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Intangible goals

Intangible goals    

 In the Enigma of degeneracy that surrounds us today often times we think of grand solutions and over romanticized ideas of victory over the modern world. It's not unusual for nationalists especially in America to have intangible goals. This is understandable, after all it is a noble response for a man of high character to feel this way in the position we find ourselves today.  This brings to mind a quote from H.L. Menchen "Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit in his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats".

Negative Archetypes

     These impulses must be suppressed if we are to have a wide spread American nationalist Street Movement. No average person is going to think highly of an obese man with a shaved head and a swastika flag aka Walmart Nationalists. This is also true for "edge lord" teenagers who spout "Read Siege!!!" on 4chan. Especially when most these so called revolutionaries weigh close to 120lbs and have never confronted another man in their life. Neither of these two examples of American "Nationalists" physically embody Nationalism or Tradition, in the highest sense of the term. These two are complete hypocrites and it should come as no surprise that the far right scene in America isn't held in high regards. However, don't take the criticism of the siegetard and Walmart nationalist as an argument for some sort of an outcry for nationalist pacifism. We are bold supporters of the Warrior archetype in the truest sense of the title. 

Nationalist Activism

     Now that we have expressed our distain for the contemporary tactics of the American far right let's shift to more positive topics. What exactly is to be done? Simple activism such as putting up posters or stickers is a very effective tactic. Basic activism is commonly over looked by Nationalists simply because they don't think it effectively does much. However, despite popular belief basic forms of Activism are extremely effective. Even if you were to do a propaganda run on a completely hostile area it would still help build the framework for an underground youth movement. This gives it more appeal the bourgeoisie suburban white teens who are tired of their meek and dull existential existence. Activism is also a great way to test the dedication of a new nationalist. It's very easy and convenient to simply write off basic activism as ineffective. Those who are willing to participate in activism have at least the most basic dedication needed to be among out ranks. Lastly, activism can be exhilarating and a great adventure for young men in our movement. 

Nationalist Fashion

     Another form of activism that is more often then not over looked by American Nationalists is fashion. It's important to clarify that when we speak of fashion we don't mean it in the sense of some conformist metrosexual way. The goal is to create an authentic Right Wing dissident street culture with an urban style. This approach to "far right fashion" is a tactic that is very successfully used all throughout Europe. Specifically in Italy with Casa Pound and Germany with the Identitarian movement. This has yet to become widely implemented in America, we seek to change that in the up coming future. In order to more successfully attract more of the youth to our struggle we must implement this tactic here in the U.S. we should adopt the ideals of the quote "New Style, Old Attitudes". 

Combat Sports

     If one is to adopt the first two aspects of activism into their life style, they are bound to run into conflict with those of the opposite disposition. This is where combat sports come into play. As a nationalist you must be willing to fight for your ideals. This is much easier when you are well trained and prepared for hostile situations. There are also many personal benefits of participating in combat sports. A major one is simply the confidence it gives you, there are a great deal more but that's a topic for another time. Participating in combat sports with fellow nationalists also helps build a strong masculine bond and a tribal like brotherhood. This is often referred to as a Mannerbund. This masculine bond essential in any effective nationalist crew. 

The Individual 

     We must emphasize that the individual is what makes the movement. We need every nationalist to embody Jonathan Bowden's Archetype of the culture thug. It must be known that the fight begins with you the individual, in order to serve your nation and folk you must first serve yourself the old formula rings true "A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link" just as a movement is only as strong as it's weakest activist. When you improve yourself, you in turn improve your nation. This is essentially the same idea expressed by ancient hermeticism with the phrase "as above so below".  

By: Grady Wilhelm, Robert Rundo and Rise Above Movement

Kroger Installs Theft Barrier at Store in Black Neighborhood

A KROGER GROCERY STORE has caged part of its store in College Park, Georgia. The glass enclosure has one entrance. The apparent objective is to decrease shrinkage, otherwise called shoplifting or, as I prefer to call it, slow-burn looting.

