Monday, June 24, 2019

Judicial Tyranny in Georgia

Superior Court Judge William ”Beau” McClain is a tyrant and should be removed from office immediately. Apparently, it's a crime in the People's Republic of Douglas County to fly a Confederate flag because you might hurt people's feelings.  Jose Torres and Kayla Norton were part of a rolling demonstration group known as ”Respect the flag.”
 No one was injured in what apparently turned into a shouting match. The Judge and DA were influenced by the left-wing hate group known as the SPLC. Also, it was reported that the blacks initiated contact by throwing objects at the vehicles carrying the Confederate flag. The flag, under Georgia’s anti-gang law, has been deemed a ”gang sign.” This is the epitome of Orwellian wrong think. Even the police made no arrests based on the lack of evidence of any criminal wrongdoing. It's obvious that Judge McClain is running a Soviet-style kangaroo courtroom. He has by his actions made a mockery of our ”justice” system because of the symbolism of the Confederate flag. In case you're a freedom loving American you can express your righteous outrage by contacting the tyrants responsible for this miscarriage of justice. Here's their info: Judge William McCain, ADA David Emadi and DA Brian Fortner can be reached at 770-920-7252 or snail mail at 8700 Hospital Drive, Douglasville, GA. 30134

Punishing Beliefs

“The complaint, in spare language, forcefully makes the case that ideology and actions are inextricable.”
A 17 June article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency contains a story on the lawsuit Sines v. Kessler, stemming from the government-induced public disorder that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, on 11-12 August 2017. The above quote is from that story, which focuses mainly on chief counsel for the plaintiffs, Roberta Kaplan, who is a Jew lesbian. 
Kaplan’s 112-page complaint says: “Defendants brought with them to Charlottesville the imagery of the Holocaust, of slavery, of Jim Crow and of fascism,” it says.
By now you should understand that to Kaplan and her ilk what actually happened in Charlottesville is not as important as why it happened. In short, what Kaplan, et al, are saying is that those who came to the Unite the Right rally to defend the Lee Statue were guilty of “wrongthink.” Both eyewitnesses and hours of video show that leftist protestors and city and state officials did everything possible to shut down attendees’ rights to free speech and public assembly. And the did so by putting hundreds of lives in danger. 
So if you have to lie about what actually happened on the ground, then you malign your opponents with accusations of things–racism, anti-Semitism, fascism, historical revisionism–that are not illegal but are meant to destroy a person’s reputation and their ability to make a living. 
This is not only morally wrong and with no legal basis, but it is sheer evil based on a deep hatred of those of us who were there. A legal system that will allow overt politicization of an issue in the court system (where justice is supposed to know no ideology) is clearly outside the law as our Founders understood it. Such belongs more to the Bolsheviks in the USSR. 
What we see taking place is an all-out assault on Whites for the crime of “nationalism.” This means any White who dares stand up and defend himself and his family will be branded a “nationalist” and then condemned by the epithets used above. This is bad enough in and of itself. However, when such accusations of “wrongthink” become, in part, the basis of a legal suit, then we are treading perilous ground. 
Michael Hill

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Remaking the World

THIS WEEK my name was in the news worldwide. The vaguely leftist actor John Cusack retweeted my quote about learning who rules over you by finding out who you can’t criticize. The graphic with the quote in his retweet showed people being crushed under a giant arm with a star of David on its sleeve. Cusack added the words “follow the money.”
John Cusack’s tweet, shown here, mildly criticized Jews (even “criticized” may be too strong a word), and he was forced to grovel and apologize. Jews, in contrast, never apologize for incinerating non-Jews with phosphorous bombs, torturing them, or starving them to death, to cite but three examples.
Two pieces, this one from the Daily Caller, typify the media reaction to the tweet:
John Cusack has finally apologized for a “careless, dumb” anti-Semitic retweet after initially blaming the meme post on a bot.
“Well, if it needs more clarity – this can be instructive. Some thought to follow – 1. In reaction to Palestinian human rights under Israeli occupation, an issue that concerns anyone fighting for justice, I RT’d & quickly deleted an image that’s harmful to both Jewish & Palestinian friends, & for that I’m sorry,” the 52-year-old actor tweeted, according Tuesday to People magazine.

