the rocket were all invented by heterosexual white men. This program of “progress” is not linked to technological progress, and it certainly isn’t linked to social progress in terms of making society safer or more cohesive.

This new form of progress is about targeting and punishing white men for being too successful, and making it so that they will be less successful in the future. This involves not only destroying white men physically, using race replacement, and targeting their females to prevent them from breeding, but also spiritually destroying them, through homosexuality and the destruction of their religion.

H.R.1. Emergency Alert!

 The first bill Democrats have introduced in the House of Representatives will *PERMANENTLY* destroy voting in America. The "For The People Act" is a direct attack promising the destruction of the Constitutional Republic.

1) Nationwide Mail-In Voting
2) Legalized Limitless Ballot Harvesting
3) Prohibits Attempts To Clean Voter Rolls
4) Murderers & Rapists Can Vote
5) Internet-Only Registration With Electronic Signature
6) Banning Voter Registration Requirement Of Full SSN
7) Nationwide Same-Day Registration
8) Banning Voter ID
9) Congressional Takeover Of Redistricting
10) 16-Year Old Voter Age
11) Regulates Freedom Of Speech
12) Aims To Eliminate Anonymous Speech
13) DC Statehood

This will *PERMANENTLY* cement the Washington DC establishment uni-party and end any chance of an outsider ever being elected again.🔻

SHOCKING: The Democrats’ First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Elections Forever🔻

"Pretty Clearly Unconstitutional"—Kentucky Man Acccused In Capitol Protest Can’t Post About It Or The US Government Online


Judge H. Brent Brennenstuhl pictured above.

Earlier: US Capitol Protest: Ruling Class Tantrum Shows Americans We Must All Hang Together

A Kentucky man named Damon Michael Beckley (thus an actual Kentucky man, for once) alleged to have participated in the Capitol protests has some stringent bail conditions:

A Kentucky man accused of participating in the riot at the U.S. Capitol can’t post about it or the U.S. government online.

Damon Michael Beckley, who was arrested by the FBI in Cub Run last week, was released on a conditional bond, which barred him from using the internet to post about the rally or “the matters related to the U.S. government,” according to court records. He was also prohibited from attending any rallies, protests or demonstrations.

The order presumably bans Beckley from criticizing or threatening the government online.

The judge ordered him to not enter any state or federal property “except for court or vehicular registration purposes,” according to court records. The order was signed by Judge H. Brent Brennenstuhl and filed on Wednesday

 Federal judge restricts internet use for Kentucky man charged in U.S. Capitol riot,  by Jeremy Chisenhall,  Lexington Herald Leader,  January 22, 2021

Law professor and First Amendment scholar Eugene Volokh calls this pretty clearly unconstitutional:

The restriction on all speech about the riot, or criticisms of the federal government (even if read as limited to criticisms related to the substance of the riot) strikes me as pretty clearly unconstitutional, even given the extra authority the government has as to pretrial release conditions. This is especially so because it does not "operate[] in a content-neutral fashion" and does "restrict political … discourse" of a certain sort through any "means," and not just one narrow technology.

The protest attendance restrictions also seem to be unconstitutional, unless there's specific evidence that Beckley is likely to engage in trespass, vandalism, or violence at future protests.

Pretrial Release Condition: Can't Speak About "the [Capitol] Protest or the Matters Related to the United States Government" And can't "participate in any protests, rallies or demonstrations."

By Eugene Volokh, Volokh Conspiracy, January 24, 2021

Where were judges and prosecutors like this when BLM was burning and looting across the length and breadth of the United States?

The War Against White America

 The sewer media, your woke govt, the leftwing academics, they all hate this - below. If you are traditional and white, then they hate you, please realise this and stop pretending it's just some strange conspiracy "rightwing" thing. It's not, it is very real.

Friday, January 22, 2021

The Great Cheat of 2020: Never Acquiesce; Never Forget; Never Forgive


Here comes a freshly printed pile of “the will of the people.”

by David Sims

A NUMBER OF prominent figures on the right, some of whom describe themselves as “libertarians,” are trying to memory-hole the cheating that the Democrats did to make it seem that Joe Biden won the election.

How quickly some people forget. The Democrats stole the election in the wee hours of the morning, during the pre-dawn hours, of 5 November 2020.

The Democrat governors in some states had called a halt to the vote counting so that their fellow Democrats could figure out how many fake votes they would need and print them up.