As expected, the store is accused of “racism” because it is located in a Black-majority neighborhood. 

Stereotyped, intimidated, racism, and uncomfortable, all words used by shoppers to describe their shopping experience at a Kroger in South Fulton.
“I think it’s kind of racist you definitely see that here on Old National,” said a mother of three who had just finished shopping.
College Park Kroger shoppers are upset over a new security installation leaving them to feel stereotyped.
“You won’t see that in Fayetteville or maybe Cobb County anywhere, doubt it,” said the mother.
The security installation only has one entrance.
Many took to social media to voice their anger at what they say feels like shopping in a prison just to buy toiletries or laundry detergent.
We asked the City of South Fulton for crime rates at the store but did not get an answer in time for this report. However, shoppers were more than happy to tell us about the amount of theft at the store.
CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy asked customers if they’d heard of theft being an issue at the store. “Yes I have, I have, yeah, quite a bit,” said a longtime Kroger shopper.
Other shoppers tell CBS46 that many people take things from shelves and use them in the bathroom without paying, but feel a less intimidating approach should be taken.
CBS46 spoke to the company who sent a statement reading:
“Thank you for reaching out to us. These changes are being implemented to help improve operational efficiencies, provide better inventory management and increase profitability. We take pride in keeping our shelves fully stocked with the items our customers want and need and we believe these changes, which are part of a pilot project, will help us do so.”
An officer with the city of South Fulton, on duty at the store, said the Kroger doesn’t have anymore [_sic_] thefts than other stores in the area.
Besides the inconvenience, shoppers say if they care about their customers a different solution should be found.
“Of course you don’t want to come in to where you’re afraid to shop, because you’re afraid someone’s going to steal or you’re afraid you’re going to be enclosed in the environment of them stealing, so of course you’re going to take precautions, but I don’t know if that’s the safest precaution,” said the longtime Kroger shopper.

Source: Daily Kenn

Trump Supporters Attacked By Antifa After Rally In Minneapolis

Where's the FBI? They're nowhere to be found when violent masked Marxists attack Trump supporters. 

After Rally In Minneapolis

I watched the Trump rally in Minneapolis on FOX News last night.
I was planning to write something about it because it was teased on Tucker Carlson’s show that it would newsworthy, but it seemed boring to me. We’ve heard it all before. He complained about his impeachment and scandals and took credit for ending wars in the Middle East which haven’t really been ended. He has merely reshuffled troops around within Syria.
If you want to watch the rally, here is the video:

Let me know in the comments if you agree with my assessment.
The only reason why I am writing about this is because of what happened after the rally which said more about the Trump presidency than anything Blompf himself said on stage. Antifa mobbed and attacked his supporters again as they were leaving the rally.
Want to talk about bad optics?
How many times have we seen this now?
I’ve lost count. I know it is has been going on though since the campaign began in 2015. It has been going on for four years now and nothing has been done about it.
On the contrary, the Trump DOJ has indicted people like Jack Corbin who unmasked these thugs and groups like the Rise Above Movement which stood up to them at rallies in Virginia and California. The Proud Boys were also prosecuted after an event in which a group of them were jumped after leaving the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City.
Democratic-controlled cities have repeatedly allowed mobs of Antifa to assault rightwing demonstrators and Trump supporters. The Alt-Right got the message two years ago in Charlottesville after state and local police idly stood by and allowed Antifa to start a riot. Now that the Alt-Right has withdrawn from street activism, MAGApedes at Trump rallies have become the target. It seems highly likely this is a preview of things to come in 2020.
It is hard to have any confidence in Blompf when his own supporters have to run a gauntlet to enter and exit his rallies. He was elected in 2016 to restore law-and-order. Instead, he has unleashed a wave of anarchy in our streets and has done nothing to quell it.
Hey Donald, if you really want our support, you better stop monitoring the situation.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New York City: Judge Orders Orthodox Jew to Stop Holding Paid “Sex Parties” in His Apartment