“The image depicted a blue Star of David, which I associated with Israel as their flag uses the same color & shape,” he added. “I know the star itself is deeply meaningful to Jews no matter where they stand on Israel’s attacks on Palestinians.”
Cusack continued, “The use of the star, even if it depicts the state of Israel – committing human rights violations – when combined with anti-Jewish tropes about power, is anti-Semitic and anti-Semitism has no place in any rational political dialogue…. To justify it, [it] would be as bad as conflating the cross with [the] U.S. flag when confronting U.S. atrocities. So I get why it was a careless, dumb thing to retweet.”
It came after followers called out the actor who retweeted the meme and wrote in the post, “Follow the money RT.” According to the Daily Beast, the picture “showed a large hand with the Star of David on its sleeve pushing down on people.”
The picture included a quote that read “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” It is reportedly often misattributed to the French philosopher Voltaire. However, it was reportedly actually said by white nationalist Kevin Strom, per the BBC.
Initially, the “Say Anything” star deleted the post and said a “bot got me.”
“A bot got me- I thought I was endorsing a pro Palestinian justice retweet – of an earlier post – it came I think from a different source – Shouldn’t Have retweeted… ,” Cusack told to his millions of followers.
He then said by bot he actually meant alt-right social media accounts, which were the same thing because both were “not a person but an organized agenda.”
Wow, “organized agenda.” Such a bad thing. If Jewish power doesn’t have an “organized agenda,” I don’t know what does.
Here’s part of’s take on the event:
John Cusack expressed regret Monday night after retweeting an inflammatory image that has been slammed as anti-Semitic.
The Say Anything actor retweeted an image of a large hand, whose arm wore a Star of David sleeve, crushing a mass of people. Next to the image was the quote “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Although the quote was mistakenly attributed to the philosopher Voltaire, it is actually based on the writings of white nationalist Kevin Strom. Cusack, 52, added the remark, “Follow the money.”

When critics slammed the tweet as “disgusting” and anti-Semitic, Cusack wrote that he was speaking out against Israel’s “state violence” against Palestinians, rather than criticizing those of the Jewish faith. He did acknowledge that the tweet, which he has since deleted, included an “alt-right” image. In another now-deleted tweet, he wrote that “a bot got me.”
“I’m anti fascist-in every respect,” he added in response to the backlash.

Cusack’s explanation that an alt-right bot tricked him did little to quell the criticism against him, with critics calling on him to apologize. One commenter called him the “thinking man’s Scott Baio,” a reference to the conservative ’80s star, while Sen. Ted Cruz compared Cusack to Rep. Ilhan Omar, who was accused of an anti-Semitic tweet earlier this year.
“It’s clear that even if it was Israel’s flag and even if you don’t have an anti-Semitic bone in your body, it is still an anti-Semitic cartoon,” Cusack tweeted. “Because it deploys anti-Jewish stereotypes in its attacks on Israel, even if those critiques about state violence are legit I mistakenly … retweeted an alt-right account I thought was agreeing with the horrible bombing of a hospital in Palestine.
“In reaction to Palestinian human rights under Israeli occupation, an issue that concerns anyone fighting for justice, I retweeted and quickly deleted an image that’s harmful to both Jewish and Palestinian friends, and for that I’m sorry,” he continued.