These cheating Democrat operatives sent trucks carrying hundreds of thousands of fake Biden votes to the vote counting places, and they began closing those places to Republican election monitors so that they wouldn’t get caught. But they did get caught: In some places, like Fulton County, Georgia, they got caught on video because they were stupid and didn’t know about the video cameras until it was too late.

Regardless, all of the safeguards that were supposed to prevent a stolen presidential election failed to work. The state legislatures, although they were largely under Republican control, bowed to pressure that was both political and criminal. The US Supreme Court should have taken original jurisdiction of the Texas lawsuit, but they cowardly refused to hear it.

Donald Trump should still be the President of the United States. But the steal stuck. It stuck because not enough of the people in authority had the courage to act rightly. And now some of the leaders on the right are bowing to the fraudsters by encouraging the rest of us to forget that any election fraud ever happened.

The ADL and their Pedophile Pal Leo Frank


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Blacks Committed 73% of Mass Shootings In 2020. Many Cases Remain Unsolved. Where Is The FBI?

As the media, FBI and Anti-Defamation League declare "white supremacy" and "domestic terrorism" the gravest threats to public safety in America, neither played any role in the outbreak of violence in 2020 -- one of the deadliest years in American history. 

Disingenuous political actors often point to the Charleston Church Shooting in 2015, the Tree of Life Synagogue incident of 2018, or the El Paso Wal Mart killings in 2019 to demonstrate the proclivity of white men to engage in indiscriminate killings. The latest figures on the approximately 603 mass shootings last year paint a radically different picture.

According to demographic ​data compiled by researchers at, black men committed 73% of mass shootings in 2020, in contrast whites were only 13% of known culprits.  

Mass Shootings Go Unpunished 

What is more galling is that while the revanchist FBI has been utilizing high tech resources to track down every protester who may have entered the Capitol, the perpetrators of some of the deadliest and most brutal mass shootings of 2020 remain at large.   

For example, in June, police in Alabama investigated a house fire and found that it was set to cover up the executions of seven people, including a 17-year-old girl. The FBI violent crimes unit is aiding in the investigation, but there are no suspects. 

Last September, seven people at a marijuana farm were shot and killed in Riverside, California. The police and the FBI have no arrests or suspects. 

In August, three men opened fire on a crowd of women and children having a block party the middle of Washington DC. 21 people were injured in the attack, with one dying and another hospitalized in critical condition. The gunmen are still at large and the DC police do not have any suspects or leads. 

There are countless unsolved mass shooting cases like the aforementioned. America is the only first world nation where people can open fire on random people in a major city's crowded street and never get caught. 

As for individual shootings, the numbers in 2020 are equally stark. 70% of shootingsin New York City last year remain unsolved. Murder clearance rates have plummeted across major urban areas in the country even as homicides have skyrocketed.  

The FBI's Prioritizes Punishing Dissent Over Murder 

The murder rate in 2020 jumped an average of 37% in 57 cities at the closing of last year, yet the FBI's announced priorities for 2021 do not reflect the gravity of this national emergency. 

According to the Bureau's budget request for the new year, which is available on the Department of Justice's website, they will be receiving close to $4 billion for their "counter-terrorism" operations, while their criminal division will be getting $3.4 billion. 

A 2013 examination of the FBI's corrupt "counter-terrorism" strategy found that only 1% of the people they entrap and arrest have any connection to actual terrorists. With the FBI's new emphasis on right-wing white men, the number is likely much lower. Usually the criminal element introduced into religious or political communities engaging in First Amendment protected activity are inserted by the FBI itself. 

The FBI's revival as an instrument for suppressing views critical of the government is not lost on its agents. In 2018, the FBI Agents Union put out a statement demanding Congress pass a new "domestic terrorism law," as many of their political targets are not committing any actionable criminal offenses. 

Senator Dick Durbin and some Republicans are working on granting them their wish by re-submitting a "domestic terrorism" bill that would allow them to utilize already freely abused Patriot Act powers on law-abiding US citizens. 

The outcome is as predicted. America is now a crime-ridden and corrupt third world country that suddenly becomes techno-dystopian when a citizen dares to question the increasingly absurd whims of the status quo. 

Biden Day 3: Baptist Church Firebombed by Homosexuals

Just three days in, and Joe Biden is marching us straight towards progress. LA Times : The FBI and local authorities are investigating the e...