Avraham Adler
He’s been ordered to stop not because of his disgusting degradation of the sacred and corruption of others, but only because his lease forbids commercial businesses.
AN ORTHODOX JEW has been openly holding so-called “sex parties” in his East Village apartment — and admitting anyone willing to cross his palm with $60, which, according to his Asian landlord. violates the terms of his lease.
An investigator for Womwoo Chang, the landlord, scoped out one of Adler’s August events and found a bouncer at the door, a bar on the rooftop and naked partygoers throughout the home, the landlord claims in his filing. Sangria was going for $8 a cup, while the marijuana cookies were $15.
Some of the “parties” have been so busy, the place is packed “to the point of overcapacity,” and the music has been loud enough to shake the walls of adjoining structures, neighbors said.
Adler lied to police, telling them he owns the building, and illegally parks his car at a hydrant, despite getting regular tickets, court papers claim.
The parties have resulted in multiple complaints from neighbors about the noise, visits from police, and violations for garbage piled up outside, said Chang, who alleges that Adler’s illicit use of the property could damage Chang’s reputation and that of the building.
“Years from now, people will shun the premises and refuse to have business dealings with Chang, if Adler’s lewd, loud, controlled substance infested commercial parties are not enjoined,” the landlord claims in court papers.
On Friday, a Manhattan Supreme Court justice ruled that 33-year-old Avraham Adler, a former student of Yeshiva Gedola in Passaic, NJ, end the “fetish-filled soirees” at his 189 East 7th St. townhouse, the New York Post reports. The decision comes after months of complaints from neighbors and a lawsuit brought by his landlord, who said that Adler’s lease was non-commercial.
A crowd begins to gather for one of Adler’s paid sex “events.”
Adler, who also has a residence in suburban New Jersey, where his pregnant wife and three children live, reportedly charged $60 for admission to the “parties.” Per an Eventbrite listing for one of the gatherings, his home was billed as “a place without conformity to the mainstream.” The Jewish Daily Forward says the events “allegedly included group foreplay.” Adler claims he is a “devout Jew,” saying he refuses to even keep car keys in his pocket during the Jewish “Shabbat.”
Adler and his soon-to-be ex-wife.
“I want a divorce,” his wife, Shana Adler, told the Post Thursday outside the couple’s house in Clifton, NJ, home to over 1,300 Orthodox families and a large number of Jewish schools and other institutions. [See National Vanguard‘s other articles on Jewish expansion and takeover of entire neighborhoods in that state.] “He is not supporting us whatsoever. He’s cut us off completely. My friends are paying our bills.”
Along with drugs, Black males and White women are among the main features of Adler’s “parties.”
“I’m going through a separation and possibly a divorce,” Avraham Adler told the Post.
A neighbor fumed to the Post that “some guy has moved in here recently and I’ll wake up at 4 a.m. to what sounds like dozens of people running around, It’s out of control. When he’s not partying though, it’s hard to find him.”
The neighbor’s partner piped in: “We’ve had problems like this before. Nothing gets done until the cops come. People in this building, we don’t like calling them.”
In September, Adler actually denied that such “parties” were happening in his apartment, writing to the Post, “Not sure what you’re trying to gain from this nonsense,” Adler wrote Saturday. “I just don’t get this whole thing, no parties are going on.”
Another view of one of Adler’s parties showing a Black male and half-dressed White woman.
The openly-advertised paid “sex events” have been going on regularly since April at Adler’s apartment. One online ad billed the Adler’s residence as “the most luxurious playspace in the city for the naughty” and said that sex was “the cherry atop the cake of fetish play for us and many.”
* * *
Source: based on information from the New York Post, the Jewish Daily Forward, and National Vanguard correspondents

Intangible goals

Intangible goals      In the Enigma of degeneracy that surrounds us today often times we think of grand solutions and over romanti...