“The image depicted a blue Star of David, which I associated with Israel as their flag uses the same color and shape. I know the star itself is deeply meaningful to Jews no matter where they stand on Israel’s attacks on Palestinians. The use of the star, even if it depicts the state of Israel — committing human rights violations — when combined with anti-Jewish tropes about power — is anti-Semitic and anti-Semitism has no place in any rational political dialogue. To justify it would be as bad as conflating the cross with U.S. flag when confronting U.S. atrocities. So I get why it was a careless dumb thing to retweet.”
“While I won’t take guff from anyone looking to score cheap shots on a [careless] mistweet, [it’s] good to use my mistake to spread awareness,” he added. “Solidarity and peace to all.”
Chaos, and Jewish screaming and rending of garments, immediately ensued after the retweet. Cusack, who initially didn’t know that a “bad person” had authored the quote — he thought it was Voltaire, as the meme he reposted claimed — reacted by weaseling and then apologizing, and immediately personally blocking me on Twitter.
Apparently Cusack has a little bit of conscience: He said, and I believe this, that in posting the quote he was highlighting Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. That’s still not something one does to gain brownie points in Hollywood — there’s a cost involved. And Cusack, I was told, once said that Hollywood is a “city of whores” or words to that general effect — again, not something said to ingratiate himself with the Weinsteins of this world.
Many graphic images of the quote are available via search engines.
The original quote, taken from a 1993 American Dissident Voices broadcast
My quote, in various forms, has gone viral on the ’Net over the last few years — it’s seen almost everywhere, on nearly every platform, in several variants (I’ve said it more than one way myself), being shared by people from many backgrounds and political beliefs, being condemned as trash and being praised as wisdom, and most of the time without giving credit to me — credit usually being given to the great French writer and skeptic Voltaire. Good company to be in, I suppose — Voltaire was a deep thinker and a ferocious critic of both Jews and of the Christianity that the Jews foisted upon our race — but I do have a bone to pick with whoever it was that first made the fake attribution: It’s not honorable, trying to take away my “due mead of glory” for coming up with a pithy way of saying a universal truth. It’s a truth I don’t take credit for discovering — it has been noted by many throughout the centuries, I’m sure. Back in the 1960s George Lincoln Rockwell expressed the same basic idea in one of his brilliant speeches. But I do deserve credit for distilling it into quotable form.
The interesting thing about this dust-up isn’t me, though. It’s the fact that powerful, truthful ideas — this one included — are remaking the world.
The most amazing part — and everyone should be talking about this because it’s so glaringly obvious — is that the reaction to the quote proves the quote is true. The reaction — forcing Cusack to apologize, as Australian politician Cory Bernardi was forced to apologize not too long ago for the same “offense” — proves that the quote is true and further proves that the identification of the illegitimate rulers is also true.
In fact, Cusack’s posting of my quote, and the note he added to it, said a lot morethan just deploring Israel’s murders of the innocent: He also clearly implied that the Israelis are getting away with their holocaust against the helpless because they are powerful, because they are Jewish, because they have incredible wealth, and because they are the de facto rulers of our society. And his implications are undoubtedly and obviously true. That, more than any connection with me, is what enraged the media and the Jewish groups. The connection to me is just being used as another cudgel to beat Cusack and intimidate anyone who might be tempted to spread the meme further — and as a distraction so readers will be less likely to think about these truths.
It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere! Shut it down!
Laws and regulations have been enacted in America making it illegal or punishable to boycott the Jewish state: What was that about who we are “not allowed to criticize”?
I suspect that, despite his groveling apology and Soviet-style self-condemnation and abasement, Cusack’s career is all downhill from here in Jewish-run Hollywood. Maybe some Gentile billionaires will help him form a production company with Mel Gibson and other talented outcasts that could get somewhere — there have to be a lot of creative, intelligent people in LA who hate the rot and filth and shallowness that the Jews have made of the film industry.
And it’s not just film stars who are taking a much more laundiced view of Jewish/Zionist power these days: American politicians are usually very careful never to mention the facts of Jewish power, though they — more than anyone else — are painfully aware of those facts. A very few of them have spoken about what they know. It’s a truism to everyone except ignorant conservatives that Jewish power is the centerpiece of the American politician’s whole life. The Jewish media determine how the boobs will view the politician, therefore he can never afford to cross the Jews, or they’ll rip him to shreds on the air and in print. The great thing we’re seeing now is that the numbers of non-boobs — the people who are no longer fooled — on both the left and right and middle is growing every day.
From National Vanguard, circa 2003
In Europe and elsewhere, where Zionist power is closely linked to American dominance — something that is justly resented, even hated — it’s easier for politicians to be Israel-unfriendly and still get elected. It’s gotten to the point that, even in Jew-ridden England, Zionism and Israel are finally getting to be dirty words.
As I’ve said before on this program, the increasing awareness of, and concern about Jewish power, in high and higher circles bodes well for the future. The apparent “philo-Semitism” of the White elite is thin and forced. The right crisis at the right time could break it wide open. Zionism is already dead in Europe. Support for Israel is drying up fast everywhere except the United States, and even here the Left is waking up.
If France or Germany or Russia, or even Britain or America, finds itself plunged into chaos or hunger, the politicians might quickly discover that loyalty and open allegiance to their own people — and not Jews or their pet aliens — is the only way to survive. The Jews’ mirror-house of illusions — their false paradigm that Jewish interests and White interests are always identical — is already known to be false by those Gentiles who shout it the loudest in public. A general strike, a prolonged blackout, a serious crop failure, a serious mistake by America that brings a 9/11-like event to one of our capitals — any of these could transform the covert resentment of Jewish power into open opposition. And, as I’ve also said before: You heard it here first!
As the power structure engages in ever more repression, awareness of whose power structure it is increases.
One of the most important books you can read to increase your understanding of our world is this book. It is a book which shows that the justifications for the state of Israel — not just modern Israel, but ancient Israel — have their foundation in hoaxes and lies. And the same is true of Judaism itself. This is a work issued by a mainstream press which generated a “still-raging controversy” when it was first published. It is written by a profound scholar of the ancient world, Philip R. Davies, and its title is In Search of ‘Ancient Israel’: A Study in Biblical Origins. It is available from Cosmotheist Books, the sponsor of this program, for $29 postpaid in the US. See our Web site for shipping options outside the US. You can order by sending cash, check, or money order for In Search of ‘Ancient Israel’ to Cosmotheist Books, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Or simply visit our Cosmotheist online book store at and purchase there with cryptocurrency (you do have a Bitmax or Bittrex account by now, don’t you?) or — in the event we have managed to get a credit card processor to work with us after being deplatformed 12 times in less than two years — you might and I stress might be able to pay with a usury card. However you buy the book, you’ll be expanding your knowledge and helping us to stay on the air. Send $29 for In Search of ‘Ancient Israel’ today, to Cosmotheist Books, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA.

Friday, June 21, 2019


IT’S HARD TO nail down Jewishness, because so many Jews and Jewish partisans (in the diaspora particularly) will misdirect and mis-define its essence to mislead the general public, to protect their political, social and socioeconomic interests or identities, or out of sheer ignorance or brainwashing.
So, doing our best to ignore the dishonest spin, what is Jewishness — its nature, its predilections, and the essence of its character? What are some characteristics of Jews that have revealed themselves consistently over the centuries, in the same way that any people or nation reveals its character over time?
One characteristic is that despite the fact that diaspora Jews have scattered themselves internationally (usually for economic reasons), they are indeed a single nation that subscribes to a specific national culture, and they cling to their Jewish identity and culture through thick and thin. Whether they’re religious, atheist, or agnostic, the Jews identify as a Jews, or as a part of the Jewish nation. When the Jew embraces the identity, culture and values of another nation, he will cease identifying as a Jew. So by the very fact that they continue to identify as Jews, they are identifying themselves as part of the Jewish nation.
Another characteristic of Jews is their national identity as a “chosen” people. This is not necessarily a religious conceit. While their ancient holy books describe stories about how Jews were chosen by their god Yahweh above all other people for a special status and mission, the chosen conceit is additionally embraced by secular Jews who ignore or dismiss the religious angle, and claim they have been chosen by the circumstances of history — for example, by their suffering in the Holocaust (the national mythos that Jews were unjustly persecuted in WW2 due to no fault or provocation by their own nation).
Again, the very fact that the Jews have organized and agitated as a nation, and have deliberately provoked anti-Jewishness to keep their nation unified and cohesive — a veritable fighting machine that antagonizes and baits the nations around it — puts the lie to the myth that they have been abused more than any other aggressive, acquisitive nation. But the “victim” mythos serves the Jewish national interests, and so they have cultivated endless stories of suffering and persecution at the hands of non-Jewish (“Gentile”) nations as a means of keeping the tribe and nation together, and as a means of syndicate profiteering.
For along with their cultural “chosen” conceit goes a national culture of greed and entitlement — as if they are entitled to the privilege and wealth of other nations by fiat of their “chosen” status above all other nations. It’s self-serving and self-fulfilling circular logic, to be sure (“We are entitled to wealth because we are chosen,” and “Our wealth proves our choseness”) but in the end, it serves their insatiable Hebrew culture of greed, as recorded in the Bible, and off and on ever since.
An interesting question is whether their elaborate myths of choseness and persecution came before or after their culture of greed; one is inclined to believe their greed came first, and the myths grew up to justify their aggressive, acquisitive culture as the tribe grew into a nation.
So there are a handful of characteristics of Jewishness that most honest people will agree upon: 1) the Jews are indeed a nation. 2) they subscribe to a chosen conceit. 3) they subscribe to a persecuted conceit. 4) they concoct “chosen” and “persecuted” myths to serve their national interest and their national pocket book. 5) fulfilling or sating their culture of greed may well be the driving force behind their entire national existence, from the days of the Bible forward.
What are some other characteristics of the Jewish nation?
They have a pathological drive to force the entire world to embrace their myths as fact. This goes from the Bible stories to the stories of “anti-Semitism” to the Holocaust stories to the narratives surrounding Israel (Zionism) which include all of the above, plus a huge dosing of myths surrounding their suffering at the hands of “terrorism” and “Islamofascism.”
What is the punishment for those who refuse to believe their myths? In the most extreme cases, imprisonment (for “Holocaust denial” for example), or even death (the largely Jewish Bolsheviks implemented the death penalty for “anti-Semitsm” in Jew-hijacked Soviet Russia).
All of this can best be described as the Jewish predilection for totalitarianism.
Then there’s the explicit racism that has grown out of the chosen people conceit, for an automatic criterion of Jewishness is to have a Jewish mother, father or grandparent (non-Jews need to go through an elaborate conversion process). This is how they keep other races from “polluting” their blood lines.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Islamic Invasion

Most Southerners by now have seen the constant media coverage of the “Syrian Refugee Crisis,” where tidal waves of undocumented, Muslim immigrants have waltzed through the very heartland of white, Christian Europe. The liberal media have aided these people at every turn, making claims that these are just innocent refugees, trying to get clear of the fighting.
Yet, there remain several curious facts about these “refugees”:
First: 75% of them are young men, in their 20s and 30s, with very few women and children to speak of. Odd, right? You’d think if these were heads of households fleeing a scene of destruction, that they’d take their families with them. Yet most don’t have families with them.
Second: they don’t simply walk next door, across the Turkish border where there is no fighting, and hunker down. No, they walk all the way across Turkey and Anatolia, until they cross Europe’s Southern borders.
Once they cross those borders, do they stop there, where there’s also zero fighting, like real refugees would? No sir!
Even though by that time, they’ve been free of fighting for thousands of miles, they trek further, all the way up to Germany, the UK, or even Sweden.
Puzzling, right? Well, not if you happen to know the true explanation as to why hundreds of thousands of third world Muslims are trekking to just those three countries … Free Goodies
The real reason that this Islamic army is descending upon the hapless, white populaces of Christian Europe is quite simple. Merkel’s government in Berlin has offered very lucrative, financial benefits to any third-worlder who bothers to cross their border! Does that sound familiar? It should! For that’s precisely what Washington, DC, in all its corruption, is offering to hordes of Latinos. Simply cross the South’s border and voila: free healthcare, tuition, social security, voting status, drivers’ licenses, and other enormously lucrative benefits to each and every one … all at YOUR expense!
The hard truth is that both of these scenes, in Europe, and here in the South, on many occasions aren’t cases of “refugees” seeking shelter, or immigrants looking for an honest life. No, these are armies of invaders, because, make no mistake, these are invasions, plain and simple.
The radical, leftist governments of Western Europe and Washington DC are both acting against their own white populations, to ethnically replace them with third world populations willing to work for next to nothing. These governments care neither about their oaths of office nor the safety and well-being of their people.
They care only about bending over backwards to give away Western, Christian civilization to those who had nothing to do with building it!
The most disturbing aspect is that other than a few heroic political leaders, few others (with power) have the will to do what must be done to stop it.
Wait though! If you were thinking, “Well, at least we’re not getting flooded with Muslims like poor Europe is. It’s a good thing that wouldn’t happen here in Dixie…,” then I’m afraid I have some very bad news for you, friend.
DC Sends Muslim Invaders to Our Shores
President Obama is not content to merely destroy half the Middle East with pointless wars paid for with borrowed Chinese money—no. He’s now hell-bent on shipping hundreds of thousands of Syrian Muslims into the very heart of Dixie.
It’s true; the plans have already been revealed to bring thousands into the upstate region of South Carolina. Others are planned to be shipped into various parts of Tennessee and elsewhere.
Ask yourself these questions:
Do you think that bringing in several hundred thousand new human souls into our Southland is a good idea, when we don’t even have enough jobs for our own people?
Do you think that bringing in several hundred thousand Muslims into our Bible Belt is a good idea?
Can’t you just picture it: minarets, instead of steeples, springing up in the deep South, as you and your loved ones awaken to hear a Muslim call to prayer from the local mosque … just down the street from you?
Does this sound like a great future?
The Federal Government says it is, and they say you’re gonna like it, that you have no other choice.
Upon this point though, the League of the South disagrees with Washington in spades, and we’ve been doing something about it.
The League is Fighting Back
Several years ago, when treacherous corporations (and sadly, some liberal churches) conspired to bring Muslims to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the League of the South stood alone, fighting back and condemning this unspeakable attack on the Christian, white South.
There were so many third world Islamic peoples brought into the quaint, picturesque town of Murfreesboro, that they even built a large mosque in the city.
We were not amused.
We organized a rally and called out the traitorous politicians who supported the ethnic replacement of their own Christian, Southern populace with third world, Islamic workers. We held up signs that said, “No Jihad in Tennessee,” because we knew the truth: sooner or later, when enough Muslims are allowed into a community, a radical, violent element will follow it. Always.
Sadly, we were vindicated in July 2015, when Mohammad Abdulazeez went on a shooting rampage, killing five servicemen in Chattanooga, Tennessee. While this killing shocked many in Tennessee, it did not shock us. How many more Southerners will have to die before we take back our Southern lands from those who insist upon replacing us?
Here’s the Truth:
The Federal Government calls Islam a “religion of peace;” the League of the South calls it a hateful, dangerous abomination that belongs nowhere in our Southland!
The Federal Government calls their act of bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslims “an act of love.” The League of the South calls it an act of war on our Christian people!
The Federal Government says that Muslims will “culturally enrich” the South. The League of the South has seen about as much “cultural enrichment” that Muslims have forced upon other nations as we can stand!
We at the League of the South call upon Southerners to admit some very uncomfortable truths:
The truth is that this is no longer “the land of the free,” and Southerners won’t be free while under Washington DC’s occupation.
The truth is that DC is forcing the South (against its will) to take in these third world Islamic elements and at our people’s expense.
The truth is that Dixie’s sons and daughters have loved a country (the US), that has not and does not love them back.
The truth is that white Southerners are being ethnically replaced by millions of second and third world immigrants, who are driving down our wages, taking our jobs, and even committing violent acts against our own people. Enough is enough!
We declare that the South has already been overrun by too many foreign invaders as it is, and we don’t want or need any more of them!
We declare that if the South was a free and independent country, we could control and secure our own borders, here and now!
We declare that the South is our homeland, and no one else’s, because our people landed here and built this civilization from nothing.
We declare that since we built it, we should take true ownership of it by deciding who comes here and who doesn’t. Sounds great, right?
The problem is that as long as we remain shackled to a liberal, progressive country, headquartered by radicals in Washington, DC, we will never be allowed to decide our own immigration, border, or citizenship policies.
Washington will decide all those things for us, and you can bet your last dollar that they’ll continue to force these alien invaders upon us until you and your loved ones have been made minorities in the lands your fathers built. Does that sound like “freedom” to you? It sure doesn’t to us, either!
The only way to stop DC from replacing us in our own lands is to secede from this oppressive, liberal construct and assert our independence as a sovereign, Southern country in the 21st century.
It can be done, and unless you want to see minarets adorned with crescent moons in your town … it must be done. Our Southern children and grandchildren have no future if they remain shackled to the United States.
We are making our voices heard and reminding our people that they are not alone. We are here fighting for them and their futures, but we need your help!
The Southern people would be much freer, safer, and happier in a country of our own. This is our dream, and we are fighting every day to make it a reality.
Do you share this dream with us? If so, then will you fight for it with us? Join us today! We’re the folks you’ve been looking for!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Boycott Redcon 1

Redcon 1 supports the LGBTQ community and their sexual degenerate lifestyle so we are calling for a nationwide boycott. Their CEO is (((Aaron Singerman)))

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

An open letter to Sheriff Eddie Mixon


My name is Michael Weaver and I'm about to write an article about you on the white information network. You caved in to the evil forces of political correctness by firing Trent East. You groveled before Antifa and the anti-white media. You're a white man with no sense of honor or racial identity. Would you demand the resignation of a black employee who is a member of the NAACP? HELL NO!! WOULD you fire a Jewish employee for being a supporter of the ADL? Hell No! Why the egregious double standard? I'm going to get in touch with Mr. East and help him file a lawsuit against your department. It would behoove you to lawyer up and research these laws: 42-1983 and title 18-sections 241&242. 

Sincerely, Michael Weaver
 PS. Voice your righteous outrage at this number:770-646-2011

Judicial Tyranny in Georgia

Superior Court Judge William ”Beau” McClain is a tyrant and should be removed from office immediately. Apparently, it's a crime in the P...